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Sometimes a kiss between two characters isn't sexy enough. So what do you do to spice it up? Just make it a lot messier and make it clearer that fluids are being swapped with a spit trail. When the two subjects separate from their kiss, you see a strand of saliva between the two in order to make the kiss at least a little bit more explicit.

A few Hentai have this trope, often leaving it ambiguous if the trail is of spit or... something else.

Definitely a Your Mileage May Vary on how sexy the act actually is. Looks similar to Phlegmings, yet characters who show one of these will rarely show the other.

Examples of Spit Trail Kiss include:

Animated Films

  • Leon and Lashawn have a first kiss like this in Bebe's Kids.

Anime and Manga


  • The infamous kiss from Cruel Intentions was one of these as was every parody of it (notably the one made for the MTV Movie Awards).
  • The main characters shared one of these in A Life Less Ordinary.
  • Rent had one between Angel and Collins after singing I'll Cover You. It was edited out before release though.
  • A rather funny, though disturbing, male on male version occurs in The Brother Solomon.
  • Angus Thongs And Perfect Snogging features one during a Practice Kiss.

Western Animation

  • Gangstalicious has one of these with a former prison mate in an episode of "The Boondocks"
  • On Bob's Burgers, Bob tried to show his wife Linda he's a good kisser and this was the result.

Visual Novels