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"No jokes, please. This is science in action".

Professor Corwin (admonishing one of his experimental subjects)

Tales of Gnosis College is an adults-only webcomic written by the pseudonymous ?Dr. Faustus? and illustrated by Lon Ryden. It is set in the eponymous fictional midwestern liberal arts college. At Gnosis, the reckless, oversexed students are taught by a faculty rich in mad scientists, many of whom regard the students as convenient fodder for their experiments, or, as the case often is, sexperiments. In between (and sometimes through) bizarre sex scenes the comic also implicitly explores philosophical themes related to ethics and personal identity.

The first two volumes of Tales of Gnosis College, The Apsinthion Protocol and Study Abroad have been published in full. The third volume, Progress in Research. is being published now.

The webcomic, which posts on average a new page every day, is published under a [[ Creative Commons license]] and made available for free at Dr. Faustus?s website.

=== Tales of Gnosis College contains examples of:


made of the stuff.

  • Author Appeal: Dr. Faustus unabashedly admits that mad science is

fetish fuel for him, while Lon Ryden sure likes drawing naked women.

  • Badass: Pedro at the Omega initiation.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Poor Ashley Madder when she turned into a statue while she was naked and thus making the already beautiful lady even more hilarious!! She is currently displayed naked to the public in the sculpture courtyard of the Grand Central Museum under strict security just like a naked goddess placed in a temple for her followers to pay visit.She is now a part of the museum's exotic collection of naked sculptures and also the most remarkable one no doubt.As a result, she is the constant target of the agalmatophiles(people sexually attracted to erotically shaped sculptures) who want to possess this petrified naked beauty as their private collection. Her petrified naked voluptuous body is worth of trillions.Which is why the museum docents frequently keep an eye on this petrified naked goddess so that no pitiful shits (agalmatophiles) can get a chance to even get too close enough to this naked beauty let alone touch or steal it.She is kept under extreme care and vigilance.For extra security,she has been mounted on a high pedestal to ensure that her naked body stays out of reach so that commoners cannot touch her at all.And if anyone really tries to do so due to getting mesmerized seeing her extremely beautiful nude body,the docents are always there to stop it.Over course of time she has eventually become the most wonderful piece of art of the museum attracting people who love nude arts.Luckily,she will remain a statue forever as the chemical that transformed her body into a marble sculpture has genetically altered her cells into pure stone.The transformation was so erotic that it pushed Ashley to her highest level of orgasm.As a result,she turned into a statue keeping her eyes closed,lips parted,spreading her hands outward in an attitude of prayer,standing on her toes,keeping her beautiful legs wide open and making her sweet vagina totally visible.Her erected nipples became rock solid and her face was caught in an ecstatic expression.Thus it preserved her beauty for all eternity.Petrification has kept her voluptuous physique perfectly detailed. And her truth of being a statue is undiscovered still now except a fellow classmate of hers who instantly recognized the naked statue to be the beautiful goddess Ashley herself after seeing the mole on Ashley's right buttock during her visit in the museum after about three years of Ashley's disappearance and display in the museum.Unfortunately,despite recognizing this beauty,she completely remained silent about the truth behind the sculpture as she was never interested in making Ashley normal again.Rather,she turned her back on Ashley and left her under the museum authority which practically dismissed Ashley's chance to gain back her fleshy life(And it's impossible to reverse Ashley's transformation no matter what).Because of being the daughter of a senator, Ashley used to lead almost lonely life with her naked fantasies.Also,Ashley was unusually beautiful and voluptuous.As a result,this college "Aphrodite" was too good for anyone and was an ice queen. So,her petrification and her sudden disappearance did not affect the other students or anyone at all albeit some indecent rumors.The students believe that she is the victim of white slavery on the basis that she was too beautiful to remain unnoticed by the goons which is why it's been possible that Ashley's whereabouts was never sought after by anyone with interest as none actually cared for her at all.It's been about a century now that she is on the museum's display as a naked female statue.Petrification has kept her in a state of suspended animation while all her biological functions are at halt.She will never be affected by age,disease.Death is not applicable to her(Theoretically she is alive though but practically she is as good as dead.Because it is impossible to reverse her transformation.Which means that she will remain an inanimate object rest of the eternity).Ashley Madder not only has become a remarkable naked sculpture but also she is a great achievement of madscience regarding agalmatophilia.A madscience organization came to know about the truth behind the Ashley sculpture as one of their agents noticed that the statue is too detailed to be sculpted by a sculptor but due to the heavy guard of the museum, they could not get their hands on Ashley despite trying to steal her and take her under their lab for studying but they did scanned her lovely naked body which is petrified, secretly using a scanner from the very museum she is displayed at when the guards were not around,gathered enough data by scanning Ashley,discovered the hidden mystery as how Ashley Madder managed to remain a nude statue for this long time and developed a technology to turn living woman into statues permanently just like Ashley.Thus it opened a black market for the agalmatophiles to get their desired woman trapped in their collections as statues for goodAshley has no idea about her current amazing fate as she cannot move,feel or do anything.Amongst all her friends she has undergone the most amazing fate with no doubt as she became preserved with her amazingly naked physical beauty.None but a classmate of hers knows about her sexy secret of being a statue as the classmate believes that Ashley is in a place where Ashley should be (Because she knew that Ashley desired to display her naked body to the public which infact now she is doing as a naked sculpture of the museum) and does not intend to ruin it . Her name in the museum is "The Ecstacy of Faith" which in turn successfully erased the name and existence of the once beautiful Ashley Madder.Though later in the series it is hinted that Ashley Madder is now owned by a private collector who has kept this precious woman under his care.

