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Justin probably can't bring himself to picture Elliot with "heterosexual" under his face.

And just to prove it, I wouldn't mind if she was a guy!
Kaorin, denying being lesbian for liking Sakaki, Azumanga Daioh

Alice has never really been in love with anyone else but Bob. She can only be attracted to/aroused by him, not even other men, or, for that matter, women. Not even porn can do it for Alice, unless Bob is in the porn. If Bob turns into a girl, Alice will still be hot for her. If Bob is technically more than one person, Alice will love all of them, to the exclusion of everyone else that does not inhabit Bob's body. Sometimes it gets to the point where Alice becomes a Stalker with a Crush or something similar. But the only way you can describe Alice's sexuality is "Bob-sexual".

Sometimes a serious character type, sometimes a joke said by Charlie to describe Alice's infatuation with Bob.

May be Fan-Speak. See also If It's You It's Okay for when the target is outside of the character's usual sexual preferences; in both cases it's often a way to give a character who isn't normally seen as having 'sexuality' a romantic interest. Most shippers tend to believe their OTP is affected by this.

Disinterest in attractive people of an appropriate gender, other than one's love interest, is commonly shown as an indication of being deeply in love; whether this is Truth in Television varies quite a bit between couples.

Not to be confused with Single Object Sexuality or Object Sexuality in general.

Examples of Single-Target Sexuality include:

Anime & Manga

  • The manga Ai Kora appears to be this series main plot, as the main character Hachibei Maeda only finds attraction in women who have his "Ideal Parts". And openly shows no interest in women who do not have these parts.
  • Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist never shows the slightest interest in any girl (at least in the manga) but his mechanic, Winry, the girl he eventually marries. May be a genetic trait, as there's no evidence that his father, Hohenheim, ever loved anyone but Trisha despite living for 400 years.
  • Boa Hancock from One Piece despises all men and is indifferent to most women; however, when it comes to Luffy, she has made it explicitly clear that no matter what the circumstances, even if he was the son of demons, she'd still love him.
  • Kaede's life revolves around Rin in Shuffle, largely as a result of the desire to atone for her mistreatment of him when she blamed him for causing her mother to come home early and die in an accident (when, in fact, her father had called her mother when she had fallen ill), though the ending of the anime implies that she hooks up with Sia.
  • Kämpfer's Natsuru Senou. Oh Natsuru, you practically drive the plot with the fact that despite having a harem of girls who love you and your crush is a Psycho Lesbian, you still remain Kaede-sexual.
  • Suzu in Peacemaker Kurogane started out as Yoshida-sexual (his master), but after he went crazy and gay, he became a raging Tetsunosuke-sexual.
  • Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club loves only Haruhi, though he has a tendency to flirt with anything in a skirt. Also, Mori is uttely devoted to Hani.
  • Itsuki from Yu Yu Hakusho is "Sensui-sexual". He even loves all of Sensui's personalities, no matter how vile. His official favorite is Shinobu, the original one, although Naru - a young girl who is naive and innocent - comes in second.
    • It's worth pointing out that Itsuki's manga version talks about how he really started hanging around young Sensui because he knew the other would break eventually and he loves to see pure things shattered. Man who seemed cute in the anime turns out to be seriously twisted in his own right.

 "Like a little girl who thinks babies come from storks growing up to star in porno films. I love that kind of thing."

