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File:MSW logo 522.jpg

The Mad Scientist Wars is an ongoing Fanfic story, set in the same universe as the webcomic Narbonic. It also added Girl Genius into the canon some time ago, and with the recent character originating from Discworld is becoming the strict Universe equivalent of a Massive Multiplayer Crossover. That is, the canon may involve several different Universes, including original characters' backgrounds, but no characters from any of these works except Jane Narbon's parents have yet to actually appear.

It started as a series of increasingly silly comments on the comments sections in the Narbonic Director's Commentary, before moving to its own forum, where it has--pardon the pun--mutated into a sprawling, ongoing work.

So far, the plot has been divided into "Chapters"--each one, after the end of the very beginning's more chaotic start, run by a different player, who assumes the role of 'GM' for the duration. At 16+ chapters and over two full year of dedicated play, the game has currently spanned 275+ pages of posts. (Luckily, a condensed Plot Summary is in the works for new players.)

The story can be a little silly, and tropes--both played straight and subverted--are considered rules of the very universe...

We swear, it's Better Than It Sounds. Despite the silliness, a lot of effort goes into it. Character development has occurred over time, loads of extra material and backstory has been worked out--even a full explanation of the combined time line from two different canons being used.

Due to Loads and Loads of Characters once you hit the Secondaries, we recommend you visit the forum's 'Character Dossiers'. But following is a truncated list of the main characters--notably, each original main character is played by a separate forum goer.
- Ariel
Andrew K. O-P P. R. Tinker
- his Son, Fredric Z. Tinker
-Commander Primary Xerox
Jane Narbon
David Toboz
Thaddeus Atrius Guy (AKA That Guy)
Wallace Caine (AKA Wallycaine)
- Lagos, his henchman/pet
-Jess, aka 'The Chimera'
Dr. Amino, w/ Ingrid
Revel Cogson
-Miss Clay
-Dr. Kinestro
Herr Doktor
-Herr Greg

In general, the plots are issue based- a threat arrives, and the characters have to deal with it over the course of the chapter. Some characters are strict Heroes, some... not so much, so it;s hard to say who will be doing what any given chapter.