{{[[1]] "Ashley Madder who is now nothing more but a beautiful nude statue which is on display in the sculpture court of a museum.A woman is looking at the naked Ashley Madder statue.A docent can be seen in the background keeping a watchful eye on naked Ashley who is now owned by that museum permanently.}}

{{[[2]] " The docent is explaining to the woman why the museum authority doesn't let anyone get too close to the statue that was once the beautiful Ashley Madder."}}

{{[[3]] " It's been about a century since the day when Ashley permanently became a statue.Now Ashley is no more owned by the museum.She is now owned by a private collector who has put Ashley in a hall.Ashley's ownership changed but not her pitiful yet amazing fate. She is still a naked female sculpture and her beauty is perfectly preserved."}}

and an unfortunate Russian girl who speaks her own language.

  • Blob Monster: There is a bonus CG illustration sequence called

[[ Goo Girl Genesis]] in which a female undergraduate is turned into one of these as an experiment.

lure female undergraduates into weird experiments the involve changing their state of matter or intimate contact with tentacle beasts, but he draws the line at using is technology to make duplicates of people, even when that would be handy. He?s also intensely loyal to his own subordinate.

of the female characters at the end, and Dr. Faustus has also commissioned and published a variety of art connected with his Gnosis College stories here.

Three-ending pin-up of The Apsinthion Protocol to complain about the fact that her character didn't even get a name or a dialog line in the preceding chapter.


end of The Apsinthion Protocol when Anwei is threatened by Senator Madder.

    • There's also an imagined panel of huge tentacles attacking an

aircraft carrier.

does the name "Joseph Corwin."

FBI custody.]]

College is located, appears to be just an ordinary small American city.

  • The Exile: [[spoiler:Corwin and Anwei and forced to flee the country

after things go pear-shaped in Corwin's laboratory.]]

  • FBI Agent: Macneil and Smith.Thanks to them Ashley Madder is perfectly disposed of and now Ashley is owned and displayed naked in a museum.
  • Flash Back: The Victorian-era pendant story "The Strange Case of Millie


as if it had been printed as well as set in 1888.

  • For Science!: Probably Joseph Corwin's primary motivation, and that of

other characters as well.

these through the use of drugs and hypnosis.

reads aloud a passage from Procopius in the original Greek. Millie scandalizes him by showing that she understands what he is saying. Corwin uses Greek to label things in his lab, and a prominent statue on campus has a line from Pindar (γένοι᾽ οἷος ἐσσὶ μαθών) on its pedestal.

  • Heroic Sacrifice: Moira and Nanetta make one together.
  • Heterosexual Life Partners: Moira and Nanetta.
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: Special-Agent-in-Charge Macneil does this as a means of disposing of the petrified naked daughter of Senator Madder,the unusually beautiful and voluptuous Ashley Madder.He realized that a museum is the perfect place for hiding the statue that was once Ashley Madder.Finally,Ashley is later found to be on display on a pedestal in a museum that also hides her from rest of the world.This deed of Macneil not only made the Ashley Madder statue a museum asset but also erased the chance of her ever becoming normal.Macneil got disposed of Ashley Madder so cunningly that there is no official records of Ashley's case.Which is why no one ever knew that poor Ashley Madder is owned and displayed in a museum right under the authority's nose.Leaving this petrified woman in a helpless but yet amazing condition.Thanks to Macneil,none even ever claimed ownership on Ashley's beautiful naked body which means that Ashley Madder's beautiful and naked petrified body is owned solely by the museum for good.

{{[[4]]"At last,the petrified naked body of beautiful blonde Ashley Madder has finally found its rightful place as naked sculpture in a museum thanks to Macneil and Smith which also effectively hid Ashley's body in plain sight!"}}

for a time as a voluntary member the Sultan of Pazar's harem.

where Iris Brockman takes a job.

  • I'm Melting: ...and I love it! An effect of Corwin's Apsinthion


necessarily for those for whom it was intended to be humiliating]].