  • Misa Amane from Death Note can be described as "Kira-sexual" or "Light-sexual". (Although if she had to choose one or the other, she'd choose Light.)
  • Fandom has described Subaru in X 1999 and Tokyo Babylon as "Seishirou-sexual" and vice versa, though it's pretty common for CLAMP characters to pick one person and stay with him or her for their entire life.
  • It runs in the Kokutou family in Kara no Kyoukai. Azaka is only interested in Mikiya, which fuels her hatred of Shiki. Mikiya is also this way towards Shiki; when Azaka insults Shiki for acting like a man, Mikiya responds that it wouldn't matter to him if Shiki was a man, prompting Azaka to throw a book at his face.
    • It could be argued that the latter goes both ways, as Shiki is generally (but not completely) apathetic towards everyone else and very nearly killed herself when she thought Mikiya was dead.
  • Yukino and Haruka in Mai-HiME and Mai-Otome seem to be this way for each other (depending on the adaptation; in the original Mai-HiME, it's one-sided on Yukino's part) although Yukino's bookishness and Haruka's bullheadedness make their emotions hard to read.
    • In the same series, since Mikoto has No Social Skills, it's very hard to pin down the object of her affection (if she even has one), but given her protective nature toward the protagonist, she can best be described as "Mai-sexual" (pun intended).
    • Potentially Natsuki toward Shizuru, as Natsuki's interest in her and main reason for considering her the most important person in her life is her reaching out to her when she couldn't trust anyone. In HiME, conversely, Shizuru is very clearly interested in Natsuki to the exclusion of anyone or anything else.
  • Chikane from Kannazuki no Miko is "Himeko-sexual". Even after finding out her Meido is in love with her, Chikane has eyes only for Himeko, to the point of absolute creepiness.
  • Freezing: Satellizer L. Bridget is very Kazuya-sexual. Considering her Dark and Troubled Past, this makes perfect sense.
    • It's safe to say that this goes both ways; despite repeated warnings from Arthur and Kaho not to get involved with her and learning that she once hurt a Limiter so bad that he couldn't recover, Kazuya still insists on becoming Satellizer's Limiter and staying by her side no matter what. This is only emphasized further when his cousin, Ouka Tenjouin, reveals that the two of them are engaged. What does Kazuya do? He turns her down on the spot, saying he does not love her that way. Even when Ouka says she does love him and orders him to end his friendship with Satellizer, Kazuya refuses to listen. And when Ouka states that an Aoi can't be with a member of the L. Bridget family and that that is the word of their grandfather, Kazuya doesn't buy it as she's never cared so much about what he's said before, and comes to the conclusion that her hatred of Satellizer stems from nothing but petty jealousy of their relationship.
  • It could be easily argued that Harima Kenji from School Rumble is "100% Tenma-sexual" because despite the fact that babes like the Hot School Nurse Anegasaki Tae, the perfect traditional Japanese girl Tsukamoto Yakumo and even a rich, beautiful, somewhat temperamental half-Japanese Sawachika Eri all showing degrees of interest in him, he still only has eyes for Tenma, who unfortunately for him is very much a "100% Karasuma-sexual". Just to make sure that All Love Is Unrequited, Karasuma is 100% curry-sexual. Or something similar. (Unless you count the possibly dubious ending of the followup manga.)
    • Subverted, Karasuma is 100% Tenma-sexual so, unfortunately for Kenji, not all love in the series is unrequited.
  • Kaorin from Azumanga Daioh has eyes only for the Tall, Dark and Bishoujo Huge Schoolgirl Sakaki.
    • ...Who absolutely adores all things small, cute and adorable. Theoretically, this relationship could work. Except that Sakaki eventually gets a cat of her very own after wanting one the whole anime. Poor little lesbian can't catch a break. And that's not counting the fact that Kimura is probably around the corner...
  • An even more specific variant of this trope appears in Kamen no Maid Guy, where the Leader of the Naeka's breasts fanclub only has eyes for her... or at least her chest. Strangely, Naeka finds this almost romantic. After he's put through Easy Amnesia (for the second time that episode), he reverts to normal, and his eyes are no longer on Naeka only.
  • Fairy Tail: Juvia is fiercely Gray-sexual, falling for him at first sight and doing a High Heel Face Turn as a result.
  • In Berserk, Guts has yet to show even the slightest interest in any woman, man, demon, spirit or god-demon other than Casca. This despite a large number of the above throwing themselves on him.
  • Yuki, who is, for all intents, a pre-op M-t-F Transsexual, in No Bra doesn't seem to have any sexual interest in girls and has flat out said she doesn't like boys in that way. In her own words, "It's not that I like boys. It's only because the only person I love is a boy." She's in love with her childhood friend, Masato, and seems to be physically attracted to him.
    • At the end of the manga, she momentarily seems to switch from Masato to her actual childhood friend.
  • Souichi from The Tyrant Falls in Love is most likely "Morinaga-sexual," despite being utterly in denial about it; he states on more than one occasion that he puts up with Morinaga's sexual advances because he's Morinaga, and that not even blackmail will make him tolerate having sex with anyone else (and yet he manages to overlook the painfully obvious implications of this...). Admittedly, Souichi is a rabid homophobe, which would make him heterosexual by default and his relationship with Morinaga more of an If It's You It's Okay situation...if any sign was shown of him being interested in anyone else, male or female, much less having any friend other than Morinaga.
  • In Zetsuai 1989, Nanjo Koji is Izumi-sexual, having fallen in love with him at first sight and Izumi being the only person he ever felt emotion for. When they coincidentally meet again years later, Koji all but stalks Izumi and even declares to another prospective love interest that even if said love interest was Izumi's twin, he would still love only Izumi.
  • Tomoyo in Cardcaptor Sakura is deemed "Sakura-sexual" by the fandom.
    • Forget "deemed." Most characters in the series have more than one crush over its course (usually one of each gender) but Tomoyo only has eyes for Sakura.
      • Tomoyo's eyes did briefly wander over to Touya, after Tomoyo noticed that he and Sakura "have the same lovely ears", thanks to a Relationship Writing Fumble where the writer of that scene didn't know that CLAMP intended Tomoyo to be hot for Sakura, and so they spun it that she only crushed on Touya because he reminds Tomoyo of Sakura.
  • Creed from Black Cat is "Train-sexual".
  • Rolo from Code Geass is clearly "Lelouch-sexual".
  • Delinquent Dojima from Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ is obsessively fixated on Sayuri Amamiya, though more than willing to help protagonist Riku find his true love with her.
  • Hinata Hyuga from Naruto is "Naruto-sexual", as a result of her admiring Naruto's persistence and determination, and having become more self-confident as a result of his influence.
    • Karin is very much "Sasuke-sexual.
    • Jiraiya may hit on anything with a skirt, but he is eventually shown to have feelings for Tsunade.
    • Sakura was a "Sasuke-sexual" right at the start. And even after Sasuke tried to kill her twice she's still shown to have feelings for him.
  • Prince Demand only has eyes for Sailor Moon, and he greatly desires for her to feel the same way about him.
    • It's actually pretty tragic in the anime since he's an Anti-Hero, but in the manga he's a Complete Monster. The musical plays up both sides of his personality, including one scene where he's singing his character song while Sailor Moon is lying passed out on an altar. He later turns into a complete monster.
  • Although Chizuru from the Hen manga has sex with men often, the only person she has ever fallen truly in love with is Yamada — a girl who transfers into her school.
  • Yuno in Mirai Nikki is completely Yukiteru-sexual. She doesn't mind hooking up with the Yukiteru of an Alternate Timeline just because they are still Yukiteru.
    • Also, in the Alternate Universe spin-off, Mirai Nikki: Paradox, Akise Aru is shown to be "Yukiteru-sexual." Murumuru asks him if he's gay, to which he responds that he's not - he just loves Yukiteru.
  • Chinese Amazon Shampoo of Ranma ½ could conceivably be dubbed a "Ranma-sexual". She has absolutely no qualms whatsoever over embracing, dating or otherwise being affectionate towards her reluctant Gender Bender fiancee no matter what form he's in, despite the fact that she canonically called Akane a pervert whilst insinuating that Akane was really a lesbian in love with Ranma's cursed form. She displays no interest in any other man, even men who manage to prove themselves as being stronger than Ranma.
  • Inuyasha: While not as obvious as most of the examples on this page, Kagome is clearly Inuyasha-sexual; Inuyasha was the first person she ever fell in love with, her feelings for him only get stronger no matter how many times he hurts her, and she never shows an interest in anybody else- ironic, considering she once claimed her perfect guy to be someone the exact opposite of Inuyasha.
  • Highschool DxD: The girls of the Occult Research club are Issei-sexual, with it being justified in most cases; Rias sees all men as the same, Akeno hates men, Asia was too innocent to find interest in the opposite sex, Irina and Xenovia were both raised in church and Koneko dislikes perverted things. However, they seem to all enjoy Issei and all love him to the point they can't live without him.
  • Kanu Unchou from Ikki Tousen is Gentoku-sexual, mainly noticeable due to her Flanderization in the anime.
  • Gotta wonder if this the case with the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED franchise's Athrun Zala. Even after the Ship Sinking with his original love interest, he ignores or fiercely resists the romantic advances of the several attractive girls throwing themselves at him. Some like to call him loyal, but judging by his Heel Face Turn track record, this trope is probably closer to the mark.
    • Speaking of Gundam, despite what the Yaoi Fangirl Fan Dumb will try to tell you, Heero Yuy is pretty much this to Relena Darlian, although it's hard to tell given his personality. It is clear that Relena is FAR FAR ahead of any other characters though, sorry fangirls.
  • Soifon from Bleach has eyes only for her Yoruichi-sama.
    • Orihime has clearly established herself to be Ichigo-sexual. She once said that if she were reincarnated five times and lived five different lives, she'd fall in love with Ichigo every time.
      • It is flat out stated thanks to the latest arc if anyone had any doubts. Her memories have been altered to the point that Ichigo does not play a big role in her life anymore and yet when she sees him cry at one point she can't help but to chase after him crying not knowing why she is doing it (since she considers him not in his right mind) and she is saying that she doesn't want him to feel sad.
  • Harry in Outlaw Star is like this for Melfina.
    • Fred Lou for Gene. But you probably didn't know because you watched the Toonami version. He's either a Gene-sexual metrosexual or he's Camp Gay and happens to have a crush on Gene, if you note his mannerisms and the way he speaks in the English dub.
