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File:Suehiro Maruo o3 2423.jpg

In the manga subgenre known as Ero-guro (Erotic-grotesque), Suehiro Maruo is renowned for his beautifully-composed, exquisitely-crafted scenes influenced by Japanese Ukiyo-e prints on one hand, and the canon of Western fine art on the other.

Maruo started his career by providing short strips for porn magazines, because, as he says, they would publish anything as long as there is nudity and sex. Indeed, many of his early strips are incomprehensible. The America-published anthology Ultra-Gash Inferno contains the more "readable" stories of early Maruo, while the rest are sometimes available as Scanlation.

Maruo's growing fame then allowed him to publish longer stories, of which Mr Arashi's Amazing Freak Show has garnered him an international cult following.

Maruo's important works include:

  • Mr Arashi's Amazing Freak Show (1984)
  • New Atrocities In Blood (1988) — a modern reworking of Muzan-e (atrocity prints) genre of Ukiyo-e.
  • Inugami Expert (1994)
  • The Laughing Vampire (2000)
  • The Strange Tale of Panorama Island (2008) — adaption of a novel by Edogawa Rampo.
  • Imomushi (The Caterpillar) (2009) — another Rampo adaptation.

His offical site is here

Tropes commonly found in the works of Suehiro Maruo: