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File:StarKid short 2733.png

Team StarKid is a loosely organised musical theatre production troupe, originally from Ann Arbor and currently based in Chicago, who are famous for making A Very Potter Musical. The group began as friends who met while studying at the University of Michigan and did several projects together, usually in conjunction with Basement Arts, before hitting surprise mainstream success through A Very Potter Musical. Their original musical Me and My Dick broke records as it became the first college musical to break into the Billboards top Cast albums, debuting at number 11. In July 2010, the group released "A Very StarKid Album", a compilation album featuring songs from the Harry Potter musicals, Little White Lie, Me and My Dick and some original music; it rose to number 27 on the iTunes charts, beating out Lady Gaga and the Glee soundtrack for a little while. In late 2010, Team StarKid relocated to Chicago in order to establish a repertory theatre company. On November 1st 2010, Team StarKid announced their latest production, Starship, which premiered in Chicago in February 2011 and premiered on YouTube on April 30th 2011. By May 1st, it had risen to #4 on the US iTunes charts. Many of their shows can be considered Affectionate Parody, and contain numerous Shout Outs to other works.

Their official website and links to their projects, music and merchandise can be found here.

The Team StarKid regulars are:

Frequent Collaborators:

Their projects are:

  • Little White Lie (2007), a webseries that follows siblings Sami and Duder Reese, high school musicians in a Battle of the Bands-obsessed school who become rockstars after stealing music from a comatose student and tell lie after lie to keep the truth behind their success secret.
  • A Very Potter Musical (2009), the one that started it all, is a musical parody of the Harry Potter series that mashes together the plots of books 1, 4, 6 and 7. Renowned for its unique, hilarious and genuinely interesting alternate character interpretations, it went viral in June 2009.
  • Me and My Dick (2009) is about Joey Richter and his relationship with his Dick — which walks, talks and has a mind of its own. Joey and Dick attempt to woo Vanessa, the girl of Joey's dreams, not realising that they are the object of Sally and her Miss Cooter's affections. Think American Pie had it been made by Don Bluth.
  • A Very Potter Sequel (2010), the much-anticipated followup, is actually a Time Travel prequel (in the vein of the the 2009 Star Trek movie) that depicts Harry, Ron and Hermione's first year at Hogwarts, mashing together the plots of books 1, 3 and 5, while Death Eaters from the future travel back in time to off Harry.
  • Starship (2011), which premiered in February of 2011 and was released on YouTube on April 30th. Unlike previous StarKid productions, the live performance took place in Chicago, audience members were charged for their tickets, and the video was released as a DVD as well as on YouTube. It's not about Pigfarts — it's set on a planet of bug aliens and follows a rebellious young bug who finds a crashed human spaceship and becomes fascinated with all the evidence of human culture, only to then meet real humans when another spaceship arrives. Darren Criss described the show as "The Little Mermaid meets Aliens".
  • Holy Musical Batman!: A parody of the DC Comics character Batman, performed in March 2012 and released April 13th on YouTube.
  • A Very Potter Threequel is the third (and final) Harry Potter musical, scheduled for some time in 2012. StarKid revealed they had been working on the Threequel in early 2011 and had tentatively planned for a performance and online release around the same time as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 2, but the busy schedule of Darren Criss (his roles in Glee and How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying) made that impossible. In August 2011, Joey Richter revealed that a script had been written and they were waiting on Darren's availability. Later that month, Nick Lang announced that the Threequel would definitely be happening in 2012.

Other works of note:

  • The StarKid Announcement Videos: The secondary purpose of these semi-regular videos is to inform people of the dates, times and locations of upcoming shows, answer frequently-asked-questions, pimp the StarKid merchandise and let fans know about changes to the website or other things. The main purpose of these videos is to make you laugh your ass off.
  • The Digitour: In 2011, Team Starkid were part of the Digitour, a travelling tour of musicians and acts who became famous via YouTube. Joey Richter, Brian Holden, Jaime Lyn Beatty, Lauren Lopez, Joe Walker, Dylan Saunders and A.J. Holmes performed songs from A Very Potter Musical and the sequel, Me and My Dick and Starship in front of live audiences.
  • Funtastic Slamaganza: In 2011, Team StarKid had a charity event to benefit Snow City Arts. It was a variety performance featuring most of the members of Team StarKid who live in Chicago. It included songs from the musicals, songs by Jim and the Povolos, Standup by Meredith Stepien, as well as other acts by the Star Kids. this is also where the first anouncement was made confirming A Very Potter Senior Year for 2012.
  • The SPACE Tour: Similar to the Digitour and Funtastic Slamaganza, the SPACE Tour is a performance of various StarKid songs that toured through the U.S. Midwest and East Coast. Charlene Kaye, who is a friend of most of the members of Team StarKid from college, is opening on the tour. The tour includes the eastern United States and London... Ontario. A concert album of the New York City show was released on March 13, 2012. A DVD based on the tour including behind-the-scenes footage was released later that month on the 24th.
  • Apocalyptour: StarKid's second national tour, which is more story driven than the SPACE Tour. The StarKids, having given up singing and dancing, have turned to their true passion of archeological digs until they unearth the Mayan God of Chaos and Death, Margaret, who is ready to bring about the 2012 apocalypse. Fortuneately, Margaret is also the Mayan God of Musical Theater, and gives the StarKids a chance to save the world by putting on a concert. Unlike the SPACE Tour, Apocalyptour contains several shows on the West Coast.

Team Starkid provides examples of the following tropes:
  1. Criss was originally slated to play Dick in the production
  2. He's the band member that Voldemort threatens at the end
  3. Brian Rosenthal
  4. Lauren Lopez
  5. Meredith Stepien
  6. Brian Holden