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File:Qwryiop 205.jpg

Lindsay Ellis. On the right.

Lindsay Ellis is the host of The Nostalgia Chick Show. Her videos talk about the themes surrounding the movie moreso than the movie itself, which stems from Lindsay's bachelor's degree in film criticism. There's been a few story arcs too, those of which can be summed up in three tropes: Foe Yay,[1] The Dog Bites Back [2] and Stalker with a Crush.[3]

Her blog is here, her official Facebook is here and her Twitter is here. A list of reviewed works (which also includes the shows by Lindsay's friends Elisa and Nella) is here.

This show provides and discusses examples of


 "I only like X-Men in an intellectual, analytical, culturally relevant way- [Dr. Tease jabs her with Truth Serum] oh my god this was the best show ever, you guys!"

  1. The Chick breaks out of the Girl Show Ghetto to review whatever she likes, leading to a power struggle with The Nostalgia Critic.
  2. Much-abused sidekick Nella is taken over by a Super-Powered Evil Side and wreaks vengeance in a form of the X-Men "Dark Phoenix Saga" (This is also where the character of the Nostalgia Chick really consolidates).
  3. Reality Subtext leads to the Chick developing an obsessive crush on Todd in the Shadows and going to great lengths to try and make him love her (while he remains fixated on Obscurus Lupa).