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File:SMLScene 8072.jpg

So if Mario's walking on water, does that mean he's bigger than Jesus? [1]


Welcome, and enter the center

Of my Super Mario adventure

My girl is trapped on the other side of town

So I'm movin' in leaps and bounds

Folks around my way think I'm strange

But there's a villian to blame

Even my ma, she thinks I'm crazy

But I've got to rescue Daisy (let's go!)


In his first adventure for the Game Boy, Mario travels through Sarasaland to rescue Princess Daisy from the invader Tatanga. The sprites in this Platformer are very small, due to the Game Boy's small screen, which supports only four shades of gray.

Unlike most installments of the franchise, Super Mario Land was directed not by Shigeru Miyamoto but rather by Gunpei Yokoi, the man who designed the Game Boy itself, and developed by Nintendo R&D1, the team who were responsible for all Metroid games from the original to Zero Mission except for the Metroid Prime sub-series (Metroid: Other M also had a different developer, but was released after Zero Mission). The sequel, Super Mario Land 2 Six Golden Coins, had larger sprites and marked the debut of Mario's Evil Counterpart, Wario.

Other differences from Super Mario Bros.:

  • Instead of fireballs, the flower powerup gives Mario the ability to throw "superballs", which bounce off their targets at 90-degree angles. Nearly useless outdoors, but can be fun when there's a ceiling. It did have the perk of collecting any coins it hit.
  • The game has two automatically scrolling areas. In the first, Mario pilots a submarine, the "Marine Pop"; in the second, he flies an airplane, the "Sky Pop". These are Unexpected Shmup Levels.
  • Koopa shells cannot be kicked, and are in fact bombs that explode after a few seconds of being stopped.
  • Instead of the usual eight worlds, the game has only four, with three levels to a world for a total of 12 levels.
  • The otherwise common melodies known in Mario series are not present.

Along with Tetris, it was one of the original launch titles for the system.

This game contains examples of:

  1. His apparent ability to tri-locate can mean any number of things.