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File:Srwhotnews srwj.jpg

Super Robot Wars Judgment is the final installment of the Super Robot Wars series for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, featuring vastly improved visuals, game mechanics and an all-new storyline dealing with the invasion of the lunar Fury. The player, as usual, can choose between a male or a female Player Character, each with his or her own unique storyline that ties in with the new imposing menace.

Judgment is also the first Super Robot Wars title to generate considerable controversy not unheard of in the franchise prior. The game was announced a mere weeks after following the release of Super Robot Wars Alpha 3. Secondly, Judgment broke fabled tradition by excluding Universal Century Gundam and Getter Robo, which disappointed some of the veterans of the series (to date, only Mazinger has appeared in every non-original SRW). Finally, the inclusion of Tekkaman Blade was seen as a violation by some, as the series uses Powered Armor rather than Humongous Mecha (fans, however, note this demonstrates Banpresto's willingness to expand upon the definition of "robot" for the franchise).

A translation patch has been released by the Romhacking Aerie. It is available here

Series featured in this game (Bold indicates debuting entries):

This game features examples of:

  • A God Am I: The Big Bad, Gu-Langdon Goetz.
    • Also, Shapiro Keats. At least until Sara shoots him
  • All Your Powers Combined: Great Zeorymer posseses the strongest attacks of all 7 enemy Hakkeshu mecha. In the case of Breist of Fire and Gallowin of Water, this is their Combination Attack Twin Lords, which Great Zeorymer performs by cloning itself.
  • Ambidextrous Sprite: Averted. It doesn't matter for most units, as most units don't change sides and most of the rest of the game's cast are symmetrical, but it still manages to avert it: Several Gundam units (Gundam Rose and Bolt Gundam from G Gundam and Buster Gundam and Duel Gundam AS from Gundam Seed) have asymmetrical designs, and when they appear as enemies, their sprites are edited to not be ambidexterous.
  • Arc Welding/ Meta Origin: Like most SRW games, it ties together the rather disparate stories of the various different shows involved. For instance, the Human Aliens from SPT Layzner and Voltes V are descendants of the ancient Martian civilization from Martian Successor Nadesico (who are presumably descended from space explorers of the advanced Mycenae civilization or contemporaries of them) and the truly alien enemies such as Orphan & the Radam are presumably members of the alien alliance the Furies fled to Earth in order to escape.
  • Ascended Extra: Out of the Gundam Fighters' support crews (not including Rain), only George's butler Raymond makes it in. As a new attack for Gundam Rose, no less. To top it off, his Butler Gundam gets a map sprite.
    • The original Shuffle Alliance make their only cameo appearance in the entire Super Robot Wars franchise to date in this game, as well. Sadly, this trope is subverted as they are not playable.
    • Even though Tetsuya has a relatively small role in Mazinkaiser, he is the only supporting character in the game who has dialogue lines with bosses outside his parent series. On the other hand, he is so awesome that it's understandable that all bosses wanted to have a word with him.
    • Gai Daigoji, if you get him back.
  • Ascended Fanboy: In addition to Gai and Akito, Koji Kabuto is also a Gekiganger 3 fan. If you take the Nadesico/Layzner route after Stage 43, the special Gekiganger flm created by the Jovians turns almost everyone else into a fan. Even Domon Kasshu is overcome with emotion.
    • On the very same stage, we find out that Daijoro is an aspiring manga artist.
  • Ax Crazy: Ja-Mu Dalbi, after his promotion to full Knight; Gosterro from Layzner also counts.
    • There is another reason listed in the supplemental material for Ja-Mu's behavior: Larselium can have very adverse effects on the body, particularly on the glands that produce adrenaline and endorphins. While Al-Van, Fu-Lu and Gu-Landon have had proper training, Jua-Mu is promoted so fast he doesn't have enough time to adequately adjust his body to higher levels of Larselium found in the Raftclans. In short, Jua-Mu is on both a severe adrenaline high and an extreme pleasure high while piloting his Raftclans that's slowly destroying his brain from the inside.
    • Touya/Calvina also speculates that Ja-Mu may have received brain damage from when he was caught up in the explosion of Al-Van's Raftclans.
      • And, considering the crazy amounts of Larselium Gu-Landon's huffing in the final battle, his Villainous Breakdown becomes much more understandable.
  • Beach Episode: Which kinda loses its point as it's rendered all in text...
  • Big Damn Heroes: Alan Igor and Schwarz Bruder do this, but J's top Crowning Moment of Awesome comes when the party is running from the failed peace negotiations, Gai Daigoji makes an epic entrance on the scene and starts talking about things THAT ACTUALLY MAKE SENSE!(Even while speaking in Gekiganger.) If you meet the requirements for getting him back anyway.
    • There is also one by the protagonists during the Full Metal Panic part of the gameplay. Sousuke, Chidori, Koji and Sayaka are stranded behind the enemy lines and about to get discovered by the enemy when Mao and Kurtz appear soon followed by a whole team of robots. Chidori being amazed at the number of robots is an icing on the cake.
  • Broken Bird: Calvina. She gets better.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Colbert tries to nuke Orphan, which, with help from the heroes, sends the missiles through the Vital Net directly to his position.
  • But for Me It Was Tuesday: If you attack Ru-Kain with Akito in one stage, he'll pull this on the deaths of Akito's martian parents. Akito doesn't appreciate this.
  • Character Development: For many characters, especially for the chosen protagonist, and for Gai Daigouji, if you get him.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Master Asia can take out several anti-aircraft batteries on the Archangel with his bare hands like it was nothing. And then leap through the air over to the Nadesico and do the exact same thing. Then again, it IS The Undefeated of the East we are talking about here.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Izumi is this. HARD. She regularly smashes the fourth wall to tiny bits, makes references to anything she can and has dialogue that would fit right into a Dragon Quest game.
  • Cuteness Proximity: Bonta-kun is so cute, he makes all the villains mellow out the moment they fight him.

