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File:TheMuppets 5989.jpg

Jim Henson's (now Disney's) long-running franchise, starring his special type of marionette/puppet hybrids. For the puppets themselves, see Muppet.[1]


Films and Specials:

Specials not starring the standard Muppet cast (although Kermit introduces, narrates, or appears in several of them):

In other shows: Muppet Cameo

The main members of The Muppet Show cast include:
Kermit the Frog Perpetual Straight Man / Only Sane Amphibian and leader of the motley crew
Miss Piggy Kermit's Love Interest with Tsundere-like tendecies
Fozzie Bear Resident jokester and Kermit's second-in-command
The Great Gonzo Stuntman extraordinaire and eternal Butt Monkey
Scooter The Everyman and "gofer" of the group
Rizzo The Rat Deadpan Snarker and Gonzo's best friend
Sam the Eagle Uber-patriot and the Stop Having Fun Guy of the group
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew Gadgeteer Genius Ditz who runs Muppet Labs
Beaker Honeydew's Unintelligible assistant and Chew Toy
Statler and Waldorf Two old men who exist solely to heckle the other cast members
Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem The Muppets' '70s Rock and Roll band, featuring Animal on drums
Rowlf the Dog Expert pianist and all-around nice guy
The Swedish Chef A chef who speaks solely in Swedish-like gibberish

For more detailed descriptions, see the Character Sheet.

Minor Muppet characters include:
Camilla the Chicken Gonzo's on-and-off girlfriend
Clifford Resident cool guy
Pepe the King Prawn Jerk with a Heart of Gold and suave Charmer
Robin Kermit's nephew
Sweetums The 9-foot-tall Gentle Giant
Crazy Harry Laughing Mad Bomber
The Penguins An entire flock of Plucky Comic Relief characters
Marvin Suggs An egotistical French Jerk who uses a "Muppaphone".
Lew Zealand Enigmatic Cloudcuckoolander, whose act involves boomerang fish.
And a motley crew of pigs, monsters, creatures, talking food, and various human Muppets
The following tropes are common to many or all entries in the The Muppets franchise.
For tropes specific to individual installments, visit their respective work pages.

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  1. Legally speaking, "The Muppets" now only refers to The Muppet Show characters owned by Disney, although Sesame Workshop has permission to use the term to refer to Sesame Street characters. The Fraggle Rock characters (still owned by the Henson company) were Muppets to start with, but are no longer referred to as such.
  2. (This brief-lived HBO series holds the distinction of being one where the main characters were built by the Creature Workshop instead of the Muppet Workshop, giving them a look rather shockingly different from the paradigm seen on most other Muppet productions.)