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  • Basically every song in the entire Silent Hill series deserve a spot on this list. Just search up Silent Hill OST on youtube. Or you could just find some convenient playlists on "stripedlady's channel."
  • Here's two great pieces from the Silent Hill series: "Theme of Laura" and "A Stray Child."
    • How about You're not here from SH3, Waiting for You and Room of Angel from SH4, Shot Down in Flames from Origins and One More Soul to The Call from Homecoming (love that game or hate it, it has a killer soundtrack).
    • There's really too many to count. Silent Hill is full of these.
    • One more, Betrayal from Silent Hill 2. It's the perfect music for a final battle with a demon monster from Hell. It's so dark and depressing but awesome at the same time.
    • Don't forget the song in the opening of Silent Hill 3. If you listen to it, watch the scenes for it too.
    • Cannot stop self from mentioning 'Promise (reprise)' of Silent Hill 2.
    • Save Before You Quit. Too bad this wasn't on the official soundtrack.
    • From Homecoming, Witchcraft. Even if the game wasn't great, this music coupled with Alex's thoughts on his family certainly sets the mood.
    • From SH 3 Uneternal Sleep is one of my favourite bits of vg music.
    • Every-single-boss-theme-in-the-series, approved by this troper.
    • I Want Love (Studio Mix) is one of the best songs in the whole franchise!
    • Hometown the end credits theme from Silent Hill 3. The original theme from the first game (which, itself, totally deserves to be on this page), remixed, with lyrics sung by Joe Romersa? Hell yes.
    • The creepy-but-beautiful Music Box theme from Silent Hill 2. A very sad piece.
      • Also it's remix by the wonderful katethegreat
    • I can't believe i'm the first person to mention Not Tomorrow, the song that plays during Lisa's reveal in the first game. It's just so haunting and melancholy.
  • This may seem a bit weird, but there seems to be something very addicting about Mira's Theme, the piece made entirely of barks and growls played during the dog ending. Catchy? Very...
  • And finally someone gets around to mentioning True. Notable in large part for playing during The Reveal in Silent Hill 2, it's devastating in any context. Its inspiration, Tears Of... from the first game, is also quite good.
  • Alex's Theme from Homecoming is a beautifully haunting piece of music.
  • Say what you will about Shattered Memories, but Acceptance has become one of my absolute favorites.
  • Remodeling from 4. It's shifts from cacophonous to beautiful are abrupt, but mesmerizing.
  • The Motel Theme from Silent Hill: Origins. Really adds to the atmosphere.
  • Downpour gives us Intro Perp Walk and Bus to Nowhere as notable standouts. Yamaoka's absence remains a Base Breaker, but Licht does his damndest effort to fill in.
  • "Esperadote", the theme song to the worst ending in the first game. It's a downright gorgeous, operatic theme, sex to your ears. Unusually for a Silent Hill game, the lyrics are in Spanish.