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This video is a compilation of clips from all series and films. It belongs here on the hub page not just because it doesn't fit anywhere else, but also because it's a good first stop on anyone's tour of Heartwarming Star Trek.

Television Series


Star Trek

  • The new Star Trek movie offers plenty moments of heartwarming, particularly the first ten minutes. * sniff*
  • McCoy is about to board the Enterprise, leaving a stunned Kirk behind, when he stops, sighs and goes back to sneak him onboard. It truly demonstrates the extent of their friendship that he's willing to risk everything to make sure his friend gets to come along. (It also ends up saving them all, and Earth too.)
  • Spock's relationships/'moments' with his mother and Uhura.
    • Sarek and Spock: "Because I loved her." That is all.
  • Spock Prime quoting his death scene - "I have been, and always will be, your friend." - at Kirk.
    • Not just his death scene, but one of the essential truths of a life over two centuries long.
  • Also at the end, this little dialogue between Kirk and Pike when Kirk becomes the captain and takes command over the Enterprise.

 Kirk: I relieve you, sir.

Pike:(smiling) I am relieved.

  • Spock meets Spock Prime.
  • Hearing Nimoy do the monologue, to the original fanfare, and then the music. Any lifelong Trekkie will tell you that that's one of the most powerful moments in the entire movie.
  • In the novelization of the movie, at the very end where the Enterprise is about to warp out, the transporter flares to life.... and a rather puzzled-looking beagle trots out. Most adorable punchline to a Brick Joke EVER.
  • It didn't actually end up in the movie, but the scene that the writers wrote for Shatner (in hopes he would do a cameo) is really quite lovely. Check it out here.