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File:Ix 6195.jpg

Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi

Back in the war-torn days of Ancient Belka, there was an empire called Garea, and the one who ruled this place was a tyrant named Ixpellia, who bore the title of Meioh, translatable as either Dark Lord or Lord of the Underworld. She loved brutality and wars and took over neighboring countries with her army of Mariage, cyborg zombies whose arms could transform into many weapons, from nigh-indestructible swords to tank-destroying cannons. Battlefields were burned into the ground and her Mariage army grew with every person killed. Worse of all, prophecies state that she will one day return to lead her Mariage army again.

At least, that's what the books say. Turns out she's mostly just a little girl who was burdened with the duty to win the war for her country, and had gotten really weary of fighting since, with every country demanding the same from their personal ruler, all that happened was a war that dragged out for ages and caused needless bloodshed. Oh, and every Mariage she made had the same war-loving personality who would awaken her in every age; and they were destroy everything; and go back to sleep. Sucks to be her. She was eventually rescued by Subaru who showed her that the endless cycle of war had stopped. That human and cyborg were living in peace, and even the Saint King was alive again. She even made friends with Vivio, a fellow Ancient Belka ruler. And...with the knowledge that maybe, when she awoke again in 1 year, in 10 years, in 100 or even 1000 years, that humans might be able to protect this peace; she went to sleep peacefully for the first time.

As of Vi Vid, she's under the care of the Saint Church.

Tropes related to Ix:

Toredia Graze

A mysterious figure who once fought for the Orussian Liberation front, and is believed to be responsible for the rise of the Mariage. It turns out that he's been dead for four years.

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Runessa Magnus

File:Runessa 548.jpg

Voiced by: Yuu Asakawa

Teana's partner on the Mariage case. It's later revealed that the apparent antagonist, Toredia, is dead, and that she was the one responsible for the killings. Teana eventually catches on and arrests her.

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Waltz Stan

File:Waltz 2410.jpg

Subaru's commanding officer, and head of Disaster Relief for the TSAB.

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