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Is the subject of hypnosis Fetish Fuel for you? Then you'll probably like this website. Originally part of the newsgroup, it was spun off into its own website in 1996 by a man who calls himself "Simon Bar Sinister". The site contains a huge-ass archive of stories from many, many users, and these stories tend to run the gamut from plausible to downright bizarre.

Their unifying theme is that they all contain some form of mind control, and that the mind control is somehow used as part of a sexual act. The most common use of mind control on the site is hypnotizing someone, and then using suggestions to make them orgasm while under. Another common use involves hypnotic alternate personality play, where characters in a story think they're sluts, sex slaves, and other stuff like that.

All the MC stories on the site are categorized. What's your pleasure?

This site also has an official forum, available here.

Quite infamously, fan fiction is banned from the site after Warner Bros. sent a cease and desist letter to the site in 1998. There are a few Star Trek and X-Files fanfics on the site, but these are legacy fics from before 1998 that weren't affected by the ban; fan fiction hasn't been accepted since.

Despite it having no "fanfics" in the true sense of the word, we at TV Tropes nonetheless have some recommended stories in our Fanfic Recs section.

=== ...and when I count to 3, you will tell me every single trope this website uses. You will have no memory of this trance. Do you understand?


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