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  • Adaptation Displacement: The Storm Impact version was an adaptation of a 1993 black-and-white Macintosh video game, which was itself an adaptation of a very obscure Tabletop Game. The 1993 game and the tabletop game are long since forgotten.
  • Game Breaker: Using the "restart place" spell, you can reset a dungeon repeatedly to get multiple copies of rare items (such as the Poison Potion, Potion o' Plenty, or Z's Power Up, which greatly increase all stats). Enough "restart place"s around one of the power-up potions can easily cap your status bars. Tomb asks "are you sure?" before you use a restart-place spell.
    • Ethereal potions can also be a game breaker in both versions, as they allow the player to pass through most walls and skip straight to the goal; the same goes for Falling Wall scrolls in Tomb. The programmers acknowledged the ethereal potion cheat in Poet's Nightmare from the first game, by adding a staircase hidden behind a wall that leads straight to the goal.
    • One version of the game accidentally left in a spell that was supposed to be used only for debugging and beta-testing purposes. The spell allowed the player to wish for any object, and could be used as often as the player wanted. Using the spell in subsequent versions force-quits the game.
  • Goddamned Bats: Mostly inverted in the original; in most dungeons, monsters are very few and far between. Far more present in Tomb, especially in the final battle, which is swarming with evil guards which can spawn at any time.
  • That One Level: Poet's Nightmare and Vidair's Tower in the first, Butterscotch in the second. Poet's Nightmare involves a lot of going around in circles, while Vidair's Tower involves going through the right pattern of teleports and doors (broken if you're lucky with a Teleport scroll). Butterscotch is just loaded with super-powerful enemies, most of which you have to beat to get the item.
  • Unwinnable by Insanity: The game can become this if you bestow a task item to an NPC and then kill them -- quite often, it won't be on their person when they die. However, 1.) bestowing is optional in the first place, and 2.) there are plenty of far better objects that can be bestowed.