      • As far as the original goes, Fred is a Camp Gay who doesn't even tries to hide his affections. Gene is adamantly straight, but does tolerate Fred's advances because he's his friend.
  • Kisshu in Tokyo Mew Mew for Ichigo.
  • Chizuru from Kanokon is like this (Shotacon) for Kouta. It actually becomes in some ways rather disturbing, as Chizuru looks like a voluptuous young adult, but Kouta has a rather boyish appearance about him, so it's sexually inexplicit shotacon. It also frequently gets turned up to near Rape Is Love levels by Chizuru with elements of Double Standard Rape (Female on Male) thrown in.
  • Gauron for Sousuke in Full Metal Panic. Especially noticeable when one considers that Gauron is a 40-50 year old, wealthy terrorist that has two incredibly loyal, beautiful girls at his beck and call (and that both love him obsessively). Yet his greatest sexual fantasies that he always wanted to satisfy always seem to be along the lines of "rape Sousuke." Yes, the only one he has eyes for is a 16-year-old, chaste boy that hates his guts and would like nothing more than to beat the shit out of him. Oh, and it doesn't matter if Sousuke is only 12 years old, or if he's fallen in love with someone else, or if he's a dead body - if it's Sousuke, it's all good to him.
    • Subverted in the original novel, as his assistants in Owaru Day by Day, on which the Second Raid was based, were boys.
  • Black Butler: Agni is definitely a Soma-sexual, and Baron Kelvin for Ciel. He even leaves his wife after meeting Ciel.
  • Implied to be the case with Yahiko toward Tsubame in Rurouni Kenshin after his feelings grow from a crush to something more. Outright stated in the second extra chapter after the end of the manga where Kaoru sends Yahiko on a month-long mission teaching at a friend's dojo while the owner was away. Said owner, concerned about leaving his very pretty daughter alone with his male students, asked Kaoru for help. The reason she sent Yahiko was because she knew Tsubame was the only girl for him and that he wouldn't even think about any other girl, much less do anything untoward. She even says this right out to Yahiko, much to his sputtering embarrassment. As expected, he shows no attraction for the daughter and, upon his return, immediately heads off to see Tsubame with Kaoru again restating her previous observation.
    • Pretty strongly implied with Misao toward Aoshi. She's loved him (one way or another) since her early childhood and is still very focused on him even in the manga's final arc. Of the series's four female protagonists, Misao alone never expresses interest in Kenshin (though she admits that Enishi is "finer of face than she expected" in the Jinchuu arc).
  • Yuuki from Kanamemo is Yume-sexual. She seems especially pleased at the idea that Yume, being born with a silver spoon in her mouth, would always be a kid, making it so that Yuuki would have to take care of her forever.
  • Attack on Titan: It's pretty damn obvious that Mikasa is Eren-sexual; she risks everything in order to protect him and very nearly gave up on life when she thought he was dead (though she regained her resolve when she remembered him). Whether he feels the same way, returns her feelings at all or even notices that she loves him remains to be seen.
  • Prunus Girl: Aikawa is the only person who ever gets a reaction out of Maki, who is otherwise completely uninterested in "girls". He "deals with" one love letter off-page, thinking that ever since starting high school *cough* those letters failed to get him worked up, and obliviously brushes aside the last attempts of another girl to get his attention.
  • Robot example: Mirage of Transformers Energon. He outright moons over Galvatron to the bemusement of his comrades and at one point transformers and pirouettes while surrounded by a glowing pink heart. At the end of the series. he dives into the sun to follow Galvatron, presumably to his death.
    • The original Japanese version is much more blatant with this, while the English version tries to make it seem more like passionate loyalty. It doesn't work.
  • Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito has a debatable case of this with Hazuki. It's pretty clear she's a lesbian, but the only one she has eyes for is her adoptive older sister and best friend Hatsumi, to the point that she automatically trashes a gift given to her by an akogare-ing classmate within 5 minutes of the start of the first episode.
  • Congratulations, Miaka/Tamahome shippers- not even Soi's talents could tear Tamahome away from his lady love.
  • Chizuru in Seitokai no Ichizon claims this when asked about the kind of person she likes: Kurimu and only Kurimu.
  • Kagura Sohma is disturbingly attached to her cousin Kyo, and tends to express her psycho-love through violence. Then she'll snap out of it and go ultra-dere before abruptly switching back to pummeling the poor guy. She extracted a Childhood Marriage Promise from him by threatening his life, for Pete's sake! And even though she later realizes that her love for Kyo stemmed mainly from her belief that loving him would make up for her earlier horrible behavior towards him and willingly concedes him to Tohru, the mangaka herself says that a part of her will always love Kyo.
  • Soul Eater: Gopher is Noahsexual with a Yandere streak a mile wide.
    • And Soul's attraction to Maka takes the cake, what with Soul dismissing any and all girls that wish to be partners with him even after becoming a Death Scythe and not technically needing Maka anymore. It even reaches a point where he manages to fight off his insanity without Maka's help for her.
  • In Koharu no Hibi Koharu is Akira-sexual. To Yandere Stalker with a Crush levels.
  • From Pokémon Special, most fans generally agree that Yellow is canonically Red-sexual. The Pokémon Fan Club President, though not speaking of romantic manners, at one point wonders, "Is Red all this kid thinks about?"
    • Same thing with Ruby and Sapphire. They had fallen in love when they were kids, and even changed their personalities for each other. When they remeet and manage to not recognize each other, they end up falling in love with each other all over again. Not even Team Magma Admin Courtney's apparent interest in Ruby could tear his eyes away from Sapphire.
  • In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Subaru is often identified by fans as "Teana-sexual". Others assume her adoration of Nanoha has a sexual dimension and thus see her as just a lusty lesbian.
    • Nanoha herself is sometimes seen as Fate-sexual.
  • The anime version Sasame from Prétear is a bit of a flirt, but when it comes right down to it he's Takako-sexual. After falling in love with her and failing to tell her before she became the Princess of Disaster, he pined after her for sixteen years and eventually abandoned his friends and everything he believed in for the chance to be by her side. The manga version of Sasame is described as a "playboy" however.
  • Yuki Nagato from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya may be Kyon-sexual. She speaks to just about no one except him on any regular basis, has promised to protect him, and told Kyon in a dire situation that she would regret losing him. Once, she even rearranged reality so that she could live a normal life, and the new world essentially set up a romance between Kyon and Yuki.
    • It's more likely that because she is still learning to express emotions, she's attracted to Kyon over other boys simply because of their established relationship. When Yuki briefly thought she had a secret admirer, Kyon thought he might have seen her show a hint of disappointment when she discovered it was a misunderstanding.
    • It's pretty surely established that Yuki is head over heels for Kyon. It's the question whether she's able to love anyone else is up in the air.
  • In GetBackers, the Ax Crazy Psycho for Hire Takuma Fudou can certainly be described as "Ban-sexual." He shows a lack of interest in anything non-Ban related, and any time he so much as senses Ban's presence, his "mind goes blank," he gets very excited and starts feeling a "throbbing desire." Countless times, he screams at Ban to "give his body to him" and "meet his desires." He also shows great resentment and jealousy towards Ginji (whom he claims he dislikes because Ban ignores him when Ginji is around), as well as Hevyn.
  • In Keroro Gunsou, Momoka is clearly Fuyuki-sexual; when she thinks that he's been turned into a girl (it's actually his mother aged down by Kululu, long story), she's completely okay with it. Tamama could also be said to be Keroro-sexual.
    • Giroro and Koyuki are both Natsumi-sexual. More prominent in the manga with Koyuki, though.
  • Durarara: Shinra is a very vocal Celty-sexual, claiming that, were she not to exist, he would probably be asexual. Celty, for her part, is worried that he might be Dullahan-sexual, and dreads another one showing up and stealing him away.
    • Eventually, Anri becomes Mikado-sexual. Justified, as she had spent her whole life convincing herself that she was incapable of feeling love.
  • Takumi Usui in Kaichou wa Maid-sama seems thus far to be terminally Misaki-sexual. Not only is he notorious for turning girls down at the beginning of the series, once Misaki piques his interest he doesn't seem to have more than a passing interest in other people at all except so far as how they relate to Misaki. Fortunately for him, Misaki is Takumi-sexual.
  • In Sensual Phrase, both Sakuya and Aine are like this for each other, though Sakuya is more extreme about it.
  • In Hana Kimi, Nakao stated to Ashiya Mizuki that he wasn't actually gay, he just had a Single-Target Sexuality for Nanba Minami.
  • Despite being in a harem manga, and clearly Genre Savvy about it, Miki of Hayate the Combat Butler has only shown interest in one person, Hinagiku. She's even gone so far as to tell the one who's the center of the (main) Harem, that she has no interest in him.
    • On the other side of the wagon, Kotetsu Izumi's older brother has been shown to have no interest in anyone but Hayate. This may simply be that we haven't seen any interest being displayed beyond that in Hayate and trains.
  • B Gata H Kei is filled with many characters who have this. Both Kosuda and Keiichi are Yamada-sexual, Kyoka is Keiichi-sexual, and Mayu (and eventually Yamada) is Kosuda-sexual.
  • In Kimi ni Todoke, Sawako and Shota are both like this for each other.
  • Naoi from Angel Beats is obsessed with Otonashi.
  • Sweden from Axis Powers Hetalia could be interpreted as either "Finnsexual" towards Finland or making an exception for him. It's an Official Couple, either way.
    • Apparently, the author actually dubbed Sweden as "homosexual for Finland" in his old notes. They were very old notes though, and aren't around anymore, so the situation might be different now.
    • Spain could, from an angle, be viewed as "Italiasexual". He's proposed to both of them, is extremely affectionate to Romano and thinks Veneziano is adorable, and yet doesn't show much of this to any other characters. Could be because he's not shown very often, or because not many of his relationships have been shown, but as of now it looks like this...
    • Belarus is "Russia-sexual". So very much.
    • One joke/explanation for Germany/Italy shippers is that the usually stoic Germany is Ita-sexual.
    • Come on, you guys forgot that Holy Roman Empire is Ita-sexual? Some fans will tell you this doesn't count because of the Germany-is-HRE theory, making this a double-submisson. If I recall correctly:

