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  • Anticlimax Boss: Darkseid. How do you fight an essentially immortal alien god? By punching him out and throwing him into a holding cell so he can be arrested by the authorities.
    • Oh, and this is a virtual world. NOTHING YOU DO EVEN MATTERS!
  • Awesome Music: Yes, the game sucked, but the music is actually kind of catchy.
    • The ending music was pretty good, fitting the tone well.
  • Badass Decay: Even in a virtual world, the decay of Darkseid is inexcusable as stated above. This is made even worse by the fact that this game is based on Superman: The Animated Series, in which Darkseid nearly killed Superman each time they fought, set in the DCAU. And Darkseid is, without a doubt, the most evil and powerful villain in the entire DC Animated Universe.
  • First Level Wins: The rings are so iconic, and so difficult to traverse, that most playthroughs and reviews of the game don't actually go beyond the first level; many people aren't aware that there is more to the game than just flying through rings - not to mention how what comes after the rings is arguably worse. Proton Jon, the person who has arguably done the most to challenge this assumption, has said that this was part of the reason he wanted to do a Let's Play in the first place.

  Proton Jon: The Superman LP has led to edits on the TV Tropes entry for Superman 64. My work here is done.