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If you can't imagine how a bratty, cynical reviewer could ever induce heartwarming moments, just take a look at this page.

Doug's moments are over here.

Rob/The Other Guy/Santa Christ

  • Considering the things Rob is usually doing to his brother in the Nostalgia Critic reviews - hitting him with a ruler, restraining him during psychotic fits, etc. -, it's hard not to at least say "aw" when they hug in The Star Wars Holiday Special. Even if Rob is dressed as Santa Christ.
  • Even though it's hilarious, intentional irony, how destroyed The Other Guy looks when he sees the Critic dead in the shower. Despite being a Big Brother Bully (TOG, obviously, not Rob), he does care.
  • Blink and you'll miss it, but at the start of "The OTHER Titanic Movie", after berating the Critic for ruining the costume party and musing that he controls him, when he sees Critic passed out on the floor he rushes over, clearly worried.
  • Also trying to comfort him at the start of the first commercial special. Strangely, the dinosaur mask doesn't really detract anything.
  • His complete hero worship of Santa Christ, even though it turns Harsher in Hindsight with what happened in Kickassia.
    • Critic getting pulled into The Power of Love from the Care Bears and calling for him when they're all saying they care.
    • Even though it turns to high (though hilarious) awkwardness very quickly, he still goes in for a hug when Santa Christ comes in from the snowstorm. He doesn't get it, but it's still sweet.


  • In True Internet Story, Chester defending the Critic, saying he gave him money for the sake of it and offered him food and shelter until he got back on his feet. D'aww. Also a sneaky Moment of Awesome, as he promised the interviewer all the dirt he wanted on the Critic.
  • Over on the second DVD, Critic praying for Chester when he hears him finding the Blue Brothers game.
  • In James and the Giant Peach, Chester saying that he loved the video even while entitledly saying the fans deserve better. Extra nice after the "Search For The Necronomicon", in which the Critic acted like an asshole (mostly because he was grieving over Ma-Ti) and Chester shouted that he wanted nothing more to do with him.
    • It's both sad and sweet about Chester being the only one to show up and defend Critic when he feels like nobody can stand him.
  • Even though they were pissed at each other in the Transformers 3 Bum/Critic Review, Critic confirming that he gave Chester his one and only job.
  • Their working together in the Star Trek review was very nice.
    • Chester just has to shake his cup now and Critic will give him the change he wants. Must make a nice difference from having to shout and beg constantly.


  • Every year when the Critic begins a review by yelling "CHRISTMAS!" Especially good in Rover Dangerfield when he actually walks to his backyard just so he can run all the way to the review room and shout it.
  • In the Babes In Toyland review, his love for the holiday is so strong that the ghost ends up Drowning His Sorrows because Critic just can't muster up any dislike in order to do a parody of the Christmas Carol.
    • Which is promptly followed by him pitching in to cheer the guy up by having him choose what movie he will review next. Though he agrees quite unwillingly, it was still awful nice of him.
  • His first list of the greatest Christmas specials can't help but give you lots of warm fuzzy feelings.

Everything else

  • While most definitely Early Installment Weirdness, his first video for his gushy excitement on the Transformers movie.
  • Slightly masochistic example, but that oh-so-sweet smile in Cartoon Allstars where he's looking forward to suffering through the special again.
  • In the Harry Potter book launch, whining to the tickets guy about wanting to be let in early. Might sound like an odd choice, but he sounds like the excitedly impatient Adult Child we'll see later on.
    • Changing his mind and having an adorable fanboy Freak-Out as soon as the bookstore opens.
  • Up until he gets irritated about the lack of title, his squeeful excitement over the Cloverfield trailer.
  • It might sound also incredibly disgusting, but his description of being a child who was excited to the extreme for the live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies.
  • Critic descending into goo with Follow That Bird.

 Critic: (having nearly completely given in by now) "IT'S SNUFFALUFFAGUS! I remember Snuffaluffagus!"

