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  • For a game that feeds on High Octane Nightmare Fuel, Silent Hill sure likes to have "silly" joke endings:
    • Silent Hill 1 can end with Harry being abducted by aliens, depicted in old-timey silent movie style (complete with dialogue cards).
    • The Silent Hill 2 UFO ending features Harry as a cameo (complete with a Retraux polygon model as opposed to James' more detailed one) to abduct James as well.
      • Alternately, the other joke ending reveals that the Man Behind the Man is a shiba inu dog.
    • The Silent Hill 3 UFO ending brings Harry (and James) back, along with an entire flying saucer armada, to destroy the whole town with lasers. (The credits further feature a nonsensical song that proceeds to describe the main characters in completely inaccurate terms, and ends with the singers dying in a hail of machine gun fire.)
    • The Silent Hill Origins UFO ending has Travis hitchhiking his way out of the town (and the Solar System, at the very least) curtesy of a friendly alien and a suspiciously familiar shiba inu.
    • The Silent Hill Homecoming UFO ending has the protagonist and his Love Interest abducted by aliens while the Token Minority character watches on in amazement, exclaiming "I knew it!" And you can blunder into this ending entirely by accident, as opposed to going out of your way to get it, adding to the WTF factor.
    • Silent Hill The Arcade can end with the Big Bad flying away in a UFO, and one of the heroes giving chase in a Vic Viper...zoom out to Robbie, playing on an emulator.
    • Shattered Memories has the biggest Mind Screw UFO ending of all time: Cheryl claims her father was abducted by aliens, saying Silent Hill is really a giant spaceship, then James comes into the therapist's office having gotten the day of his appointment wrong (he's one of Kaufman's couples' therapy patients; Kaufman notes how he hasn't seen his wife recently), then the camera zooms back to Cheryl, who's turned into the shiba inu dog and begins talking about how her mother was a bitch to Dr. Kaufman, who has turned into an alien. James can be seen hiding behind the sofa, and various items from the series are seen on the shelf.
    • Silent Hill: Downpour has Murphy tunnelling his way out of Overlook Penitentiary when he emerges into a darkened room, whereupon the lights come on and "SURPRISE!" is shouted. In the center of the room is a birthday cake and James, Laura, Anne, Sewell, Heather, two Silent Hill 2 nurses, Mary, Ricks, the boy from St. Maria's and Frank Coleridge are present to celebrate Murphy's birthday. Then Pyramid Head emerges from the shadows with his Great Knife to cut the cake, but also slices the entire table in half.
  • FIFA 11 allows you to play goalkeeper for the first time. Explaining: even when you play as your whole team, you usually don't get to do much with your goalie since the AI does pretty much all the saving for you. Playing goalie, though, you obviously have to do all the work.
  • NHL Hockey: NHL '09 introduced the "Be A Pro" mode, where you're tasked with accomplishing various objectives to help your team win the game.