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This species has seldom been seen and naturalists have considered putting it on the endangered species list. He is marked by his love of baseball, by having a skill with rural machinery and hunting firearms beyond his years, and his propensity to emit sounds like "gee whiz". The All-American boy usually dwells in a Quirky Town within which he is as free as the air driving every where on his bicycle. He is always naive but charming, and respectful to his elders (who most likely include a Standard Fifties Father and a Housewife). If he has a sibling, it will be an older brother to idolize or a little sister to protect.

There are variants of this trope. The geeky variant still maintains the ingenuity, self-reliance, and wholesomeness of this but applies his interest to such things as home science experiments and the like. The high-school variety wears a letterman's sweater and spends his off hours using his mechanical skill to restore an old car.

An All-American boy often gets a job as a Kid Detective. If he joins the military when he grows up he will almost inevitably become a Southern-Fried Private.

The closest Distaff Counterpart would probably be Girl Next Door.

Examples of The All-American Boy include:


  • Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) pretty much fits the general personality of this trope, although he was a terrible athlete as a child, in large part due to his Geek Physique. After he got the Super-Soldier Serum, he was able to embody the trope even more.



Live-Action TV

Newspaper Comics


  • Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy.


Video Games

  • Ninten from MOTHER 1 and Ness from Earthbound, both of whom are bat-wielding Everyman boys from a small town.
  • Mike Jones, teenaged ace pitcher from StarTropics. His All-American-ness--contrasted with and found strange by the natives of the islands he's visiting--is a large part of the game's humor and tone.

Western Animation

Real Life

  • Institutionally invoked by the Boy Scouts of America.