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File:Silvercover 889.jpg

Silver Chaos is a Visual Novel / Boys Love Game for PC made by Vivid Color.

Set in a medieval/fantasy world many years after a great war, the story starts when Might is fatally wounded while fending off a mysterious apparition. Adonis, his childhood friend, uses a forbidden spell to save him (which was offered to him in a book by the same mysterious apparition), but then Adonis disappears. Might goes on a quest to find and save him, while meeting other handsome male characters along the way.

Silver Chaos: Eternal Fantasia, a Fanbox Edition of the game, has been released, and includes several after-stories to add to the original endings of the game and a mini-quiz game where you can unlock wallpapers as rewards.

A Sequel to the game has been created called [[Silver Chaos 2 Artificial Mermaid Silver Chaos 2: Artificial Mermaid]], though it's pretty much the same characters in the original taken and put into a sci-fi futuristic setting with a new storyline.

=== This Game Provides Examples Of:


your body, he'll force you to masturbate uncontrollably.]] This is also part of the said offender's ending.

Bishonen, though.]]

  • Aerith and Bob: We have names like Ragsiel and Hardius with names like

Hector, Lorrence, and Kurt.

jail cell later instead of earlier. And if you refuse to be blackmailed by him, Leica comes to your rescue by blackmailing Hector back.

Hardius's Ending.]]]]

Leica, Lorence, and of course, the main character, Might.

version and her entire clan in the original.]]

a given.

taller than Might. He is also the Seme in the Fanbox.]]

Might and the group towards Sergei. And possibly Might towards Lorrence, Kurt, or Leica, too, if you assume that at least one of these characters are at least ten years older than him.

the other's a god who has been against said demon for who knows how long.

Adonis's or Hardius's path/ending.]]

started. Hector's [[spoiler: family was slain by a government conspiracy.]] Pam's family had seemingly abandoned him at first, but we find out in the Fanbox version of the game that [[spoiler: Pam's father died protecting his family from hunters, and his mother lost Pam as an infant in the commotion.]]

pixelled out. It still manages to keep a lot of its appeal thanks to the high-quality artwork.

  • Rape Is Love: Hector and Hardius. Poor Might.
    • [[spoiler: And maybe Ragsiel counts too, since he does something

similar to this to Kurt through Might.]]

  • Sex Slave: [[spoiler: Might to Hardius in most of the bad endings if

you don't stab Adonis/Hardius and refuse to become his partner-in-world-domination. Also, Hardius's 'good' ending.]]

into even more detail in the Fanbox version.