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File:SMeyer 2743.jpg

Catering to your sparkly vampire obsession since 2005!

"If you're not writing for teenage girls, you're missing out on a lot of love."
Stephenie Meyer in an interview with Entertainment Weekly

Stephenie Meyer (born 1973) (not Stephanie Meyer or Steph(e/a)nie Meyers) is best known for writing the Twilight saga, and has also written another book, The Host.

  • Author Appeal: Meyer has gone on record and stated that she's attracted to both Edward and Jacob.
  • Author Avatar: Her character Bella Swan seems to be this, although Meyer claims that she is meant to be a kind of placeholder for female readers to project themselves on.
    • Say Melanie Stryder out loud and tell me it doesn't sound like Stephenie Meyer.
  • Creator Breakdown: She had one when a few chapters of her new project Midnight Sun were leaked on the internet.
  • Creator Cameo: Shows up in the movie version of Twilight at a restaurant.
  • Dirty Old Woman: Well, she's not that old but the fact she said that she would leave her husband for Edward, and the fact that his actor Robert Pattinson said he feels uncomfortable when she's around, may count as dirty. He's gone on record as saying he considers Stephenie Meyer to be mad, and Twilight to be a sexual fantasy that was never supposed to be published.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Extreme cases will spell her name Stephanie Meyers.
  • Verbal Tic: A literary version — Meyer seems to have a bizarre habit of using the word "chagrin" in her stories. While it's still an acceptable word, the fact that hardly anyone uses it, and she uses it quite regularly (one short story of hers uses "chagrin" and variations of the word at least three times) makes it stand out as being quite odd.