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File:Supertramp 7154.jpg

Supertramp is a British Progressive Rock band, that was big in the 70s and 80s, with such songs as "The Logical Song", "Breakfast in America", and "Take The Long Way Home", all three of which appeared on what is considered their greatest album, Breakfast in America. Their most well-known members are singers and multi-instrumentalists Roger Hodgson (who left in 1983) and Rick Davies (still in the band).

Current members:

  • Rick Davies – Vocals, keyboards, harmonica, composition, saxophone
  • John Helliwell – Vocals, woodwinds, keyboards, synthesisers
  • Bob Siebenberg – Drums, percussion
  • Carl Verheyen – Guitars, percussion, backing vocals
  • Cliff Hugo – Bass
  • Lee Thornburg – Trombone, trumpet, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Jesse Siebenberg – Percussion, vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Gabe Dixon – Keyboards, tambourine, vocals
  • Cassie Miller – Background vocals

Former members:

  • Roger Hodgson – Vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, cello, flute, composition
  • Dougie Thomson – Bass, backing vocals
  • Mark Hart – Vocals, keyboards, guitar
  • Tom Walsh – Percussion
  • Kevin Currie – Percussion
  • Richard Palmer-James – Vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, balalaika[1]
  • Robert Millar – Percussion, harmonica
  • Dave Winthrop – Woodwinds, vocals
  • Frank Farrell – bass, keyboards, backing vocals

Studio albums to date:

  • Supertramp (1970)
  • Indelibly Stamped (1971)
  • Crime of the Century (1974)
  • Crisis? What Crisis? (1975)
  • Even in the Quietest Moments... (1977)
  • Breakfast in America (1979)
  • ...Famous Last Words... (1982)
  • Brother Where You Bound (1985)
  • Free as a Bird (1987)
  • Some Things Never Change (1997)
  • Slow Motion (2002)

Live albums to date:

  • Paris (1980)
  • Live '88 (1988)
  • It Was the Best of Times (1999)
  • Is Everybody Listening? (2001)
  • 70-10 Tour (2010)

Compilation albums to date:

  • The Autobiography (1986)
  • The Very Best of Supertramp (1990)
  • The Very Best of Supertramp 2 (1992)
  • Retrospectacle (2005)

They provide examples of:


 So roll up and see

How they rape the Universe

Now they've gone from bad to worse.


 Please, please tell me what we've learned

I know it sounds absurd

Please tell me who I am


 "When you smile we can see the sun"

  1. If you're wondering what a balalaika is, it's a kind of Russian stringed instrument with a triangular body and three strings.