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Spikes of Doom are always painful, especially if mobile. If one were able to use those spikes as weapons, they would be extremely deadly.

This is the Spike Shooter, someone capable of having spikes come out of his body, and sometimes able to fire them. The character also needs to have some Required Secondary Powers, one of them being the spikes not tearing his skin in the process.

An Ice Person or someone who is Dishing Out Dirt can mimic this ability, with icicles or stalagmites.

This includes other small body parts that can be fired at opponents to do damage, such as spines, quills, needles, stingers, thorns and so on.

Examples of Spike Shooter include:

Anime and Manga

  • One Chimera in Fullmetal Alchemist had this ability
  • Miss Doublefinger from One Piece, due to eating the toge-toge no mi/Spike-Spike fruit.
  • Kimimaro from Naruto can fire the bone tips of his fingers as bullets as well as projecting spikes or using his spine as a sword since he can instantly regrow any bone in his body.
  • Dauf from Claymore can shoot huge spikes from his mouth and fingers.
    • The Destroyer (Raphaela/Luciela merged being) shoots spikes in all directions that turn into mindless monsters, which shoot even more spikes to infect anyone they hit and turn them into monsters as well.
  • Fish people can shoot spines in Slayers, or at least Noonsa does it.
  • Many Digimon have this ability, Togemon being the most notable.

Comic Books

  • Marrow and Quill from X-Men
  • Minor Marvel Comics villain the Porcupine wore a battlesuit with fake, launchable quills.
  • Porcupine Pete from the Legion of Substitute Superheroes. The flaw that caused the Legion proper to turn him away? He launches all of his spikes every time, making him equally dangerous to friend and foe.
  • Thorn, a member of the Fantastic Four villain team the Salem Seven, was able to do this, with the added benefit that his spines were Made of Explodium.
  • Perrin Crocker from the Heroes graphic novels has this ability.
  • The Sclufoniuns in the universe of Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire are capable of launching venomous "needle teeth" from their bodies.



Live Action TV

Tabletop Games

  • Dungeons and Dragons
    • Monster Manual (1977)
      • The manticore can fire tail spikes at opponents.
      • The giant porcupine can attack other creatures by throwing its quills at them.
    • Monster Manual II (1983)
      • The Land Urchin can defend itself by firing its spines.
    • Fiend Folio (1981).
      • The needleman, a human-shaped plant creature, can fire small needles from its body.
      • The urchin (giant sea urchin) can fire their spines in order to do damage.
    • Dark Sun Monstrous Compendium Appendix - Terrors of the Desert.
      • The Blossomkiller plant can fire a spray of quills tipped with a paralyzing poison.
      • The Spider Cactus can fire barbed needles at its victims. The needles are attached to the cactus by a strand, which the cactus uses to drag the victim close to it.
  • Various creatures in Magic the Gathering are shown or implied to have this ability.
  • Shadowrun. The Volleying Porcupine can fire its quills at opponents.
  • The Norvegi bloodline from Vampire: The Requiem don't have fangs as their big flaw. To make up for this, they get the Bloodworking Discipline, which allows them to turn their bones into weapons and use them to feed from those they stab. At its highest level, the Discipline turns them into an exploding pincushion.

Video Games

  • Some body parts in Spore Heroes allows creatures to do this
  • Needleman and his Needle Harrys from Mega Man 3
  • Some creatures in Pokémon have the moves Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Spike Cannon and/or Pin Missile. There are also Icicle Spear and Icicle Crash for the Ice-types.
  • Kraid in both Metroid and Super Metroid
    • Super Metroid also has cactus-like enemies that fire spikes, rather than spines.
  • Kirby has the Needle ability.
  • Starcraft: Drones and Hydralisks spit spines at their enemies.
  • Warcraft 3 has quillboars, a race of Pig Men who can throw their quills at enemies. The quilbeast, a warthog-like creature summoned by the Beastmaster, does the same.
  • Guild Wars: Giant scorpions with ranger profession shoot spines at players with their tail. The other types of scorpions fight at melee range.
  • Resident Evil 4 gives us Iron Maidens, upgraded versions of Regeneradors that can impale you on their extendable body spikes, hence their name.
  • Cacti and Cattails in Plants vs. Zombies, notably used for popping Balloon Zombies out of the sky.
  • The Horror from Amorphous+ can shoot its "teeth" in a burst. If those hit another gloople, that gloople turns into a Biter (two of which have a slim chance of combining into a Horror). If those hit you, you die unless you have Reactive Armour.
    • The Razor Queen shoots out spikeballs that explode into a burst of spikes.
  • City of Heroes has this with the Spines powerset, where a bunch of sharp pointy things sprout out of your body. You can throw the spines as an attack, or let them passively explode out of you.
  • Cho'gath of League of Legends has the passive "Vorpal Spikes", which augments his basic melee attacks with a large curtain of short-range spikes.
  • The Flood "pure forms" in Halo 3 are capable of anchoring themselves down to a surface and launching sharpened metallic spikes at opponents. These spikes are not generated by the pure form, rather they are metal that they have scavenged from the environment, ground into spikes, and incorporated into their bodies.
  • Pokey, the porcupine-like creature in Crea Vures can shoot spines out of his back to frighten off animals, with no ill effect. Strangly, he can also jab individual spines into certain surfaces to make a impromptu ladder of sorts.

Western Animation

Real Life

  • Cone snails shoot modified radular teeth to inject venom in their prey. Then a cone pulls on the ejected tooth via a ligament to reel in the paralyzed prey.
  • Averted with the porcupine. It was believed that it could project its quills, but is incapable of doing so.
    • It is, however, capable of lashing out with its tail and leaving quills embedded in an enemy's skin, which makes it look like it is doing this at close-range.