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Most known for playing Shinji Ikari in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

He's probably the poster guy for Pigeonholed Voice Actor. He's never been able to live it down, and up until 2009 had been voicing pretty much Shinji in a different form. We're looking at you, Hanataro (less emo, more timid) & Rolo (more emo, less timid, and even more homoerotic not to mention psychotic)!

However, that all changed when he was cast as Arakune, a psycho. This came as a shocking surprise to fans, and has finally broken him out of the pigeonhole. BEES! (My God...)

Noted for being an extremely funny guy who is very welcoming to his fans. He once referred to Sam Riegel as "the gay man with the fan". He's also a black belt (which makes him wonder why he's cast as the helpless kid). He also hates Hideaki Anno for running out of ink to finish NGE, that bastard!

And remember, it's not a true Spike Spencer role without a good old-fashioned Freak-Out. Incidentally, this scene (starting at 2:03) (major, MEGA-HUGE Evangelion spoilers) is the only one he's specifically described as having made him uncomfortable to work on. He was formerly married to Kendra Benham, the first voice actor of Maya Ibuki. He's currently single.

Not to be confused with Spike Spiegel, a character from a show he wasn't in.

Texan counterparts? Greg Ayres and Josh Grelle.

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