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  • Atop the Fourth Wall
  • Suburban Knights
  • The Nostalgia Critic
  • SANTA CHRIST!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Even more heartbreaking is the look on The Nostalgia Critic's face when he realizes just who he's just shot...
    • That guy is way too good at looking crushed. I never noticed until it was pointed out but his inaudible "oh" and looking like he was about to cry when Ask That Guy left him to get beaten up broke me. Even if you don't subscribe to the fanon that they're incesty twins and that he gets tortured regularly, it's still heartbreaking to see him hoping to be saved and get it dashed that quickly.
  • After Change the Channel and Not So Awesome, the entire "Heartwarming"  and "Awesome" pages became this, seeing how there was a hostile working enviroment, and how Jew Wario was a rapist. They were FAR from the "big, happy family" they presented themselves as.
    • The Nostalgia Chick series as a whole. Doug wanted a female reviewer as his Distaff Counterpart to tackle female-oriented nostalgic programming, so when Lindsay Ellis won the contest he basically shoved her into a role he'd mapped out for her from the beginning. Even in the beginning it was clear she had her own ideas of how she wanted to do her show, and when she finally did break away from the role foisted on her the Critic not-so-subtly called her out for it during the joint Chipmunk Adventure review. You can just sense the underlying hostility from him, as well as Lindsay's discomfort. And as if that weren't enough she had real-life struggles that put a dent in her review schedule, and people still gave her crap about her long absences even after finding out why she was absent. She had to put up with this crap for nearly a decade.
  • Suede's Goodbye video (prior to him leaving, though he's back now.)
  • In Sad Panda's video of the "Top Five John Frusciante songs", the top is "Time Tonight". To make the depressing song even worse, he has cameos from the TGWTG crew tearing up at it. Lupa cuddling her puppy, Todd alone, Doug's Tearful Smile, two contributors holding each other... you wanna give 'em all hugs.
  • Seeing everyone depressed and panicky over SOPA possibly passing. And you can't really deny that the idea of maybe never seeing these funny, amazing people ever again is horrifying.