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We all know what Ms. Fanservice wears to accentuate certain assets, the corset. But what if she wants to show She's Got Legs as well?

Well, that's where Stocking Filler comes in. We have fishnet stockings, knee high stockings, and, of course, the ever popular garter.

For works prior to the 1950s, this was something of an Enforced Trope, as American and European women simply wore stockings every day as part of their regular underwear.[1] These days, they're considered inconvenient for daily wear (much like the corset was decades before) but still frequently encountered for Fan Service.

Expect the Femme Fatale to be dressed this way, and very likely to use the garters as a hiding place for money, concealed weapons or a flask.

See also: Zettai Ryouiki - this is when Stocking Filler goes higher than the knee, and worn with a shorter skirt. See also also: Playboy Bunny, for whom stockings or hose are an essential element of the outfit. Compare Victoria's Secret Compartment for another use of underwear to conceal objects.

Anime and Manga

  • In fact, stockings were such an expected part of woman's dress that when they became unavailable due to shortages of silk and nylon during World War II, women simply drew a line up the back of their calves (imitating stocking seams), and occasionally even wore special makeup on their legs, to mimic their appearance.
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