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A tool, weapon, or object that all members of a certain group (usually Differently Powered Individuals) possess. Often a Transformation Trinket.

Examples of Signature Device include:
  • Most stock costumes, which are themselves generally examples of Truth in Television. Particularly:
    • Scrubs, stethoscopes and clipboards for doctors
    • Guns and badges for police officers
    • Cellphones, PDAs or Bluetooth headsets for businessmen
  • Morphers for the titular Power Rangers
  • Digivices for the Digidestined from Digimon
  • Green Lantern Rings for the Green Lanterns and the other corps
  • Controllers in Hunter X Hunter each have one.
  • The Swords that the Shadow Chasers use.
  • The Guns from Letter Bee that the Letter Bees all use.
  • The Beyblades from Beyblade
  • The eponymous Gundams
  • Pokeballs and the Pokedex from Pokémon
  • In the Dresden Files, the silver, anti-magic sword and unstainable grey cloak of the Wardens is this.
    • Played with - focii help focus a wizard's magic in large part because they believe it will. However, there are also items imbued with power. Harry's are the staff and wand and duster (and gun).
    • Wizards robes are both a symbol of office and because magic interferes with electronics, including heaters.
  • The sonic screwdriver and Tardis of Doctor Who and the Time Lords
  • Star Wars: Lightsabers, for Jedi
  • The Guardians and their keytools in Re Boot
  • The communicators designed by Robin and Cyborg in Teen Titans, which actually serve as a plot point.
  • The transporter has appeared in every incarnation of Star Trek.
  • Anything starting with the word "bat" in Batman.
  • Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts.
  • "Garage Door Openers" for all Stargate team members.
  • Legion flight rings from The Legion of Super Heroes
  • Transformation Trinket belts for Kamen Riders.
  • The Books from Zatch Bell
  • Zanpakouto in Bleach. (Dolls for the Filler Arc's Bounts.)
  • Player Pins for Players in The World Ends With You
  • In Castlevania, the Belmontsalmost always have the same set of secondary weapons: throwing knives, throwing axes, cross, holy water, and stopwatch.
  • The transformation wands from Sailor Moon.
  • The Vongola (Mare/Acrobaleno Pacifiers) Rings from Katekyo Hitman Reborn.
  • Air blades (roller blades?) in Air Gear.
  • Diaries (of all sorts) in Future Diary.
  • Knightmare Frames from Code Geass.
  • Tennis rackets in Prince of Tennis
  • Zoids guessed it!...Zoids
  • Duel Disks in all their shapes and forms.
  • The Assault Weapon Systems in Centurions.
  • In the Sword of Truth it's the ... Sword of Truth. For the Seeker of Truth.
    • At the palace of the prophets, the Rada'Han is this for wizards.
    • Confessors' dresses.
    • Higher-rank wizards wear simpler clothes.
    • Defenders of the Lord Rahl wear special weapons with his crest.
    • War Wizards' gear is this.
    • The rings in the lips of the female slaves of the Imperial Order.
    • Darken Rahl's curved knife.
    • The Mord-Sith Agiel. Various colors of leather outfits, too.
  • Masks in Bionicle.