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File:Undertaker 5368.png

Seriously. Just look at this guy.

You see that guy who's constantly lurking around the graveyard? Yeah, that's The Creepy Undertaker.

The creepy undertaker lurks around the graveyard and has an unhealthy obsession with his friends deceased clients. When they're not in the graveyard, they can be found in rather eerie places, such as near newly deceased bodies or in coffins. Often they are the primary suspect whenever something particularly creepy happens.

May turn out to be a Living Doll Collector. Prone to spout ominous-in-context lines like "Be seeing you..."

Not to be confused with The Undertaker. Compare with the Undertaker character in Westerns.


Anime and Manga

  • The Undertaker from Black Butler. Even more so in the Manga, where it is revealed, by him, that he is the one responsible for the reanimation of the corpses that were attacking everyone on board the ship. And that was just because he was curious!
  • Gregory Horror Show is built around this. Good old Gregory is downright unnerving, especially as you learn more about what he is. He suffers from Villain Decay in the other three seasons, however, becoming a victim of the greater evils around him. Still, he does feed off of human souls.




Live Action TV



 Seagoon: You can't bury me, I'm still alive! It's impossible!

Headstone: Not impossible, but one should have to box exceeding clever.

Seagoon: No, wait, you can't bury me yet - I want to join the Guards.

Headstone: No man under six foot can join the Guards. Come along.

Seagoon: No, no! Keep away! Aaagh!

  • A recurring character in the sitcom The Life Of Riley was "Digger" Digby O'Dell who was known for his morbid jokes and usually left with the following one-liner: "Well, I must be...shoveling off."

Video Games

  • Dampe from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is often seen lurking around the graveyard when you are young Link, it gets kind of unsettling what with the Poes that also lurk around there.
    • Bizarrely enough, a cute little kid idolizes Dampe and spends daytime wandering around the graves trying to mimic the gravedigger. He pays you a lot of rupees for a spooky mask that helps offset his cuteness.
  • Carmageddon has a pair of undertaker twins as one of the opponents.
  • The creepy gravedigger in God of War. Actually Zeus in disguise.
  • Mr. Russett from The Lost Crown is a subversion: he looks fairly creepy, but is actually one of the most helpful people Nigel meets.