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"Wings of silver, nerves of steel... Silverrrhawwwwks!"

Thundercats In Space. (Not entirely, but darned close). A Rankin/Bass Animated Series from 1986 that shares most of its production and creative teams with its predecessor.

The Silverhawks, the "partly metal, partly real" space law-enforcement for the Limbo Galaxy (which wasn't much bigger than a solar system) oppose The Mob, run by the evil Mon*Star. The show wasn't as bad as you might have thought (with a few exceptions), despite its total lack of astronomy, physics, or really any sort of science. However the character designs are interesting, the characters themselves are engaging, and most of the stories are fun.



 "Moonstar of Limbo... give me the might... the muscle... the menace... of MON*STAR!!"

  • Twin Telepathy: Steelheart and Steelwill. This is why their hearts failed simultaneously. Used at least once after that, but not much more than that.
  • You Fail Physics Forever: Again, where to begin?!
    • Well, okay, for starters, in this show, space has air. And also a "down." A few harmless insectoid workers get thrown off a ship in one episode and this is as close to an on-screen death as we usually get.
  • Weird Sun: The Artificial Sun, a titanic flashlight at the edge of the sector.
  • Wicked Witch: Melodia isn't one per se. However, the way she talks is a cross between this and the Valley Girl accent. She also laughs like a Wicked Witch (and also acts like one...).
  1. A musical keyboard designed to be held like a guitar, and one of the iconic musical instruments of synthpop bands in The Eighties. Roland is the only company that still makes them (the AX-SYNTH is their flagship model, along with the AX-9 and out-of-production AX-7).