 Holy Roman Empire: No matter how many hundreds of years go by, I'll always love you more than anyone in the world!

  • In Bakuman。, Miho Azuki has never been interested in anyone other than her classmate Moritaka Mashiro, as she has been attracted to him since fourth grade.
  • From all indications, Firo from Baccano seems to be Ennis-sexual, despite the fact that she takes a long time to catch on. And even though they're both immortal and have plenty of time, there's still something to be said for the fact that Firo waited fifty years for her to agree to marriage, and even though they're now living together hasn't tried anything.
  • Illsaide from Vampire Game seems very much to be this way towards Ci Xeneth's princess Falan, even after it's discovered that he's her half-brother via her father Jened and the Lord of the Sea's daughter, making him half sea monster as well.
    • However, Illsaide shows some attraction towards Duzzel in his Ishtar form for a little while. Even going as far as kissing Duzzel.
  • Lum of Urusei Yatsura is Ataru-sexual, having eyes for only her "Darling" in spite of him being literally the biggest lech in the galaxy and constantly running away from her to hit on other girls, and every single other male around her age being enamored with her.
  • Togainu no Chi: Keisuke to Akira.
  • Belldandy of Ah! My Goddess towards Keiichi. Especially applicable in that Keiichi was once gender-flipped into a woman, and Belldandy didn't care a whit (except caring in that Keichii himself was somewhat dismayed).
  • Conan Edogawa/Shinichi Kudo and Ran Mouri of Detective Conan are like this to each other.
  • Randoll of Future GPX Cyber Formula has no interest in anyone other than Asuka, though he tries to flirt with Rena in the PlayStation game (but ultimately fails).
  • Andre Grandier of Rose of Versailles loves Oscar and nobody else. Likewise, Rosalie is also this towards Oscar, although at the end of the series she hooks up with Bernard, but she still has some longing for Oscar.
  • Okane ga Nai: Kanou is attracted to Ayase and nobody else.
  • Possibly Chiba from Wandering Son. In the several years from 5th grade to high school she has shown no signs of liking anyone but the protagonist, whom she likes no matter his gender (though she seems to prefer him as a boy).
  • In Steel Angel Kurumi 2, Uruka and Kurumi are Nako-sexual.
    • This is a result of the Steel Angel's design. She is literally programmed to love whomever awakens her. Male, female, who cares? Whomever awakens her is her only love.
  • Kuroko Shirai from A Certain Scientific Railgun is obviously Onee-sama/Sissie-sexual, she doesn't even look anywhere else! Though it might be more accurate to say that she's Misaka-sexual, since she also thought Mikoto's mother was a hottie. Let's just pray she never finds out about the thousands of clones
  • In Karakuridoji Ultimo, Rune toward Yamato, by way of Reincarnation Romance. As a result of his gender changing, he goes from being a heterosexual girl in the past to a homosexual boy in the present, but still longs for the same person.
    • And Yamato is Sayama sexual.
  • Special A: Kei is very much Hikari-sexual.
  • In Arakawa Under the Bridge, Official Couples has Nino and Kou and Jacequliene and Billy only have eyes for each other. Also Sister is very much Maria-sexual.
  • Gui from 1/2 Prince has stated that he would like Prince no matter the gender or age. He's not homosexual, he's Prince-sexual.
  • Silver Diamond 's Chigusa will forever be Rakan-sexual. (And considering he's immortal, that is very literal.)
  • Luka from Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru is this way towards Yuki. The fact that the pretty girl he fell in love with is now reincarnated into a male body does nothing to discourage him in his unflailing loyalty and devotion.
  • Kubo of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu is Akihisa sexual.
  • Faust VIII from Shaman King is most decidedly Eliza-sexual.
  • Haruka from Honey Hunt is Yura sexual and so is Q-Ta possibly. Also, in chapter 21 Nanase outright admits to Yura that he's in love with Mizorogi and only Mizorogi.
  • Lucy/Nyu of Elfen Lied is Kouta-sexual even if she does tend to initiate Les Yay with other girls.
  • Naruse from the yaoi manga Kawaii Akuma and its sequel is definitely Akiyoshi sexual.
  • Rosario + Vampire: Tsukune is blatantly Moka-sexual, caring for her two very different personalities the same way for seemingly no reason other than they're both Moka. The feeling seems to be mutual on Moka's part; despite having the entire male student body fawning over her, she never shows an interest in any of them but Tsukune.
    • Kurumu and Mizore are Tsukune-sexual as well. Poor things.
  • In Hot Gimmick both Shinogu and Ryoki are Hatsumi-sexuals.
  • In Gravitation Shuichi is Yuki sexual and Tatsuha is completely and utterly obsessed with Ryuichi. Whether it's faking illnesses or dressing up in an animal suit, Tatsuha will do anything to get Ryuichi. Unfortunately for Shuichi, if Tatsuha can't get his hands on Ryuichi he forces his UST upon Shuichi as Shuichi resembles Ryuichi.
  • To Love Ru: Momo ignores all the guys who hit on her at school and only looks at Rito. Even when he changes gender, Momo doesn't seem to mind.
  • Gokudera of Katekyo Hitman Reborn is Tsuna-sexual and Tsuna is Kyoko-sexual.
  • Tatsuya of Hekikai no Ai ON is Seine-sexual. Being the Nice Guy, he doesn't show any kind of attraction to any other girl who isn't Seine; and he has other options that he already knows love him, but still, his eyes are upon the kuudere Seine so much that he may cross the line and almost opendly be a Lolicon for her 8-year-old form when he go intro her dreams of the past.
  • Medaka Box: Besides Rule of Funny, Zenkichi Hitoyoshi has been Medaka-sexual for nearly his entire life.
  • Oscar in Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine is all about Inspector Zenigata. Up to Yandere levels.
  • Suzuka: Yamato even when in other relationships, is obsessed with her. In the manga, he turns down other women who are interested in him, and even flat out refuses sex because of his obsession.
  • Chocolat and Tira Misu in Sorcerer Hunters only have eyes for Carrot, who has eyes for every girl except them. One of the novels even features heavy Ship Tease between Tira and Enzeru Fish, who loves her and whom she gets along quite well with, but it goes nowhere because her feelings for Carrot are too strong. Also, Enzeru dies.

