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Shotaro Ishinomori is one of the most influential men in Japanese entertainment. In his youth he was the president of a manga study group and got his first big break working as an assistant to Osamu Tezuka himself (who famously remarked that Ishinomori, then going by the name Onodera, resembled a talking potato) on the Denkou The Invisible Robot story in Astro Boy. On the manga and anime side, he created Cyborg 009, which was one of the first animated super-teams.

But more importantly, he created Kamen Rider, one of the major live-action Tokusatsu franchises. KR was based on Ishinomori's Skull Man manga, which is now currently being remade by his protege, Kazuhiko Shimamoto, who was specifically commissioned to do so. He also created Himitsu Sentai Goranger, launching the Super Sentai franchise, though he had little to do with it after JAKQ Dengekitai.[1]

Due to the large number of superheroes he created, many of them much grimmer and more "realistic" than what the competition was putting out at the time while still retaining an endearing sense of over-the-top garishness, he is often considered to be the Japanese equivalent of Stan Lee.

Notable Ishinomori Series:

Commmon Tropes in his works:

  1. In fact, Goranger and JAKQ were merely considered spiritual predecessors to Super Sentai for a long time instead of actual installments.