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Film: Star Trek (2009)

  • The first ten minutes. Yes, ALL of them. If you know anything about the film at all, you know Kirk the elder is going to die. Giacchino's music is what really sells it.
    • The expression on his face when George Kirk realizes that the Kelvin will have to be manually piloted and rammed into the Narada. I'm not sure if there's a section for the "Moment of Realization of Self-Sacrifice," but there should be!
  • "Minutes, sir. Minutes." Excuse me for a moment...
  • Chekov, when he loses the transporter lock on Amanda. It's Anton Yelchin's heartbreaking facial expression that makes it.
    • It's worse when you realise that he himself had recognised his Crowning Moment of Awesome from earlier, and so had assumed he'd perform the miracle twice. Failing to do so - and so shortly afterwards - must've absolutely crushed him.
    • Also taking into account the way he shouts "I'm losing her! I'm losing her!" and then, once he has, he starts whispering "I lost her... I lost her..." in a voice so quiet and broken that you almost can't hear him.
  • That heartwrenching scene when Spock is trying to appear stoic after the destruction of the planet Vulcan. Uhura keeps saying, "I'm so sorry" over and over again. She offers to hug Spock- surprisingly, he accepts it, and for a heartbreaking moment, he buries his face into Uhura's shoulder, looking like he's going to cry. Watching a crying Uhura comforting a devastated Spock was the saddest part in the film.
  • "I am now a member of an endangered species."
  • Kirk: "So I have to somehow make Spock emotionally compromised." Old Spock: "Jim, I just lost my planet. Believe me, I am emotionally compromised."
    • When we finally see Spock emotionally compromised, it is probably the saddest part of the movie to see the stoicism break to the point that he nearly KILLS Kirk. For a second, it seemed not even his father could stop him...
  • Sarek finally reconciling with his son. "You asked me once why I married your mother. I married her because I loved her."
  • Spock's theme is a musical Tear Jerker all by itself. Also awesome.
  • Spock repeating his famous line from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan ("I have been and always shall be, your friend")... which is followed by a Crowning Moment of Funny by Kirk.
  • Nimoy reading the classic lines over the music we all know and love. Well, it made me cry.