Comic Books

Fan Fiction

  • Many slash fics use this trope on characters who may have canonically been hetero/homo/bisexual. For example, "He's not gay, he's Sirius-sexual."
  • This is prevalent in TOS-verse Kirk/Spock slashfic, in that Spock was not a sexual being outside Pon Farr except where Kirk was concerned. Actually, the same could be said for Spock/McCoy fanfic as well.
  • A lot of South Park fanfics portray Kyle as being Stan-o-sexual. Yes, really.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia fans sometimes dub America as "Iggysexual" towards England and vice versa, mainly because they're a very popular Fan-Preferred Couple (and it not being that hard to see America as being Tsundere for England only); ditto with Romano as "Spain-sexual". Japan is also sometimes depicted as being "Greece-sexual" with Greece as the only nation he can overcome his emotional reservedness and intimacy issues with.
  • Subaru is described by Nove as "Teana-sexual" in Relationships Series, and her older sister Ginga asks if she'd be attracted to Teana even if she were male.
  • In the Naruto fanfic The Girl from Whirlpool, Minato Namikaze seems to be this way when it comes to Kushina Uzimaki.
  • A couple of this author's stories take this trope to a ludicrous extreme, whereby literally every single character in the story appears to have Single-Target Sexuality for... whoever the main character is. Even the Pokemon!
  • This Scream fanfic as an OC that seems to be Charlie sexual. Early on, it's hinted he's the only person to stir her....that way. She's seventeen at the time. Later on, when she starts dating someone else he does nothing for her and she's still stuck on her friend. Yeah, it's weird
  • In Armored Core From the Ashes, Fiona Jarnetfeld is HOLY SHIT this for Ghost. Made all the creepier by the fact that he doesn't love her back, and that he Mind Raped her into serving him as a ruthless member of his elite guard and her psychopathic love for him is the only remaining aspect of her personality. Yeah. In case you weren't clear, the person who Mind Raped her into serving him happens to be protagonist. Can you spell Crapsack World?
  • Many, MANY Sherlock/John fanfictions from the BBC show fandom have this implied or used in their works. Sherlock is generally regarded as asexual, unless it's John, so, "John-sexual." John is generally heterosexual, unless it's Sherlock, so, "Sherlock-sexual."
  • Megamind fanfiction is rather split about this. One one side, the titular Anti-Villain is paired with practically every other major character, and then some. Then, on the other side, many fanfics portray him as Roxanne-sexual. At least one or two fanfics have his species mate for life.
  • A lot of Sheith fans and their fics in Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom insist Keith has this for Shiro, to the point where he'd remain a virgin forever if Shiro hooked up with someone else, or wait until Shiro inevitably dumped that person and then immediately offer his virginity. Some fics even have Keith literally die of a broken heart if Shiro marries someone else.
  • The small but vocal minority of Kent/Lyn shippers in the Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade fandom believe Kent has this for Lyn, so much that they decry his Fiora supports to be OOC and "like badfic" because he dares show interest in a different woman.


  • Jamal from Slumdog Millionaire spends years looking for Latika after they are separated as children.
  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: Arguably, Mrs. Lovett is Benjaminsexual, even when he becomes Sweeney, and even when they were both married to different people.
  • Edward Bloom of Big Fish for his wife. Another character says of him: "There are two women in Edward's life. His wife, and those that aren't his wife."
  • Forrest Gump never seems to notice any women other than Jenny, from when he was a kid.
  • In Elektra Luxx, Holly invokes this trope as she declares her love for Bambi.
  • In Harry Potter, possibly Snape for Lily.
  • In Good Will Hunting, Sean Maguire experiences this with his deceased wife.
    • Will: "You ever think about gettin' remarried?" Sean: "My wife's dead." Will: "Hence the word: remarried." Sean: "She's dead."


  • This is common in racy romance novels. If the heroine is not a virgin, all her sexual experience before the hero will have been extremely lame to horrible. When she and the hero have sex, on the other hand, it will move mountains and cause tidal waves. This is used to underscore how perfect they are for each other, but they often feel a strong attraction well before they acknowledge the romance.
    • It's the same for the hero. She's usually not his first, but she's the first/only one he loves and sex with her is the best sex ever for him too.
  • In Flowers for Algernon, when all of Charlie's sexual experiences are passionless, confusing, or painful until he has sex with Alice Kinnian, the only woman he's truly loved.
  • Edward Cullen of Twilight, despite having lived for over 100 years as a teenage vampire at the age when males should be at their most sexually curious, has never been interested in any girls. Then he meets Bella, gets a whiff of the delicious scent of her blood, and becomes a committed Bella-sexual.
    • Also occurs with Jacob Black, who follows Bella around and remains in love with her no matter how many times she tries to let him down or how married she might become. He insists to Bella that he will never imprint on anyone because he never even sees anyone but her. Jacob even drives around town trying to interest himself in other girls but it does not work. Switched up later, with the birth of Renesmee, when he imprints on here, and becomes Renesmee-sexual instead of Bella-sexual.
      • There's some implication that Jacob had in fact always been Renesmee-sexual, and had in fact imprinted on her before she was born but thought he had imprinted on Bella.
    • We could add Bella herself to the mix as well, being mostly Edward-sexual with a little side of Jacob-sexual. There's no indication that she was ever interested in anyone before moving to Forks.
    • In fact, nearly every vampire from Twilight could count as this, as once a vampire falls in love, they can only ever have feelings for the one person.
  • In Lois McMaster Bujold's Barrayar books, Aral Vorkosigan is an interesting variation: he's attracted to other men — and to Cordelia, the woman he loves.
    • Got lampshaded in Barrayar, even.

 Vordarian: "He's bisexual, you know."

Cordelia: "Was bisexual. Now he's monogamous."

  • A Song of Ice and Fire: Jaime Lannister has, to the best knowledge of the reader, only ever loved/had sex with his twin sister Cersei, to the point where he's disturbed when he experiences attraction to another woman. Not so much the other way around (to quote Tyrion, "No one can say that my sister does not love her family").
    • Well, she sure knows how to use the power sex gives her over men - and women. But for her it was "never any good with anyone but Jaime".
  • Chronicles of the Kencyrath: The heroine Jame and her twin brother Tori only seem to get sexual feelings for each other, though it's only gone as far as shared highly sexual dreams and one kiss. (Word of God says it's going to go a lot further than that.)
  • In Harry Potter, Severus Snape has never gotten over his devotion to his childhood friend Lily Evans, even decades after she assured him that she loathed him.
    • Ginny is a mild example of the trope. Late in the series, she admits that she started to date Michael Corner largely to get over Harry, who at the time was not romantically interested in her but in Cho Chang. Before Harry finally sees the light, she also dates Dean Thomas. But from the time she first saw Harry when he was eleven and she was ten, he was always first in her affections.
  • The Great Gatsby centers around Gatsby's unending pursuit for Daisy and no one else. The term "Gatsby" has even come to describe real people who have Single-Target Sexuality.
  • Orlando by Virginia Woolf demonstrates in passing that this is not a good thing for an Abhorrent Admirer to have, as even a Gender Bender fails to get rid of him.
  • Justine in The Dresden Files is pretty much Thomas-sexual. However, this is originally less about love and more about the fact that an Emotion Eater is about the only thing that can keep her mental illness under control. And while they finally admit they're in love later ... well, Thomas is a White Court vampire, so The Power of Love burns him. Ouch.
    • Although Justine eventually realizes her Thomas-sexuality can be used a solution to that particular issue.
  • Locke Lamora from Scott Lynch's Gentleman Bastard series is so in love with Sabetha that he's unable to perform with anyone else, even a hooker he specifically selected because she looked like her.

