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File:Super Robot Wars D (boxart).jpg

Super Robot Wars Destiny is the fourth installment of Banpresto's Super Robot Wars franchise on the Game Boy Advance, preceded by Advance, Reversal and Original Generation. The series featured in Destiny is noted to be unique towards fans at the time (other than Super Robot Wars Judgment and Super Robot Wars K, as both involve the removal of traditional series), as uncommonly used series appear in the main plot, such as Megazone 23 and The Big O.

And now that Destiny is announced to be part of Super Robot Wars Original Generation, the game has not been forgotten and has returned in style.

Featured series (debuts in bold):

Destiny takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, prominently after the beginning of Getter Robo Armageddon, where a nuclear explosion wipes out the majority of humanity. While other factions are doing their own activities, they are shocked to discover the Earth is sealed, having disappeared from the face of the universe. The heroes must find out the reason behind the sealing and how to stop it. On the course of the journey, the player will engage against the antagonistic Ruina, a destructive race bent on seeing the rest of the universe in ruins.

Like prior games, Destiny gives players the choice of two protagonists: Joshua Radcliff or Cliana Rimskaya, with a selection of two original real or super robots. However, depending on who is the primary protagonist out of the two, it ultimately affects which Secret Character is recruitable for the player.

Also, Z and Z2 feature a large portion of D's roster- only Daltanious, Megazone23, Victory and ZZ Gundam aren't present, with the original Mazinger trio being left in the first. It's possibly only coincidence, but a remake of this game using Z2's engine is extremely possible.

Tropes common to this game are: