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  • Just the way Lindsay is still introducing every video with "I'm your Nostalgia Chick," acknowledging the fans that voted for her to get the title.
  • While also fairly sad, it's still sweet to see just how badly she misses her dead cat in Hocus Pocus.
  • In the Anastasia review, Critic being so awkward in his crush that he has to pretend to be Rasputin to have a conversation with her. It helps that when Chick finds out it's a Chicago area code, the look on her face afterwards is almost happy.
    • Starting here and continuing even now, it's pretty sweet how Critic is the only person she calls "honey".
  • In a totally dysfunctional way, the first "Thanks For The Feedback". He has No Social Skills but is so obviously in love with her and she's Oblivious to Love but still really tries to make the date work. And also, according to Doug and Lindsay, they found a far more fun relationship later on so it all worked out for the best.
  • Aside from the character-abuse beginning and end, most of the Dance Crazes list was Lindsay and Nella going out and dancing like the adorable dorks they are.
  • Even if it was stopped by the Critic, Chick discovering that she really loves reviewing "guy" movies and going out to frolic in the park. It's probably the most innocently happy she's ever been.
  • Critic's Secret Test of Character speech in the Bratz review. And then the Chick's touched reaction, followed by her getting through the movie much easier.
    • She and Critic hugging and then chloroforming each other at the same time. She might get pissed that they're Not So Different, but then there's stuff like that which shows that it's maybe not so bad.
  • After hearing her speak less than favorably about certain Disney films and posting a snarky Disney Princesses review, hearing her start her The Enchanted Christmas review by admitting she loved Beauty and the Beast, citing it as one of her favorite movies of all time, there were definitely some warm fuzzies to be had.
  • Nella's utter joy at getting to play with her toy ponies again.
  • The Ever After review, which is more Lindsay than the Chick, where she talks about feminism in a fair way, has lots of good points to say about the movies she's discussing, knows that fairytales can be a good thing and has great affection for Nella's fangirliness.
  • When the Makeover Fairy has a breakdown trying to make Nella over, Nella would be well within her rights to leave her there crying. Instead she tries to make her feel better, gaining a hug in the process.
  • Nella's speech about her new year's resolution being that she'll treat her friends with more respect. Subverted by Chick saying what her new year's resolution will be: making Nella do her dishes.
  • It may not have been enough to treat her better when she came back, but the Chick has a few moments of being heartbroken that a intergalactic quasi-demonic force of evil has taken over her BFF.
  • While a shame that it has to be brought out by Truth Serum, our favorite Ice Queen becoming a complete Genki Girl when it comes to X-Men. And even Dr. Tease looks happy for her, in a way that suggests it's more than just the pleasure of experimenting on a test subject.
    • Having most of "Goodbye Internet's Rose" insult Nella, the last line "But I sometimes wanted to tell you before the dust you bit, to me you were a wee bit more, than my beleaguered bitch." was weirdly sweet.
  • He doesn't get thanked and it's the last nice thing he does for her, but the Sex Bot letting the Chick out of the fridge even after she's been awful to him all his life.
  • She covers it well, but there's a brief look of horror and despair when she tries to call Critic and finds out Dark Nella's already destroyed Chicago, leaving him dead.
    • In a fucked up way, Dark Nella promising to give the Sex Bot the sweet release of death, something he's always wanted.
    • Even after her huge breakdown about the stupidity of Emmerich movies, she still goes to see if the Makeover Fairy is okay after getting a tearful call from her.
  • Admit it, you felt happy when Fangirl!Nella came back for a few minutes in all her Adorkable glory during the Tron review.
    • Despite Chick missing the point, original Nella trying to fight back Dark Nella for her and telling her to run.
  • The Makeover Fairy trying (if lamely) to cheer up the Chick when they're on the beach and both think Nella is gone forever.
  • Nella and The Chick's reunion at the end of the "Newsies" review. It's also one of the few times that the Chick is genuinely shown to care for her.
    • And then they walk off down the beach together, arm in arm, to the tune of Queen's "You're My Best Friend." Aww.
  • Even though she's clearly meant to be the annoying, obsessive kind, seeing her fangirl in Les Misérables is really nice considering what she's usually like.
  • Not being able to resist the temptation and eventually belting out Part Of Your World with the other TGWTG fangirls.
  • In Grease II, the Chick halting the "MAN!" PSA, adamant that they're not going to steal that from him too.
  • Even after the requests to review the new show drove her crazy and she smacked down the Fan Dumb bashing Lupa, she still defended "grown men watching a girl's show" in a neutral but still kind way.
  • Bait And Switching in the beginning of Kate And Leopald, first complaining about the ridiculousness of it but then squeeing about how delightfully girl!porny it is.
  • The Lion King in 3D is basically Lindsay's tribute to a film she really enjoys. Extra heartwarming as we very rarely get that from her.
    • However briefly, her taking the time to mention The Iron Giant as one of the greatest animated films of all time was pretty cool of her.
  • A small one in her review of The Worst Witch. Even though she's annoyed by Critic hogging the limelight, a few seconds later she can't help but crack a smile. And it's genuine too! Not a Corpsing one because they weren't even in the same room.
  • The video on The Goddess of Spring, with Lindsay doing her part to bring more attention to a favorite cartoon of her childhood that's been largely forgotten today, despite its historical significance as Disney's first attempt at drawing realistic human characters, providing a fascinating contrast with how far they'd come with Snow White just three years later.
  • Her mass distress over the innocent wee shoe being killed in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?.
  • Throughout the review of The Christmas Shoes, she displays a lot of genuine concern over the kid whose mother is dying, and the horrible messages he's getting from what adults keep telling him.
    • Also her pointing out that Christian music doesn't have to be bad, citing Johnny Cash as a positive example of good music with Christian themes. As is commonly pointed out by reviewers, they don't hate Christianity: they just hate the horrible, glurge-filled monstrosities that base themselves off of Christianity.
    • Seeing as how Lindsay said the Chick was too cheap to even spare change for Chester, her giving Todd her lottery ticket is probably the first and only selfless thing she's done for him.
  • As a counterpoint to Critic's calling her trying-so-hard-to-be-emotionless persona the perfect woman, how she has (at least) a lot of affection for him and doesn't even think about wanting to change him to suit her needs better like she does with everyone else.
  • Showing off her incredibly rare Mama Bear side and giving a scathing You Bastard speech to parents who think it's okay to let their kids watch mediocre material just to shut them up for an hour.
  • Praising The Rescuers Down Under as so good that it shouldn't suffer the indignity of being put on a "least worst" list.
  • Calling out What Women Want for failing to write a suicidal person properly, and comparing it to the much better "old man dying" subplot in Groundhog Day.
  • In Milo and Otis, even though she's able to get some Black Comedy out of it, you can tell how angry she is about the pug and the possibly many kittens getting put in horrible situations for entertainment.
    • Her Boston Terrier, dressed up and put upon as she is, licking her cheek. And then again later on, when she gives the dog a quick kiss in return.
    • In The Stinger, Lindsay corpsing when Kali gets the hiccups.
  • The fact that she trashed The Lorax only a week after it came out speaks volumes about how much she loved the original short.
  • Nella's unabashed glee at the Chick letting her talk about the inaccurate portrayal of nuns in the Sister Act movies.
  • Despite all of her complaining, when she's rummaging through the toy container in "Nostalgic Baby Dolls", you can see glimpses of the little girl who once loved all of those things.
  • In her Vlog of The Moth Diaries, hearing Maven get so excited and passionate about the old Gothic style of vampires.
  • Not explicitly drawn attention to, but the Chick could have hidden in any other room when she was trying to avoid her Fan Dumb. Instead she went to where the Critic was and stayed with him.
    • When she tries again for the third time to do the song and he says no, he sees her looking depressed and tries to cheer her up.

Out of character

  • Her Hilarious Outtakes video, an adorable [1], infectiously funny reassurance to the idiots that keep saying she hates her job and has no fun. You especially have to love the outtakes for the Bratz episode, where Doug succeeds in making her burst out laughing every. single. take.
  • At the end of the her Grease review, she announces an auction of her old props to fund her master's thesis, ending with profuse thanks for everyone who watches "my little dog and pony show."
    • Then there's the actual master's thesis itself - a highly personal documentary called "The A Word" about grappling with different views about abortion, centered around Lindsay's own termination of her pregnancy in December 2009. Yes, that would be just over a year after joining TGWTG as the Nostalgia Chick.
      • After the project was discovered, some accused Doug Walker of being horribly insensitive for casting Lindsay as a happily married new mother in the 2010 Christmas Special. Lindsay informed the detractors that she loves Doug like a brother, and that he honestly wasn't aware of her situation; she wouldn't have agreed to do anything that made her uncomfortable.
      • And as soon as Doug watched it, he made a glowing recommendation on his facebook. It's also safe to assume that the call "that made her night" a few days before was about that too.
  • Lindsay's first (sadly unrecorded) livestream. Done because she couldn't sleep, she must have spent five or six hours talking with her fans, singing and playing her accordion on request (she is brilliant at singing opera, by the way), cuddling her puppy, answering questions honestly about whatever people could come up with and just generally being an awesome, sweet, ridiculously nice woman. It really shows you the differences between her and her character. Plus she wrote Phantom of the Opera fanfic when she was a teenager, awww!
  • This article, where she makes the decision to not be a sponge for negativity anymore. You can't help but root for her.
  • Lindsay's newfound romance with Todd is causing overloading levels of d'aww. Be forewarned, too much exposure has been known to make people explode.
  • When vlogging with Todd about Transformers 3, she had her hand on his knee for the majority of the review. D'aww.
  • How happy and proud she is that her city passed the gay marriage bill.
  • Elisa's formspring. She spends so much time asking questions about anything people can think of, being lovely and even giving sweet, thought-out, caring advice to depressed anons. What a nice lady.
  • After her Tear Jerker memories of Lisa Lopes' death around the same time that one of her friends was murdered, she says Lopes would have wanted people to be inspired by her, "And for what it's worth, I was."
    • And it also shows what a kind, caring, amazing person Lindsay really is.
  • In the bloopers for Lindsay and Obscurus Lupas review of Honor and Glory, Lindsay wrapping her arms around Todd's head to work as a "mask". Doubles as a Funny Moments.
    • And at the end of the commentary for said review, Todd telling Lindsay he loves her.

 Lindsay: He finally admitted it! You heard it live!

  • In "Mr. Awesome Goes To Washington", Todd's reasoning for why he loves his job so much, which includes that he wouldn't have met Lindsay otherwise.
  • At the end of Lindsey and Todd's review of 'Crossroads', in which both of them have been in character the whole time, Todd asks her what the movie has taught her. She says: 'I need tighter abs'. He looks at her, stony faced, and says: 'You need to leave'. You can just see them both crack up for a split-second before the review ends.
  • This tweet about Todd.
  • She's a fantastic Mama Bear to her friends on the site, some examples being Doug up above, Lupa when My Little Pony Fan Dumb kept on bothering her and coming back to the forums to flame the idiots who thought up the Suburban Knights "Elisa was crucified upside down" bullshit.
  • Her Pocahontas "three years on" commentary, again reassuring people that while she might get tired sometimes, she loves her job and hopes for another three more years.
  • The Vlog with Nella about the Hunger Games movie. The interactions by themselves are pretty sweet, but Lindsay's little mention on how her "darling boyfriend" got her Catching Fire was somehow the sweetest.
  • The Todd and Lindsay livestream, where they essentially hung out in bed together for an hour and a half, answered questions, and giggled cutely. Also notable is how often their hands gravitated to each other. A demonstration of genuine unadulterated relaxed cuteness. Also, Todd says he would catch a grenade for her (and immediately throw it to safety).
  • Ever since the Top Ten Worst Disney Sequels, Lindsay's been wearing a claddagh ring with the heart turned inwards, showing that her heart belongs to Todd. Aww!
  • The entire Top Ten Guilty Pleasure Movies (Of Shame) video. It's great to see her so happy and excited talking about things she really, genuinely likes. The section where she talks about the Bollywood movie is particularly heartwarming.
  1. as someone said on the comment sections, Lindsay needs to create a hippie lovechild character, because her real smile is brilliant