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Skylanders is a toys-to-life video game franchise by Activision, with games developed by Toys for Bob and Vicarious Visions. The series started as a Spyro the Dragon reboot, but started going in its own direction.

The game series has six main games, which were released annually starting in 2011. However, there have not been any main games since 2016. In addition to the games, there have been mobile apps, comics, books as well as a Netflix series.

Main Series


  • Skylanders: Universe
  • Skylanders: Cloud Patrol
  • Skylanders: Lost Islands
  • Skylanders: Battlegrounds
  • Skylanders: Battlecast
  • Skylanders: Ring of Heroes


  • The Machine of Doom
  • Skylanders: Mask of Power
    • Spyro versus The Mega Monsters
    • Gill Grunt and the Curse of the Fish Master
    • Lightning Rod Faces the Cyclops Queen
    • Terrafin Battles the Boom Brothers
    • Cynder Confronts the Weather Wizard
    • Stump Smash Crosses the Bone Dragon
    • Eruptor Meets the Nightmare King
    • Trigger Happy Targets the Evil Kaos


  • IDW comic series
    • Skylanders
    • Rift into Overdrive
    • Unexpected Allies
    • SuperChargers
    • Spyro & Friends


  • Skylanders Academy

Tropes throughout the franchise

Note: Only add tropes which are present in multiple games, or in material which does not have a page at the moment.

  • All There in the Manual: Skylander bios are in the player's guide or on the website; not with the toys or in most games (Cloud Patrol might be the only one to have them).
  • And Your Reward Is Clothes: The in-game collectibles include Nice Hats for your Skylanders to wear. They actually do something in the console versions, I.E. give your Skylanders minor stat boosts. In the 3DS versions, though, they are just cosmetic.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: The concept of the Portal of Power bringing Skylanders from the real world back into the Skylands pretty much weaponizes this trope.
  • Canon Immigrant: Cynder is carried over from the Legend games, and Auric the Banker is Moneybags from the Classic series down to the last detail. (He's a brown bear with a monocle and a black suit obsessed with treasure for crying out loud!) Sparx the Dragonfly also appears, getting a toy at that, but as an item instead of a PC. Malefor also appears in the IDW comics and Skylanders Academy.
  • Charged Attack: Many characters can purchase upgrades enabling them to charge more powerful attacks by holding down the respective Attack button.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: The Skylanders will take anyone in, including Voodood the orc, Boomer the troll, and all of the Undead members. Dark Spyro is also noted as being able to use evil energy without being corrupted by it. Starting with Trap Team, there is also a Dark element with a few Skylanders.
  • Elemental Powers: Every Skylander is classified under one of ten elements — Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Life (nature), Undead, Magic, Tech, Light, or Dark. But not every Skylander posesses an attack or ability matching their element—for example, Spyro (Magic) wields fire breath, while Sonic Boom (Air) has no wind-based attacks whatsoever. See the Skylander character sheet for details.
  • Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors: The elements form this kind of cycle in the Battle Arenas. Magic is strong against Undead, which is strong against Life, which is strong against Water, which is strong against Fire, which is strong against Air, which is strong against Earth, which is strong against Tech, which is strong against Magic. Ring of Heroes gives each element yet another strength and weakness, which can be tracked in this chart. Light and Dark have no elemental advantages or disadvantages.
  • Good Counterpart: Eon and the player to Kaos. They're good "Portal Masters" while Kaos is an evil one.
  • Gotta Catch Em All: Sure, you can get through the games with the Skylanders in the box, but to get most everything you'll need at least a set of eight/ten (one from each element) as well as specific types of Skylanders to clear obstacles, and there's definite incentives to get all the Skylanders available. And for collectors, there's a bunch more variant figures out there (see Palette Swap below).
  • Green Aesop: The trolls are guilty of multiple kinds of environmental damage in both character bios and the game itself, including offshore oil drilling (Wham Shell's bio) and deforestation (Stump Smash).
  • Hack and Slash: Or shoot, depending on whether your current Skylander prefers melee or ranged attacks.
  • Heroes-R-Us: The Skylanders are presented as this kind of group. Though they don't seem very picky about who joins, so long as they're a big enough Badass to help out.
  • Hub Level: Each game has one, and the hub levels generally expand as the player progresses further in the game.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters - Over 100 playable characters to choose from by Imaginators.
  • Merchandise-Driven / Revenue Enhancing Devices: Despite the fact that the toys are integrated into the story, the fact remains that the game tries its darndest to get you to buy more stuff. When you pick up a Soul Gem for a character you don't have, you're even asked if you want to see a preview (read: advertisement) for that character.
    • Bribing Your Way to Victory: The games advantage from buying toys include more elements to better take advantage of Field Power Effects and get into areas with stat-boosting hats, more Heroic Challenges to boost other stats, more backup characters to replace those who fall in battle, and - in "Adventure Packs" - other items to use in-game.
    • Allegedly Free Game: Averted by Cloud Patrol. iOS apps can be notorious for microtransactions, but everything in Cloud Patrol can be unlocked with in-game currency; and while you can buy that currency with real money the game also gives it to you at a pretty good rate so it's hardly necessary.
  • Mutually Exclusive Powerups: After purchasing six of a character's ten upgrades, the player is required to "Choose Your Path" for upgrades 7 thru 9, upgrading either their primary or secondary attack, but not both.
  • Non Lethal Bottomless Pits: In Swap Force onwards, falling into a bottomless pit causes the Skylander to lose some health.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: The background stories of most of the Skylanders include quite a few.
  • Old Save Bonus: Character data is saved to the toys, so any progress you made in one game will carry over into others. (To a point, anyway; the 3DS game only looks at levels and ignores other stats.)
  • Palette Swap: The variants, most notably "Dark" (black-and-silver) and "Legendary" (blue-and-gold, red-and-gold with the Senseis). Plus the occasional promotional figure with alternate coloring or some other effect.
  • Power Glows: One of the new features of Giants-wave toys is that they light up when on the portal; the LightCore Skylanders (retooled versions of regular Skylanders) do this as well.
  • Precursors: Arkeyans.
  • Refugee From TV Land: The figures are supposedly the actual characters torn out of their world and into ours by Kaos and other villains.
  • Team Title
    • All of the games from Giants onwards use the name of a sub-team of the Skylanders.
  • World in the Sky: They don't call it "Skylands" for nothing.