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File:GoonMovPoster 5277.gif

The Goon is Eric Powell's award-winning fantasy comic book series, published by Dark Horse Comics. Goon, a musclebound former freak circus assistant, is the top enforcer of the secretive mob boss Labrazzio, and he is in war for the control of the city with the Nameless Zombie Priest, who directs zombie hordes from his citadel at Lonely Street. Together with his loudmouthed sidekick Frankie, Goon battles zombies, robots, aliens and mad scientists. Mostly with his fists.

A Genre Busting epic of pitch-black humor, tragedy and utterly grotesque monsters getting punched in the face, any description pales in comparison to the real thing. The Goon is a comic where a vampire gets set on fire while being tied on the hood of a car zooming around the town. The Goon is a comic where a Wild West zombie hunter must eat the flesh of his prey. The Goon is a comic where the main character must blow up a burlesque but is diverted by a giant, violent transvestite.

Recently, It's been revealed that Eric is working with David Fincher in turning his comic into an animated feature film, with a preview just coming out.

Tropes used in The Goon include:

  "I don't want you."