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A "simple" character (particularly a servant or rural character) displays uncommon wisdom — usually much to the surprise of an arrogant main character. Creates An Aesop moment.

This would seem to derive from Cervantes' Don Quixote, where the archetypically "simple" Sancho Panza occasionally produces statements of great wisdom (although in that case the main character, Don Quixote, often fails to notice or credit that wisdom).

Compare Dumbass Has a Point, which is what said Insufferable Genius may say after hearing the simple character's idea.

See also: Achievements in Ignorance, Too Dumb to Fool, Whoopi Epiphany Speech, Infallible Babble, Hanlon's Razor.

Examples of Simpleminded Wisdom include:


  • Not a perfect example, but the Rhino in Spider-Man does this occasionally, much to the surprise of other villains.
  • In Twisted Toyfare Theatre, Mego Spider-Man seems to totally lack his signature super-powers, but also happens to be the only person in Megoville apart from maybe Dr. Doom who has a single lick of common sense.


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 Pinkie Pie: (holding a book) The Elements of Harmony: A Reference Guide

Twilight: How did you find that?

Pinkie Pie: (singsong) It was under E!

  • Stan Marsh from South Park, although he's not an idiot like most examples.