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"An image has made this man pale."

Some new media exists almost exclusively for trolling. These sites are designed to be shown to others as pranks as their extreme Squickyness is so toxic that the look on someone's face when they see one is a form of entertainment in and of itself. The best have earned a Brown Note-like reputation, while some extend the prank by locking your browser if you try to close the website, forcing you to close through Task Manager...and some of them don't even let you do that.

It should go without saying that almost all of these are horribly NSFW. Don't look them up unless you want your eyes to commit suicide and/or have plenty of Brain Bleach on hand. This may sound like Schmuck Bait, but just don't...don't...don't look for them, okay?

Contrast Rickroll, which is also sent as a prank, but in a good nature.

No examples, thanks. We're just defining the term.