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Uh, who's that other girl?

What is a good way to express your affections for your lover? By buying a malt, getting two straws, and just sipping it together. This trope was really popular back in the 50's, when diners were all the rage. It has made a comeback in Asian metropolitan societies, which have an attachment for cutesy love displays.

It is a sign of an over-the-top romantic relationship.

See also Indirect Kiss, Through His Stomach, Date Crepe, and Spaghetti Kiss.

Examples of Sweetheart Sipping include:

Anime and Manga

  • Various romance animes may involve this as a float/parfait with an elaborate glass to serve it on for lovers.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima! has this between Negi and Konoka. Interestingly, this was mostly a from brotherly-sisterly perspective since Negi is only ten. As for Konoka, she probably has other interests.
  • In a promotional piece for the Mahou Sensei Negima! and Hayate the Combat Butler movies, Asuna and Hayate are sharing a drink like this. It's toward the bottom of this page.
  • When girl-type Ranma is forced to go on a date with Kuno (he's possessed by a cursed tree), they engage in Sweetheart Sipping. The plastic straws are even bent to have heart-shaped loops in the middle!
    • Happens earlier then that. Now let's see... was it the Mariko Kuonjo story arc (Ranma went on a date with Kuno to prove "she loved Kuno more")? Or the Wishing Sword story (Ranma went on a date with Kuno to either steal the wish-granting sword or get him to make a wish that would cure Ranma's Jusenkyo curse)? Or even both? And then there was Harumaki, whose astral projection terrified Ranma in his dreams for about a week until Ranma agreed to go on a date with him in exchange for the old lech knocking it off.
  • In Mirai Nikki, Yuno convinces Yuki to shelve his embarrassment at doing this at a theme park.
  • Usagi/Serena of Sailor Moon does this with Umino/Melvin at one point. (She squicks herself out when she realizes what she's doing.)
  • Star Driver makes use of the typical version...except that it involves Takuto, Wako, and Sugata.
  • This is something Steel Angel Kurumi wants to do with Nakahito.

Comic Books

  • Archie Comics popularized this trope. It's surprising that reading their digests today, you can still see this being used.
    • He's even been known to Sweetheart Sip with both Betty and Veronica simultaneously.
    • A non-romantic moment occurred when three guys shared the same glass...because they couldn't afford two more drinks.
    • Archie, Veronica, Moose, and Midge found themselves having to split a drink four ways when Archie and Moose became unable to take the girls on more indulgent dates.
  • Indulged in by Bruce Banner (The Hulk) and Jarella (a Green-Skinned Space Babe from a subatomic world).
  • Superman and Lana Lang did this. See the cover at Super Dickery here.


  • Subverted amusingly in this 7Up commercial.


  • In D.E.B.S., Lucy and Amy share a shake.
  • In The Music Man, Professor Hill gives Tommy and Zaneeta Candy Kitchen money when he first meets them, and later on he personally sets them up in said Candy Kitchen, blindfolded, with one giant ice cream sundae and two spoons. It doesn't last long, as Mayor Shinn bursts in to break them up. Marian is also there, coincidentally, in a gigantic hat, and questions the Professor about the Think System over a strawberry phosphate.
  • The movie Shallow Hal parodied this, having the overweight girl drink the entire milkshake in about two seconds.

Live-Action TV

Video Games

  • Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door has an item called the Couple's Cake, which is an enormous, sundae-slash-cake-slash-root-beer-float type dessert monstrosity with two straws and spoons, explicitly described for sharing between couples. (One sidequest even has a Goomba with a crush on Goombella giving one to her.) It can only be used in battle, and Mario and his partner share it. Some of them are male, though...
    • Then why don't they just call it a "Friendship Cake"?
  • In [[Star Ocean the Second Story

|Star Ocean: The Second Story]], one of the Private Actions can result in Claude doing this with Ashton.


  • One of the scenes in the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Fan Web Comic Nanoha R'r after certain events initiated by a sleeping and unconsciously moving Nanoha causes Fate to cheerfully believe that they are now officially a couple.
  • In Kid Radd Sheena2 daydreams about doing this with Bogey. This annoys Sheena1, as they share a body and she's in love with Radd. Plus, y'know, Sheena's a human character and Bogey is an armless plant creature. See it here.

Web Original

Western Animation

  • Strangely enough, this was done by Jonesy and Nikki on 6teen. Strange given Nikki's personality. "Cute" isn't exactly her favorite word.
  • Parodied by the Futurama episode "Roswell That Ends Well." The diner in the 1940's has a sign reading "No more than one teen per milkshake."
  • Chiro and Jinmay share a drink this way in the first episode of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!.
  • The Fairly Odd Parents "The Odd Couple" done between Vicky and Ricky.
  • In the 1980's series, Share Bear's symbol was a milkshake with two straws, but with the series was rebooted in the 2000s, it was changed to two lollipops, so as not to encourage kids to spread germs.
  • Zuko and Mai are shown doing this in the third season episode "The Beach."
  • Flora and Helia do this in season four at the Frutti Music Bar. Later, in a variation, Kiko, Artu, and the fairy pets share a bowl of juice.
  • The main character of the Schoolhouse Rock segment "A Noun is a Person, Place, or Thing" does this with her "best friend" at the local Malt Shop.
  • In Happy Tree Friends, Cuddles and Giggles do this in "The Carpal Tunnel of Love"...then immediately spit out what they just drank. As foam clears, it becomes apparent that their straws were in an eyeball.
    • In "YouTube 101:Subscriptions" Cuddles sees a video of Giggles and Disco Bear doing this, angering him. It turns out Disco Bear was using a cardboard cutout of Giggles
  • Arnold and Helga does this briefly on Hey Arnold in a plot to make Lila jealous in the episode "Weird Cousin".
  • The Simpsons loves making use of this trope to suggest a (platonic) friendship between two males, or even between two groups of people or societies. They once featured a closeup of a fictional magazine from 1986 that showed Uncle Sam and Saddam Hussein sharing a milkshake.

Real Life

  • This troper remembers learning a song about this trope at Girl Scout Camp. A girl meets a guy and admires the way he drinks cider, he teaches her to do it, they drink together "first cheek-to-cheek then jaw-to-jaw," and in the last verse they're married with a dozen kids.
  • As noted in the manga Bartender, some frozen drinks are served with two straws, in case one freezes.