  Crueset: What is this? The darkness in my heart is disappearing!


themes, though.

  • Post Script Season: For Combattler V, as the Campbellians have either been defeated before the game starts or they simply don't exist in this universe. For the most part, Combattler is treated as a part of the Voltes V plotline (though they have separate slots in the favorites system).
  • Put on a Bus: The entire "Devil Colony" arc from G Gundam, as its plot comes to a halt upon Master Asia's death.
    • Also on the bus are Prime Minister Wong (who was involved in the TV series' final arc that the final G-Gundam storyline battle is based on) and Urube Ishikawa (whose role of manipulating Domon is partially done by Azrael).
    • The Muge Zorbados Empire is not in this game. Shapiro has instead defected to the Gradosians.
  • Secret Character
    • Either Gale or Julia
    • Miyuki aka "Tekkaman Rapier" and Balzack can have their deaths averted
    • Gai Daigouji comes back from the dead
    • Great Zeorymer
    • Vorlent/Raftclans after beating the game three times, once with each of the original three
  • Shout-Out: The animation for Gundam Maxter's Burning Punch ends with a Shoryureppa.
    • Other Chibodee-related shout outs include references to boxers Mike Tyson and Mohammad Ali. Heck, he even references Ali's catch-phrase:

  Chibodee: You wanna see me sting like a bee? Sit tight. That's comin' next.


  Masaki: Cry, scream, and then die!


 Akito: Why would a man such as yourself ally himself with Kusakabe?

Ru-Kain: What Kusakabe affirms is right. Justice is power, and power is justice. This is the meaning of being conquered by your betters.

Akito: There is no way this can be called justice, neither in Gekiganger nor anywhere else!

    • Gai vs Kusakabe

 Kusakabe: Justice isn't something that can be just spoken of. It must be made real by destroying evil ones such as yourself.

Gai: Huhuhuu... Actually, Jovian general, you got it all wrong. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you win or lose. What does matter is what you believe inside of yourself. A justice like yours, founded of deceit and betrayal, isn't worth a damn!

    • Gai also gives a version this to Akatsuki when he starts talking about how there is no justice and bashes how idealistic the heroes are.
    • Kira Yamato vs Rau Le Crueset

 Crueset: You're a mistake, boy! You're something that should never have existed! It is time that you disappear forever!

Kira: That's my line! If you hate the world so much that you want everyone to die, then the only way is for you to be destroyed!