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  • Cirque Du Soleil has mounted no less than seven ongoing shows in Las Vegas, each at a different casino, as of 2010. How? While Mystere, the first, is basically a touring show taking advantage of a fixed abode, each of the other shows puts a twist on their style:
    • "O" uses a giant pool for its stage, so all the acts incorporate water in some way (including diving and synchronized swimming).
    • Zumanity is adults-only.
    • KA has a linear plotline told through its acts, plus two moving stages to create its settings.
    • LOVE is themed around the music of The Beatles; there's more dance than usual, too.
    • Believe is a magic show where the troupe plays a supporting role to Criss Angel.
    • Viva Elvis is built around Elvis Presley's life and music, but more straightforward in its approach than LOVE.