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Terror Island is a now-concluded TV Tropes-aware (see notes below comic) webcomic about two Cloudcuckoolander roommates who try to trick each other into buying groceries, and everyone else in their intellectual, subversive, and surreal world of board-game playing pieces. Written by Ben Heaton and Lewis Powell.

Characters include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Sid, a privateer wordsmith who refuses to buy groceries. Stephen's roommate. Played by Professor Plum from Clue.
  • Stephen, a vexillographer who also refuses to buy groceries. Played by the White King's Rook.
  • Liln, a jeweler who thinks the whole grocery debate is stupid. Jame is her boyfriend. Played by the Red Foam Piece.
  • Jame, a restaurateur. Decidedly the least 'zany' of the bunch. Gets possessed by a (rather incompetent) demon. Played by a blue Tiddlywink.
  • York, a game salesman/designer who constantly tries to sell things to people, and went to college at Center of the Earth University, which is actually on the Moon. Played by the thimble from Monopoly.
  • Aorist, whose job we don't know. Friendly, and participates in other peoples' schemes, often putting crazy twists on them. Killed by a resurfaced Demon-Jame, and eventually resurrected by Bartleby. Played by a green Icehouse pyramid.
  • First Folio, one of York's classmates at Center of the Earth University (which, again, is on the moon), who keeps kosher, wants to find out more about Omicron, and is experienced with supernatural creatures. Played by a green Cranium piece.
  • Omicron, Sid's cat. Used to be Sid and Stephen's, but Stephen lost his half in a bet about formica. Played by an actual cat, making it a much bigger character than anybody else. Because the actual cat Ray who played Omicron has died, it is unlikely the character will appear again anytime soon.
  • Gunpowder Jackson, M.D, Jame's stuntman. Got his position as a punishment for jaywalking, due to the doubly imaginary Law of Jame. Played by a red Pictionary cube.
  • The Green Grocer, grocery store owner turned Card-Carrying Villain who loves to say his own villain-name. Played by a green Sorry! piece.
  • Gibbs and Lockley, author avatars. Played by two trains from the railroad version of the game Rush Hour.

Terror Island concluded on September 12, 2008. It's not related to Island of Terror.

Contains examples of:


 distinct from everything, including itself

remarkably popular in Norway

the photocomic that's not a photocomic

the universe's only logically necessary comic

inexplicable title, hilarious cast page

serious gamepieces, serious photocomic

"I have nothing against picture comics."

we put the wink in tiddlywinks

the webcomic that takes place on a dude's sink and has chess pieces

six of one, two dozen of the other.

intelligent and perhaps even educated

Guys I honestly did not want to like this comic

actually has nothing to do with terror and is not set on an island

"I'm not sure why it's called Terror Island."

Holla mine brothers and sister over internet space!

"some photos of chess pieces don't want to buy groceries?"


Looks like somebody's been eating sour grapes.

  1. because there's only one of him