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"Does this sideboob turn you on? Well, it shouldn't, because it's myyyyyyy sideboob! Goodnight everybody!"
Peter Griffin hosting The Sideboob Hour on Family Guy

What is that under her arm?

When viewed from the side, if you can see the crease under the breast where it returns to the torso while the nipple is still concealed, you are seeing Sideboob.

Whereas Absolute Cleavage is all about showing as much of the area between the breasts as possible, this trope is about exposing the outer sides. Roughly from the armpit to the nipple. There is a variant where the nipple is intentionally concealed by the arm, the hand, or the legs, and occurs frequently in topless fashion photography.

Bonus points if combined with Absolute Cleavage. Commonly goes hand in hand with Naked Apron, though not at all restricted to it. Compare with Underboobs.



Anime and Manga

  • Bleach: Yoruichi's backless suit during her fight with Soifon sports this. Not to mention Kuukaku's outfit.
  • Sailor Moon: There's an episode where Haruka's running track, wearing a very loose-fitting sleeveless jersey.
  • Nico Robin in the seventh One Piece movie briefly sports a gorgeous blue dress which combines Absolute Cleavage and this.
  • Sakura from Tokko shows some side boob through her tank-top in a few scenes.
  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Hanyuu has one on a splash page of the manga-adaptation.

Comic Books


Live Action TV

  • On an episode of The Late Show with David Letterman, the audience (and later all of Manhattan via the Jumbotron) gets a quick shot of Drew Barrimore's side boob, while Birthday Boy Letterman gets to enjoy the full effect.
  • During his review of Q2, SF Debris refers to "television sideboob" regarding Jeri Ryan's nude scene.
  • Gossip Girl's Serena van der Woodsen on occasion.
  • Blue Peter presenter Zoe Salmon became the first BP presenter to go topless in the history of the show, and quite possibly the history of BBC childrens' broadcasting. This wasn't even with any high-minded purpose, such as education or art. The presenters were reproducing iconic images from the James Bond movies and Zoe did the one where the girl is covered in gold paint. Zoe was topless in sideboob pose and a combination of hair and right arm covering the contentious bits.
  • You can see the topless reporter's sideboob at the 1:28 mark in this segment about Haulover nude beach. Her sideboob's hardly noticeable though.

Video Games

Web Comics

  • In a Karate Bears dream sequence, a lady with sideboob rides bareback.

Western Animation