 "Some men want any redhead in general, and some want one redhead in particular. Those who want a redhead in general have their fun and go their way. But you ... you want one redhead in particular. And I'm not her."

  • In the Charles de Lint novel, Memory and Dream, the deceased Kathy describes herself as not being gay or straight, she doesn't love anyone else, just her best friend (and protagonist) Isabelle...who is, if not precisely homophobic, definitely very straight.
  • Alec in Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunners - he has quite a narrowed taste. Before he and Seregil achieve the Official Couple level he sleeps only with women (one precisely) who remind him of Seregil. If you're not dark brunette, slender and blessed with a face that at least vaguely resembles Seregil you either stand no chance - or you need magic to get into Alec's pants.
  • Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games is Katniss-sexual. He fell in love with her when he was just 5 years old and heard her singing - at that moment he "knew he was a goner." He presumably went on to love her for the rest of his life (in the epilogue they were married and had two children) even overcoming the fact that he was tortured and brain-washed to hate her by the Capitol while captured.
  • Derek of the web-novel Domina only has eyes for his childhood friend Lizzy--despite all the other girls who are interested in him, including Akane.
  • Vlad Tepes' feelings for Elizabeth Bathory in Count and Countess.

Live Action TV

  • Although he once speaks of having had other girlfriends, Ned from Pushing Daisies pretty much only has eyes for Chuck, at one point telling her plainly that she's the only one for him. It's even lampshaded in "Smell of Success":

 Emerson: Hell, before dead girl came along I didn't know what you liked or if you liked or if you had anything to like with. For all I know you could've been one of those people who was born with both but didn't use either.

  • Dick Solomon of ~3rd Rock From The Sun~ seems to be "Mary-sexual". Subverted in the third season when they broke up and he noticed other women for the first time.
    • This is actually more of an aversion of this trope. From the beginning Dick was deeply interested in Mary, but any time they're not actually a couple he displays physical attraction to other women. There's also a period where he's having fantasies about Nina (and stupidly discusses it with Mary and Nina). However, he's only ever been in love with Mary and the few relationships and attractions he's had to other women have never been as powerful or important to him as her.
  • Ianto Jones from Torchwood seems only capable of having infatuation with one person at time, which (might?) explain why he doesn't actually consider himself bisexual.

 Ianto: It's not men. It's just him. It's only him.

  • Then again, Ianto did say 'men' and was shown to have had a girlfriend earlier in the series, so he could have meant Jack is the only man he's attracted to. In other words, he's closer to If It's You It's Okay.
  • Oz's Chris Keller is very much Beecher-sexual.
  • As far as Hal from Malcolm in the Middle is concerned, his wife Lois is the only woman on the planet.
  • Mel from Flight of the Conchords is double target-sexual to the titular band.
  • If you meet Mango from Saturday Night Live you will probably become a raging Mangosexual.
    • With the possible exception of the strip club audience of the first sketch, the only people ever shown being attracted to Mango are people normally attracted to women (otherwise-straight men, and Ellen De Generes). So... maybe he produces female pheromones?
  • Harper, from Wizards of Waverly Place is Justin-sexual. Justin-sexual-obsessed, actually.
    • Except not, she's now with Zeke, and her Justin-sexual behavior has toned down greatly.
  • Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a lesbian, comments that she didn't first discover herself attracted to "women," but to one "woman" — her first girlfriend, Tara. (Indeed, some fans were a bit annoyed at first by their relationship, as before this Willow had always been shown attracted to men.) After Tara's death, Willow eventually shows attraction to other women and gets a new girlfriend.
    • Another odd example with the same character: one episode features a boy who has a magical jacket which causes any woman who sees him wearing it to fall madly in love with him. And it does work on Willow, too, leading to several amusing jokes when she and the other girls start fighting over him.
    • Actually, Willow seems to be a causer for this. Neither Oz or Tara are ever shown to be slightly interested in anyone but Willow.
      • Oz was clearly interested in Veruca.
  • Steve Urkel from Family Matters is a Laura-sexual for most of the series, though he does get another girlfriend later in the series who ironically turns out to be Urkel-sexual.
  • Not quite present with Monk, as he has been attracted to a few women, and is technically probably asexual, but he still considers himself married even though his wife is dead, and the idea of actually being interested in another woman is quite a frightening prospect to him.
  • Marshall with Lily on How I Met Your Mother. He can't even fantasize about other women without problems.
  • Victor/Anthony Ceccoli and Sierra/Priya Tsetsang in Dollhouse remember each other's faces and in a near-Crowning Moment of Funny, Victor-as-"Roger" dumps his girlfriend he was programmed to unconditionally love because of this. It has led to many instances of a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • Happened to Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. He may have been a healthy seventeen-year-old at the time, but neither the "erotical nor the pharmaceutical" did any good. If it wasn't Blair, it wasn't working. For this, Serena dubbed him "the eunuck".
  • This happened with John Paul and Craig on Holly Oaks. Also subverted with Max and OB, but they were just Heterosexual Life Partners.
  • The sum total of Naomi's sexuality in Skins is "she's completely in love with Emily".
  • Cole Turner in Charmed only has sex with women who look just like Phoebe.
  • Rory from Doctor Who is a raging Amy-sexual. So much so, that he was Mistaken for Gay... by Amy (she assumed he was gay because, though she'd known him since childhood, she'd never seen him show interest in girls. Turns out it was because from the beginning he'd only wanted her.)
    • There's a comic in which Amy and the Doctor are bodyswapped. Amy once comments that they'd better get this fixed or certain things on and off the marriage front will be difficult, but after initial brainbreak Rory starts treating her and the Doctor exactly as before, down to holding Amy when Time Lord senses start overwhelming her and calmly threatening the Doctor when he does something that seems counter to Amy's long-term well being. At the end of the issue he says he doesn't care what she looks like, he loves her, and passionately kisses a Time Lord... but they've switched back. He's the last to know.

  Amy: "Oh no. Do it again. But do it... slower."

  • Whether intentionally or not, The X-Files has Mulder (of all people) becoming this towards Scully. In early seasons, Mulder would hit on other women, make lecherous comments, etc. By the end of the series, we hadn't seen that in quite awhile--it was all directed at Scully. It becomes a hilarious (and cute) plot point in the 2008 movie "I Want to Believe." The young agent who requests Mulder and Scully's help on a case develops (or already had, it's unclear) a crush on Mulder and hits on him quite a bit. Mulder doesn't notice...but Scully does.
    • Although Mulder does have a raging porn addiction.
    • Scully occasionally attempts to have relationships with other men, but her interactions with them are always forced. After her one date in the first season, the only other date we see her go on in the series, she's drugged. She is, essentially, Mulder-sexual from the time she meets him on.


