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File:Soulja boy2-thumb-354x365-6224.jpg



Soulja Boy, every song he's ever made


Ahh, Soulja Boy. He tells 'em.

Soulja Boy (also known as Soulja Boy Tellem, Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, and S. Beezy) is a rapper. His quality varies from person to person, but for most people he is either completely revolting or hilariously awesome.

He has released three albums over the past four years,, iSouljaBoyTellem, and The DeAndre Way. If you think his third album has nothing to do with his name, you're wrong — His real name is DeAndre Way. Recent theories have deduced that the entirety of Soulja Boy may be a Stealth Parody.

Despite still garnering radio play, sales for his albums have sunk dramatically. His first album was #4 in the US. His second was #43. His newest was #90!

In 2010, Soulja Boy had an interview with hip-hop magazine, XXL. He stated that he wanted people to take him seriously, which everyone can understand...and then he decided to say that he didn't want to be "super-lyrical" like Lupe Fiasco (Soulja's polar opposite in both quality and content) so that people could actually understand what he's saying. Lupe laughed it off...then released S.L.R. (Super Lupe Raps) in which most people agree that he absolute owns, then utterly destroys Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy is left to reply.

Soulja Boy provides examples of: