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 Chick 1: What's Natalie Wood doing?

Chick 2: Uh, she's been dead for ten years, Diane.

Chick 1: My bad. Um, what about the chick from Bye Bye Birdie? What's she doing?

Chick 2: She's not doing anything.

Chick 1: Alright, get out the shoehorn!

  • Throw It In: In the "Kirk vs. Picard" video, the Chick does an impersonation of Picard while Nella acted like Shatner. According to the commentary, neither of those were scripted.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In her commentary for X-Men, Lindsay said she was going to follow the TGWTG trend of having more than one character and play Dr. Tease herself.
      • The same went for Dr. Block, but because Lindsay hates acting so much, Nella took the role herself.
    • The Nostalgia Critic was going to review Newsies, but Lindsay told Doug she expressed interest in reviewing it, so he let her do it instead.
    • In the Les Misérables big group song, Ed Glazer or Doug could have played Marius instead of Paw, it could have been a chorus of Lindsays, or the review might not have happened at all due to Lindsay and Elisa having a car accident on the way to Chicago. (A hurricane just made them swerve into a ditch, they were fine.)
    • An example that made shippers' hearts soar: in the first "Thanks For The Feedback" the Chick and Critic were going to have sex, and then realize they were related.
    • While still charmingly goofy, the Dark Nella saga was going to be much sillier and originally consisted of the eponymous quasi-demonic force of evil giving everyone evil noogies.
    • Chick taping Todd to a chair in "Sleepless in Seattle vs. When Harry Met Sally" was originally going to be a Misery parody instead, but was cut for being considered far too creepy.