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Yes, this is what the entire video looks like.

Watching this video, you will wonder, briefly, if Chris Dane Owens "means it". This is an ungenerous thought--dismiss it. You may also wonder why "Shine On Me" is modelled on early ABC and Spandau Ballet and padded out with an unnecessary layer of loud guitars. Irrelevant. What you need to know is that Mr. Owens will live forever--until the dragons rule the earth again (or the first time, whatever)--and that you are going to watch this video more times than you can imagine. You may dream of this video, but the dream won't be as good because it won't be this video.
—~The New Yorker

"Shine on Me" is a song by Chris Dane Owens (son of Laugh In star Gary Owens) from his album Blue Stone. An 80's love song made in 2008, under most circumstances it would just be thrown in the Guilty Pleasures pile without another look. But that was before Owens, armed with a budget that he's too embarrassed to admit, footage from other movies, a green screen, Robert Short and a Porn Stache, created an incomprehensible mess of a music video jammed with as many over-the-top fantasy cliches as possible.

And by "fantasy cliches", we mean all the evil sirens, dragons, explosions, assorted swashbuckling, stallions, fair maidens, floating fair maidens, glowing books, ghosts, goths, an electric guitar, sculpted body armour, sculpted body armor nipples, pirate ships, exploding pirate ships, a Legolas lookalike, a Dr. Doom lookalike, witches, hot witches in catsuits, spinning crystals, dragons, Stonehenge, awful bluescreen effects and an alligator. ... well, by now it's safe to say it's made of pure awesome. And cheese.

Was's #1 for the "6 Worst Professional Music Video" (of course Swaim ends up saying "Who am I kidding, this video is fucking amazing" at the end) and won The New Yorker's "Video Of The Year" award.

It can be watched here.

Not to be confused with Mr. Big's "Shine", which was the closing theme for Hellsing TV.

This music video contains examples of:

Love has enemies