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  • Timmy, the main character, is named after Butch Hartman's younger brother.
  • Timmy's full name is Timothy Tiberius Turner.
  • Hail to the Chief and Twistory are are an example of a Missing Episode. Nickelodeon stopped airing them sometime around 2003 because they were deemed offensive. However, they are on the second season DVD.
    • Also, thankfully, it's still shown regularly up here in Costa Rica.
    • Oddly enough, they also air up here in Canada on YTV and Nickelodeon Canada.
  • Timmy's trademark pink hat actually came about by accident. Originally, his hat was to be blue, but Butch's blue marker was dry so he used the pink one instead.
  • The series was actually cancelled in 2006, but that decision was retracted and it became "uncancelled". It's now celebrating its tenth anniversary and is currently in its eighth season.
    • It is also quite possible that the show has been Un Cancelled for a second time, as announced in this year's (2012) upfront.
  • It had a Poorly-Disguised Pilot in the episode Crash Nebula. Butch Harman had intended to created a series revolving around the titular superhero.
  • It, the regular series not the Oh Yeah! Cartoons, premiered on March 30th, 2001; the same day that Invader Zim premiered.
  • Around 2005 or 2006, Butch Hartman had considered making a theatrical movie of the Fairly Oddparents. Unlike the later Live Action Adaptation that was aired on TV in 2011, this one would have been animated. The details vary but apparently the plot was this: Timmy, feeling sorry for the other kids whom Vicky has babysat, wishes that every child had a fairy godparent. This, of course, backfires on him because Vicky, being under eighteen, is still considered a kid so she gets a fairy; namely Jorgen Von Strangle. Meanwhile, since there is no one to guard them or stop them the pixies and Anti-Fairies team up to take over the world. Butch has stated he would like to release it on DVD one day.
  • Timmy may hold some type of record for being an animated child character with the most romantic pairings whether in the series proper itself or on any fanfiction. These are the following ships that appeared in all FOP related fiction: Timmy and Tootie who according to the live action movie end up together, Timmy and Trixie, Timmy and Veronica, Timmy and Molly, Timmy and Cindy, Timmy and Carly (who is an adult woman creepily enough), and Timmy and Vicky (an almost as creepy pairing as the aforementioned Timmy and Carly). This doesn't include the males many fanfictions pair Timmy up with.
  • The Fairly Oddparents may be one of the few cartoons to actually give a type of explanation of it's Floating Timeline due to the fact that Timmy wished no one to age in the episode Timmy's Secret Wish.
  • Unlike other Nickelodeon shows, Fairly Oddparents"" is notable, due to be distributed by Canada's Nelvana, to have it's earlier episodes aired on Disney XD, or even Disney Channel. (Dating back to the distribution rights for non-English broadcasts to be aired on Jetix where available.)
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Several.
  • Un Cancelled: Ended in 2006, restarted in 2008.