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The year is 2026. Tokyo is under attack from the Lucifer Hawk, alien life-forms that feed on human flesh. The Attacked Mystification Police (Abnormal Mystery Police in one volume of the manga), or AMP, an all-female squad of police officers is tasked with hunting and destroying the Lucifer Hawk.

The AMP uses a mix of magic and high-tech gadgets to fight these monsters and their human allies. Along the way, some of them find love. And they find out most of the truth behind the Project Gaia disaster in 1999 that first opened the gate to the world of Nemesis and unleashed the Lucifer Hawk's on Earth. Let's just say that just about all of them had parents, grandparents, or other close people involved in the screwup.

Silent Möbius started in 1991 as a manga by Kia Asamiya, and was later adapted into two movies and a 26-episode TV series. The setting is heavily influenced by Blade Runner and many exterior shots have an uncanny resemblance to shots from Bubblegum Crisis.

Feel free to check out the character list.

Tropes used in Silent Möbius include: