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The Other Wiki tells us that "Speed is the rate of motion, change, or activity." The Other Wiki also tells us that speed is "slang for amphetamine, methamphetamine and substituted amphetamines".

This is a disambiguation page. On All The Tropes, Speed could refer to:

Fictional Characters

  • Speed, a speedster and a new member of the Young Avengers
  • the dub name of the title character from the anime Speed Racer
  • Speed Saunders, a DC Comics character
  • the title character of Speed Buggy, an American 1970s Saturday morning cartoon
  • one of the title characters of Mother, Jugs & Speed, a 1976 film; played by Harvey Keitel
  • one of the characters in The Odd Couple, a 1965 play, and its adaptations
  • Claude, from the Grand Theft Auto video game series


  • Speed (serial), a 1922 film serial directed by George B. Seitz
  • Speed (1936 film), an American film starring James Stewart
  • Speed (1984 film), an IMAX documentary
  • Speed (1994 film), an American film starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock
    • Speed 2: Cruise Control, the film's 1997 sequel
  • Speed (2007 film), an Indian film starring Zayed Khan and Urmila Matondkar
  • Speed (2015 film), a South Korean film written and directed by Lee Sang-woo


  • Speed (novel), a 1970 novel by William S. Burroughs Jr.

Live-Action TV

  • Speed (TV channel), former American TV channel devoted to motorsports and automobiles
  • Speed (TV series), presented by Jeremy Clarkson


  • Speed metal, a subgenre of heavy metal music, commonly referred to as simply "speed"
  • Speedcore, a subgenre of hardcore techno, commonly referred to as simply "speed"
  • Speed (Japanese band), a Japanese musical group
  • Speed (South Korean band), a Korean music group created from members of Coed School


  • Speed the Plough, a 1798 play by Thomas Morton
  • Speed-the-Plow, a 1988 play by David Mamet