  • Incredibly widely used in popular music through the years. For example:
    • The Platters, "Only You"

 Only you and you alone

can thrill me like you do

and fill my heart with love for only you

    • "I only have eyes for you", composed in 1934 by Harry Warren and lyricist Al Dubin, and performed by artists as diverse as Frank Sinatra, Al Jolson, Billie Holliday, Rod Stewart, and The Flamingos.

 My love must be a kind of blind love

I can't see anyone but you...

You are here, so am I

Maybe millions of people go by

But they all disappear from view

And I only have eyes for you

    • "He Stopped Loving Her Today", written by Bobby Braddock and Curly Putman, and released in 1980 by George Jones:

 He said I'll love you 'til I die

She told him you'll forget in time...

Kept some letters by his bed

Dated 1962

He had underlined in red

Every single "I love you"

He stopped loving her today

They placed a wreath upon his door

And soon they'll carry him away

He stopped loving her today.

    • "There Will Never Be Another You", written by Harry Warren and Mack Gordon

 And in our moment of parting,

This is all I want you to know...

There will be other lips that I may kiss,

But they won't thrill me,

Like yours used to do

    • Even 90s indie pop got in on the game, as in "Anyone Else Isn't You" by The Field Mice, written by singer Bobby Wratten:

 Other than you, I want no one

If I can't have you, I want to be alone

Anyone else isn't you

And if they're not you, I don't want to know...

  • Arguably Toshi of X Japan, if the lyrics of "Crystal Piano no Kimi," his overwrought love poem for his lifelong (aside for 10 years) best friend and band co-founder Yoshiki are any indication.



 The Phantom: You alone can make my song take flight, and help me make the Music of the Night.


Video Games

  • Nu-13 from Blazblue is this trope Up to Eleven: not only is she attracted to no one but Ragna, but she likes nothing else.
    • Tsubaki is Jin-sexual, despite him being a Celibate Jerkass who's far from the Jin-nii sama she knew as a child and has a disturbing fixation on his brother. It gets to the point that she is prepared to take down anyone who tries to take Jin away from her.
  • Endrance/Elk from .hack//G.U. is "Haseo-sexual". Or "Mia-sexual" considering the first 5 games.
  • According to the creator, Revolver Ocelot is this way about Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater. Which certainly seems to explain some of his more disturbing behavior towards Solid Snake, a clone of Big Boss and a dead ringer for a young version of him.
    • His Snake-sexuality is, in fact, so potent it overpowers brainwashing. At the climax of the fourth game, choosing not to fight a grapple causes Ocelot to give (old, radiation-burned) Snake a tender kiss.
  • Amy Rose of Sonic the Hedgehog is completely in love with Sonic, and no one else but Sonic.
    • Except maybe for the several characters she confused with Sonic.
    • She even claims she would be willing to destroy the world if it meant being with Sonic.
  • Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury, to Andy Bogard. Such a waste.
  • Adell of Disgaea has made a point of saying that he Does Not Like Girls in that way. Of course, he does eventually admit that Rozalin is the exception to the rule, more or less making him Rozalin-sexual.
  • Decus of Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World is probably Alicesexual, though with that weirdo...
    • From the same game, Marta is very much Emilsexual.
  • Played to an extremely horrifiying extreme with Alma in the second First Encounter Assault Recon game, making her "Becket-sexual". Doesn't matter that Becket hates her and wants to destroy her, she is absolutely intrigued by him because he is a powerful psychic like her, and his rejection of her simply makes her even more interested in him. She makes it quite clear that nobody else matters except Becket.
  • May in Guilty Gear is Johnny-sexual. Unfortunately for her, Johnny is basically a Casanova Wannabe.
  • No matter how much she flirts and tease men and women or how much Fanon depicts that she swings both ways and will do Anything That Moves, Excellen Browning of Super Robot Wars only ever has had her eyes dead set on Kyosuke Nanbu. It helps that she doubles as the Manic Pixie Dream Girl to The Stoic Kyo.
  • Squall Leonhart of Final Fantasy VIII is pretty much Rinoa-sexual - completely disinterested in human relationships of any kind before he meets her, and obsessively devoted to her to the exclusion of all else once he admits to falling for her. This is mostly because Squall is a very emotionally damaged person, and Rinoa is the only one who is able to break through the mental barriers Squall erected to keep out everyone else.
  • Elis in Canvas 2 is Hirokisexual. She gets 15 confessions in a single day even when she looks pale and zombie-like, but rejects every single one.
  • Alm in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia only has eyes for Celica, constantly thinking about her throughout the story and rejecting the advances of two other girls who have the hots for him. Celica also has this for Alm, but it appears slightly less blatant due to her interactions with her party members being strictly platonic.
    • Soren in the Tellius games has this towards Ike, even if it's portrayed as more ambiguous than explicitly romantic. He's cold and borderline hostile to everyone but Ike in Path of Radiance, and while he's mellowed out some in Radiant Dawn he still rejects Skrimir's offer to sit beside him before pointedly taking his place beside Ike.
    • Geoffrey is implied to have this for Elincia, to the point where when Calil tries to flirt with him she realizes it and backs off immediately.

Visual Novels

  • Unusually for a Visual Novel protagonist, Souta in Kira Kira: Curtain Call definitely has this going on for Yui, and won't let you forget it. His Inner Monologue points out pretty much any time he interacts with a woman who is not Yui that she is not as attractive to him as Yui. Combined with his Hot-Blooded-ness, he's been occasionally driven to spontaneously express his love for her in rather extreme (though not sexual) ways that have caused her friend to impose an informal restraining order on him.
  • Mizuhara in Kara no Shoujo has a severe fixation on Toko, though she says she's not a lesbian. Interestingly enough, there's a bad end where she convinces herself she is Toko (it's complicated) and decides the feelings of love and attraction she feels for Reiji are Toko's. Note that Toko admits to no such thing and hasn't slept with Reiji despite what Mizuhara thinks, meaning that Mizuhara appears to have fallen for him herself.
  • Lambdadelta from Umineko no Naku Koro ni has eyes only for Bernkastel and maybe vice versa. They've lived for a very long time but has never mentioned another lover or romantic interest subside their declaration of love for each other. Lambda makes it very clear that she wants the game to keep on going forever so that Bern will be caged up in it like a bird and forever be hers. Psycho Lesbian much?
  • Miyako in Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai, to the point that in all of the endings where she doesn't end up with Yamato, she's still shown to be waiting for him even decades later.