    • Tondelayo and Cleo in Study Abroad undergo one that is horrific.
  • Insecurity System: It is surprisingly easy for Ashley to break into

Professor Corwin's laboratory.

[[spoiler:Moira and Nanetta learn something very important from it, though.]]

  • Lonely Rich Kid: Ashley Madder.Currently she is a statue thanks to mad science and kept on a museum display under tight security.
  • Mad Scientist: Professor Joseph Corwin is a comparatively benign

example, his colleague Dr. Emil Strangeways much less so.

Apsinthion Protocol.


  • Museum and arts: The beautiful and voluptuous blonde Ashley Madder accidentally becomes a statue while she was admiring her naked body thanks to mad science.This incident makes Ashley Madder a living work of art.Ashley,who was once a beautiful and voluptuous young woman suddenly becomes a naked statue as well as an inanimate object.Later,realizing that nothing can help to revert Ashley to her living form and also realizing that it is Ashley's destiny that she will remain forever naked and a statue,MacNeil decides to make a good use of Ashley's voluptuous naked body and eventually sells her to the Grand Central Museum as a nude female sculpture.This fateful incident makes the museum the rightful and legal owner of beautiful Ashley Madder and this incident also decides Ashley's fate which is to remain a statue and be displayed naked in the museum's gallery of art and sculptures.Though Ashley had no purpose while she was human but now she is a naked statue and her nude beauty is open for all to enjoy.Undoubtedly Ashley Madder's petrified naked body is now a highly valued work of art and as a result,she is kept under a very strict security in the museum.The museum patrons are always careful to take a good care of this forever petrified naked beauty.
  • Naked on Revival: Professor Corwin's reconstitution technology just

happens to work this way.

  • Naughty Nuns: Next door to Gnosis College there is an all-women's

institution called St. Mary Magdalene College, run by nuns with some peculiar ideas about discipline.

around his laboratory on a regular basis, but he's focused on science.

most of the other younger-than-middle-aged adults in her culture.

overthrow the hated dictator of Monte Blanco appears to consist of two people, one of whom is mute.

present day Gnosis College fictional universe ever saves anyone from mad-science danger. Indeed, much of the time they're oblivious to the existence of dangers.

within a few minutes of their Freaky Friday Flip.

her identity in spite of her strange experiences. Some of her friends don't seem quite so sure, though.

student named Cassandra executes one of these, which involves arranging for herself to be Swallowed Whole by a mysterious, barely-seen creature. She implies in a final statement that she has a very serious reason for doing this, although it isn't specified for the readership.

and Ashley Madder is another whose extremely beautiful and voluptuous naked body is now legally owned by a wealthy museum. They have put naked Ashley on their museum's display.

{{[[5]]"Ashley the shameless naked fanservicegirl.This pinup clearly shows us why Ashley liked to be naked so much"}}

{{[[6]] "Ashley explains to the others in a locker room sermon why it is quite necessary for a voluptuous and sexy blonde like her to remain naked and make a shameless display of her body"}}

{{[[7]] " Ashley's naked body is now owned by a wealthy museum and they have put her on display.A young boy is ogling at Ashley's nude body while his mother is blushed to see the public display of a woman's most private parts!!"}}

  • Shout-Out: Ashley has a poster of Irma Vep from the 1915 silent serial

Les Vampires on her dorm-room wall, and Moira is often shown reading serious contemporary works of philosophy that have actually been published [8]




in the real world.

  • Sidekick: Anwei functions as one to Professor Corwin.
  • Sleazy Politician: Senator Madder.Father of the unusually beautiful and voluptuous Ashley Madder whose petrified naked body is now owned and displayed by a museum.
  • Spooky Silent Library: The tenebrous "locked stacks" deep inside the

main Gnosis College library.

  • Spy Catsuit: Ashley wears one of these to break into Professor Corwin's

laboratory to know about his secrets which turned her into something even sexier.

well.And now Ashley is a statue and displayed in a museum gallery.And Corwin doesn't care about it at all.]]

  • Steampunk: "The Strange Case of Millie Newman," especially Professor

Hoffmann's lab.

  • Strawman U: Largely averted. Gnosis is a successful college whose

students come from a variety of backgrounds and points of view.

  • Swallowed Whole: Cassandra Kam, in a pendant story.
  • Taken for Granite: Poor Ashley, again.Her beauty is preserved forever in stone.Now she is a museum asset.She is kept under strong security thanks to her immense beauty!

{{[[10]] "Finally,Ashley Madder is now a museum asset.On the pedestal appears her current name as a naked female sculpture!"}}

beginnings of which only become evident at the end of Volume 1.]]

other utilities under the Gnosis campus and its environs. Willie looks it up on old architectural plans and, with Aloysius's help, uses it to sneak into the neighboring Catholic women's college. This stunt leads to a fraught encounter with Naughty Nuns.

for starters.