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File:Fears Scaled 4406.jpg

Fear is here. [1] Fear them.


 It started with the Slender Man. The tall, faceless businessman was terrifying in his own right, but then others appeared. They weren't members of the Slender Man's own race (if he had a race), but they were similar in what they inspired: fear.



 The members of this new wave of abominations were based on fear. They were the embodiments of particular fears and sometimes targeted those who had those fears.


The Fear Mythos is a collaborative writing community project spanning dozens of blogs and featuring a good number of antagonists.

The premise is simple: there are these monsters called "Fears," original creatures (with two exceptions taken from the public domain of creepypasta) that are, for lack of a better term, the embodiments of fears. Hence the name. The Fear Mythos deals with blogs, video logs, creepypasta, and whatever else there exists that regard to these disturbing beings. No canon or continuity required; writers get complete freedom.

A current list of all current blogs can be found here and vlogs here, while a list of Fears (and descriptions) can be found on the characters page. A blog dedicated to Fear-based creepypasta can be found here. A Wiki has been made, and can be found here.

For individual stories within the Mythos, see The Fear Mythos Stories.

For the epic novel about the Fear Mythos during 2011's Rapture, see OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING.


General tropes for the Fear Mythos

Tropes for Eccentrically Bored / Hidden in the Trees

  • And I Must Scream: The ultimate fate of everyone is to be enslaved by the Archangel after death, trapped in a body that moves in accordance with another's will for all eternity. The Archangel is the afterlife after all...
  • Arc Words: "His face" and "we are the pieces."
    • embrace the archangel.
  • Downer Ending: The ending of Eccentrically Bored
  • Eyeless Face: The Blind Man.
  • Face Heel Turn: Joey Steward, the protagonist.
  • Fantastic Drug: The mysterious pills that Joey took for a while in Eccentrically Bored
  • A Form You Are Comfortable With: The Archangel has no body of its own, and must interact with our world by using the bodies of the dead. Its favored form seems to be a man in a gas mask and hoodie.
  • Fridge Horror: In a mythos full of nasty monsters that can kill you in all sorts of interesting ways, the Blind Man seems rather tame. He doesn't even kill his victims, he just wanders around libraries, collecting childhoods... then the idea of losing your entire childhood sinks in...
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: The Archangel's messages seem to imply that this is the case for all the Fears, and that the names humans have given them are no their true names. For example, the Archangel only ever refers to Slender Man as "STRANGER."
  • Prophetic Name: Joey Steward. A Steward is a kind of household servant, and the blog ends with Joey becoming a proxy to Slender Man. To signify this change, he even drops his first name and just calls himself "Steward"
  • Redemption Equals Death: The ending to Hidden in the Trees
  • Villain Protagonist: Hidden in the Trees stars a character who underwent a particularly brutal Face Heel Turn in the previous blog: Steward from Eccentrically Bored.

Tropes for Jordan Eats Normally Now

Tropes for brighter than a spoon

Tropes for Still Remains Within / The Shower Scene / Already Heard

Tropes for Ontological

Tropes for The Jeanette Experience

Tropes for the other blogs in the Mythos

  1. The Empty City, Choir, Archangel, Dying Man, Manufactured Newborn, Blind Man, Slender Man, Black Dog, Plague Doctor, Eye, EAT, Rake, Cold Boy, Wooden Girl, Convocation, Nightlanders. Drawn by Lizard Bite.
  2. First, there's just the name. (The Battle of) Epping (Forest). Aquatarkus. Then, the Arc Words mentioned earlier: "Welcome back, my friends..." is "Karn Evil 9." "No one runs faster..." is "The Willing Well." Then there's all the freaking lyric and song excerpts. Hell, The Camper, even! Word of God says it's a subtle nod to The Camper Velourium!