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"I'm so comfortable with nudity. It's difficult for me to keep my clothes on just in my normal everyday life. As soon as I walk in the door when I come home, off go the clothes."
Marliece Andrada

The all-time classic line prefacing seduction spoken by our Femme Fatale. "Comfortable" will nearly always mean nekkid or the sexiest lingerie imaginable, accompanied by some Male Gaze.

Some men will try to use a variation of this as a pickup line. It rarely works that well.

Examples of Slip Into Something More Comfortable include:


Comic Books

  • Inverted in an issue of Detective Comics, which has Zatanna being hit on by a gangster turned club owner who wanted her to perform at his opening night. She goes behind a shade and magics away her uniform in exchange for track pants and a hoodie, which hide her curves.
  • In Uncanny X-Men, Deathbird asks Bishop if a dress she walked to him in is okay, using this very line.

Comic Strips

  • Parodied in FoxTrot where Jason dreams of being seduced by Lara Croft: "Sweetie, you seem tense. Let me slip into something Lo-Res..." And Jason is absolutely horrified, still being firmly in the Girls Have Cooties phase.
  • The Far Side parodied this in a comic where a woman is wearing a dress that has chainsaws stuck to it. Anything is more comfortable than that.
  • Baby Blues: Wanda says to Darrell she's going to slip into something more comfortable. Which apparently is into bed. Without Darrell.
  • Garfield once seduced a lasagna into slipping into something more comfortable: himself.

Fan Works

Films -- Live-Action


 Barb: You want to slip into something a little more comfortable?

Sweaty Guy: How about something a little less comfortable?


 Dracula: (addressing Wolf Man) I'll grab a bite while you slip into something more comfortable...

  • Blazing Saddles: Lily Von Schtupp says this to Sheriff Bart, and slips out of her naughty showgirl outfit into... another naughty showgirl outfit. "I feel so wefweshed!"
  • Rear Window:

 Lisa: (removing jacket) Why don't I slip into something more comfortable?

Jeff: Oh, by all means.

Lisa: I mean like the kitchen and make us some coffee.

  • Played with in The Naked Gun. After Frank Drebin arrives home late at night, he finds Jane (then working for Ludwig) wearing one of Drebin's shirts. After some suggestive dialog, Frank, who is wearing a collared shirt, slacks, and a tie, says that he will go slip into something more comfortable. He emerges wearing a suit.
  • Superman II: After dinner with Superman in the Fortress of Solitude, Lois sheepishly says she'd better change into something more comfortable.


  • Played with in Rally Round the Flag, Boys! by Max Shulman. Angela uses this exact line on Harry, and Harry has been to enough movies that he expects her to come on and seduce him in see-through lingerie, and prepares the scene accordingly. He is disappointed when she returns wearing velvet pants and a silk blouse, both quite opaque. She explains that she didn't "do the kimono bit" because she didn't see him as the "Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am" type.

Live-Action TV

  • Friends parodies the line: "Let me slip into something a little less comfortable and a little more slutty."
  • In Stargate Atlantis, Robert Woosley says that he's going to slip into something more comfortable -- the suit he wore before he became Atlantis base commander and got a uniform that doesn't flatter him whatsoever.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "The Freshmen", Buffy shows up unexpectedly at Giles' apartment and Olivia answers the door wearing only his shirt; Olivia subsequently leaves the scene saying, "Let me slip into something a little... less comfortable."
    • In "Sleeper" Buffy has accused Spike of siring vampires, which he has no memory of doing. A woman starts hitting on Spike at the Bronze, despite his strong non-verbal signals that he's not interested. She says, "Maybe I'd better slip into something more comfortable" and morphs into Game Face.

 Vampire: Is that all I was to you; a one-bite stand?

  • Parodied in Red Dwarf when Lister escapes from his Gelf wife a little earlier than he planned:

 Lister: OK, just give me a couple of minutes. I want to slip into something a little more comfortable.... it's called Starbug.

  • Parodied by Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It: "I'd rather slip into something a bit more comfortable -- like a fuckin' coma..."
  • Inverted in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Our Man Bashir", where Julian's sexy valet Mona, asks him if he would like to slip into something more comfortable (meaning more casual attire).
  • An episode of Herman's Head played with this by having Herman's date say something along these lines. While Herman's lust was prepared to strip down, the more logical parts of his brain didn't want to jump to conclusions, and settled for taking off his jacket and tie. When the date does indeed come back in something slinkier and asks about him, Herman says that he didn't want to be presumptuous.
  • In The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode "M is for the Many Things She Gave Me", Phil's old friend says this almost verbatim to Will when she is interviewing him about an earthquake. Will is alarmed and says that this trope is why he's "uncomfortable with this higher level of comfort".
  • In the pilot of Buck Rogers in The 25th Century Princess Ardala uses this line. "Five hundred years and they're still slipping into 'something more comfortable'." Buck mutters.
  • Played with in a first season episode of Lois and Clark. Cat Grant, notorious for her skimpy "work" outfits, manages to get Clark to hide from the villain of the week in her apartment. She is, of course, planning to seduce him and says the classic phrase; but, in order to make Clark feel more comfortable, and therefore likely to respond to her advances, she goes and changes into an outfit (jeans and a sweatshirt) that is a "little piece of home" for a farm boy from Kansas who's moved to the big city.


  • In One Touch of Venus, Savory propositions Venus with the line, "Why don't we slip into something comfortable -- like my den?" She respectfully declines.

Video Games

Web Comics

Web Original

  • Analyzed in depth here.

Western Animation

  • Batman the Animated Series episode "Harlequinade": Harley Quinn takes Batman back to the Joker's last hideout to look for clues. Once there, she says, "Have a look around while I slip into something more comfortable," and changes out of her Arkham jumpsuit and into her regular costume.
  • Gargoyles, "Leader of the Pack". After breaking The Pack out of prison, Xanathos starts distributing their costumes, suggesting they may want to slip into something more comfortable.

Real Life