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  • Spider-Man defeats Spider-Carnage, an Alternate Universe insane version of himself by Bringing the still-alive Uncle Ben from another universe to talk Spider-Carnage out of it. The speech moves him so much he snaps out of it long enough to jump into a void dimension. Then Spider-Man gets to talk to Uncle Ben for one loving moment.
    • And then this is followed up by Spider-Man meeting Stan Lee. "I've always wanted to be appreciated as a real hero. It seems you've made me into one."
  • When Norman Osborn saves his son Harry against a falling beam, when Hobgoblin fires a pumpkin bomb at him. He survives, but it makes Harry realise how much Norman cares for him.
  • In the episodes "Framed," and "The Man Without Fear," Peter Parker is framed by the Kingpin for stealing defense secrets and is defended in court by Matt Murdock (Daredevil). Murdock is a very famous and expensive lawyer in this continuity and he refuses to say who payed him to defend Peter. At the end we find out that J. Jonah Jameson footed all of Peter's court costs anonymously. He'd always liked and respected Peter and had believed in his innocence the whole time, but was too embarrassed to show it publicly. He helped him despite him quitting the Daily Bugle in the first place.
  • The very end of the show, where Madame Web who has made Spidey's life miserable with her enigmatic tests and dragging him to the Secret Wars reveals that she's going to help him find Mary Jane and says that after all he's had to put up with he "Deserves some happiness". This troper thought it was very sweet coming from a character who was often equal parts enigmatic mystic and deadpan snarker to show a warmer side.