Web Comics

  • Grace from El Goonish Shive is "Tedd-sexual". To expand on this, it appears to be simply a result of her Uryuom heritage — the Uryuom being a One-Gender Race of alien shape-shifters. Since they can change their external shape basically at will, they form relationships based primarily on concepts and mental connections. Grace, being 1/4th Uryuom (or so), has inherited this disposition. However, in one non-canon story where reality becomes altered so that Tedd is (and always was) female, Grace hooks up with a different character instead (way to go Sarah!). Although this might be explained by the way, like in every alternate universe where the two are of different genders, the female Tedd and Elliot are in a relationship.
  • Collin of Boy Meets Boy claims to be asexual with the sole exception of Fox. However, the Spin-Off Friendly Hostility has him realize that he's actually a full-blown homosexual with the implication that if he was truly asexual, he wouldn't have become attracted to anyone in the first place.
    • It's actually kind of a sliding scale. Fatima is described as "more Asexual than Collin", and by the end of the comic is married, though it's vaguely implied she's not planning on having sex with her husband. (He seems okay with it.)
  • Sluggy Freelance: Thanks to brainwashing, Oasis is strictly Torg-sexual.
  • Alex/Murfs of Khaos Komix didn't see what the big deal about sex was until he met Tom and became intensely attracted to someone else for the first time in his life. He even calls himself "Tom-o-sexual."
  • A mild subversion: In the Ciem Webcomic Series, after Don Mendoza tries to rape Candi and fails several times, Candi ends up fighting with herself to not let her interest in men affect her actions. Contrasting that is her sisters, who are much looser. That is, until she meets Donte. Afterward, Candi only considers men that remind her in some way of Donte. This leads to her meeting Denny. From that day onward, those two men are the only men she'll even consider having sex with. It doesn't stop her from taunting other men about how, no matter how hot or not they look to her, she'll never let them have any.
    • Subverted even more strongly in the book. Since Don's rape attempt back in grade school was partially successful, she no longer believes she has any purity left to defend. She won't let most men near her; but she does make exceptions for Denny and Jack. However, her obsession with Donte is still very strong. She makes it clear that Donte is allowed more positions with her than anyone else would be allowed. And she insists most of the time on not using any protection with Donte, whereas she nearly always used protection with Denny and Jack (at least for non-vaginal forms of sex.) She takes pity on Jack for being a Stalker with a Crush, and lets Denny into her life because his gentlemanly treatment of her reminds her of Donte. When given the chance to live and let live and be with Jack or risk near-certain death saving Donte, Candi takes her chances with Donte. Maybe not single target, but her loyalty is very strong.
  • In Dreamless, Elanor and Takashi have only ever been in love with each other; not even the brief appearances of Takashi's fiancee or the prostitute he confides in detract from that, and in fact are barely discussed.
  • Mocked in the alt text of this XKCD.

Web Original

  • Awkward has Alex, who is, as a result of years of harsh rejections, a depraved Lestersexual as of the start of the series. Rather than being the result of actual attraction or compatibility, Alex's record of rejection leads him to crave it; Lester being both heterosexual and Alex's housemate, he is perfectly positioned to give Alex the rejection he comes to crave on a regular basis.
  • Doki of There She Is is 100% Nabi-sexual.

Web Video

  • Strangely inverted in a stream for Hazbin Hotel where the voice actors of the Radio Demon, who has been implied specifically to be asexual, and the lecherous Angel Dust were taking cues from fans. When "Alastor" was asked to say something seductive to Angel Dust, he paused, and started describing in loaded terms a desire for him to leave through the door. After the fact, it was remarked that "the only thing that get Alastor off is Angel Dust leaving..."

Western Animation

  • On Hey Arnold, Helga doesn't even notice the presence of any boys except Arnold.
  • Waylon Smithers of The Simpsons can hardly be said to be gay all his life, as he was once happily and heterosexually married... until the creators decided to make him, in their own words, "Burns-sexual."
    • Not really, though. The only reference to Smithers being married came late in Season 5, long after the show had started dropping Ambiguously Gay hints hard. The marriage itself (as seen through flashback) is clearly a parody of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, a Tennessee Williams play/film about a man who neglects his wife and spirals into depression as he begins to realize he's in love with his dead (male) best friend.
    • Apparently, it was decided early on to have Smithers be in love with Burns, but there was a lot of debate about whether it was a matter of Single-Target Sexuality or if he was just gay. The latter seems to have won out in recent years, with Smithers having ex-boyfriends and going to a gay resort on vacation. However, some writers, like Al Jean, still stick to the "Burns-sexual" interpretation.
    • Marge is repeatedly shown to be Homer-sexual; in the episode when Homer was getting surgery for his heart attack, she states that she could never remarry. There are a few episodes where Homer worries she might leave him for another man, but these worries are always put to rest by the end of the episode.
    • Conversely, Homer is strictly Marge-sexual. In the episode where he is tempted by another woman (who's basically a female version of him in terms of interests and appetite), he's horrified. Never mind that he doesn't act on such thoughts, just the fact that he has them is enough to freak him out.
  • Panini is Chowder-sexual.
  • This sums up Coach Stopframe's behavior towards Clay in Moral Orel.
  • On Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang falls in love with Katara at first sight, and never loves anyone else, or even expresses any interest in any other girls (or guys for that matter).
  • In the Futurama episode "The Prisoner of Benda" we learn that Fry and Leela can be physically intimate even if Fry is in the body of a disgusting lobster person, and Leela has the body of an 180 year old man. Of course, there's a decent chance they did all that because they were too prideful to admit there are circumstances where one might find their significant other unattractive, which would make the person "shallow" in their kooky relationship.
    • Also, in the episode War Is The H-Word Leela disguises herself as a young man to enlist in the military, under which guise Zapp finds himself increasingly attracted to 'him':

 Zapp Brannigan: That young man fills me with hope. And some other emotions that are weird and...deeply confusing.

    • And upon discovering her true identity after she's summarily kicked his ass:

 Zapp Brannigan: Leela! So it's you I've been attracted to! Oh God, I've never been so happy to be beaten up by a woman.

Leela: Let's do it again sometime.

  • Heloise of Jimmy Two-Shoes only loves Jimmy and no one else.
  • While Cody from Total Drama Island started off flirting with any girl he could find, he quickly settled into being Gwen-sexual--he doesn't seem even the least bit interested in Sierra when he first meets her, before she even has a chance to horrify him with her Stalker with a Crush antics. Incidentally, she's pretty much Cody-sexual. So, since Gwen doesn't like Cody, we basically have an All Love Is Unrequited situation.
  • Mary and Susan from Johnny Test have no interest in any other boy than Gil from next door.
    • This may not count, as the only other boys we really see are their brother and their Abhorrent Admirer.
    • Even though the sisters are identical, except for their hairstyles, Bling-Bling Boy only has eyes for Susan.
      • Except when he was hypnotized and told to stop being in love with Susan. He instantly made Mary the new object of his desire.
  • Calie from Ugly Americans despite the fact that she's a succubus is in a fairly committed (albeit sexually) relationship with Mark Lily, poor guy...
  • As noted at its official page, Isabella from Phineas and Ferb is Phineas-sexual and has not shown attraction to any other boy (except the Beak, but he was Phineas (and Ferb) in disguise).
    • Candace is Jeremy-sexual. She's only ever gone after one other guy and he was essentially the British version of Jeremy.
  • Sheldon of My Life as a Teenage Robot is definitely Jenny-sexual.
  • Lance on Voltron: Legendary Defender is strictly Allura-sexual once he falls in love with her for real.
  • Ruby and Sapphire from Steven Universe are so much this trope that they fused permanently to form Garnet.

Real Life

  • Demisexuality is an identity on the Asexuality spectrum that can, but not always, result in this. What it means is that people who are demisexual only develop sexual attraction to those with whom they have formed an intimate emotional bond. While polyamorous demisexuals exist, many people who experience demisexuality are definitely Single Target Sexuals.
  • HLA Hart. Widely considered one of the greatest Jurists of the 20th Century was gay. At least until he fell desperately in love with his wife Jennifer. It is stated by some of his biographers that Jenifer was the only woman whom he harbored sexual feelings for.