    • And then later he breaks down completely: "I can't do it! I can't make fun of Sesame Street! It's the first show I ever saw!"
    • This is probably the only episode where he didn't swear at all. It's just such a nostalgia binge, and so lovely.
    • "YOU! ARE! CHILDHOOD!" Knowing what his childhood was like now (it may not have been a coincidence that the Dark and Troubled Past hints started in the very next episode) makes it all the more powerful.
    • And he brings out Chester A. Bum to give it the positive, energetic review it deserves.
  • In the Ghost Love Score-soundtracked Critic/Nerd retrospective, "I'll be there, when you say". Extra points for serving as even more Yaoi Fangirl bait than there already was.
  • Up until Good Burger erases his sense of fun, his adorably goofy dancing in the Nickelodeon cartoon during NickMonth.
  • His utter Squee when Tempting Fate works in his favor for once and gives him The Adventures Of Pete And Pete.
  • His reaction to SATAM. Everyone loves seeing him cry, but it is nice to see Tears of Joy for once.
  • Near the end of the first fuck-up list, he reassures the audience that they can tell him anything he's done wrong because he wants to learn from his mistakes, but can they please not act like Douchey and treat him like an idiot.
  • How he goes against Casper's expectations and gives praise to the movie. The ghost's confused Evil Cannot Comprehend Good look is also a classic in funniness.
  • Despite all his hate for The Star Wars Christmas Special, he's still charmed by Bea Arthur getting flowers at the end of her segment.
  • The Critic gets pretty teary eyed by Douglas Seale's portrayal of Santa in Ernest Saves Christmas.

 "I believe!"

  • After the Tear Jerker of him thinking he's lost his touch for comedy, his complete delight when Junior goes batshit for ten minutes.

 Critic: Thank you! Thank you for coming home!

  • Fanboying (just a bit more cynically) over Transformers II the way he did over the first one. For out-of-verse reasons too, it's nice to see how far he's come since his first ever episode.
  • The speech about Michael Jackson in his Blank Check review, how it's okay to make jokes about him because he'll always be a genius.
  • His completely broken reaction to accidentally killing Mary Poppins (his childhood idol, awww!) at the end of Quest for Camelot.
  • His addressing the Jonathon Brandis suicide in his Neverending Story II review and making sure people knew he wasn't mocking the actor.
  • His fanboy glee over getting a call from Christopher Walken, never diminishing even after all the crazy that comes from him.
  • I know it was supposed to be Played for Laughs, but the "WORLD PEACE DECLARED" sequence in the Zeus and Roxanne review. If nothing else, because of the music he used (the Pilgrim's Chorus from Tannhäuser).
    • Then the picture of the Roadrunner and the Coyote came along...
  • The Critic's apology for the autism joke he made in his Ernest Saves Christmas review. The fact that he sounded so sincere really shows it.
  • He may be drunk, but his "the camera's purdy" smile in IT is so lovely that it melts your soul.
  • After seeing the Critic go through his Heroic BSOD in his "My Pet Monster" review, it just becomes ever-so wonderful to see the ending of the next episode, where he gets over his depression with an epic rendition of "Poor Jack" from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Because, you know what? He's an Iron Woobie and you can't help but feel proud.
    • Especially when you find out that Doug had a mid-midlife crisis back when he must have been at least in his early twenties. It just makes it an even more triumphant return. Plus, for all Critic's faults and issues, you've got to admit he's resilient.
  • In "You're A Rotten Dirty Bastard", when the Critic believes Linkara became an alcoholic as a result of him not existing, the Critic starts to apologize to the Linkara that can't hear him, sounding completely upset about what he thinks has happened to one of his best friends. but it turns out he would own Marvel and DC and was only in the bar because of the snowstorm
  • His Dungeons and Dragons review. Seeing how happy the film makes him is enough to put a grin on your face.
    • Same thing goes for Commando and pretty much any review where he has fun. This guy is When He Smiles in its purest form.
  • His parents taking him out to Chuck E Cheeses whenever he got an A-. At least they've done something nice for their child.
  • Him recovering from his Heroic BSOD at the end of the Baby Geniuses review when he realizes the main problem-not being able to vocalize criticism-is a non-issue. The formerly-depressive and Film Noir-like Inner Monologue picks up to his usual tone, and he gets the goofiest smile on his face...soldier on, Critic.
  • His reaction to the Dying Moment of Awesome in Double Team. The childlike glee is what sells it, but just before he shows the scene, he swears he will lose all faith in mankind if the setup didn't deliver. And for once in his life, it does!
  • The joyful dancing to "Pig Power In The House" over the end credits of Gordy.
  • While it's only out on the second DVD and aired late into the donation drive, his Happy Dance after getting Christoper Lloyd to say "I was frozen today" will give you diabetes it's so cute.
  • The one from his cameo when The Nostalgia Chick reviewed TLC. When she says that one particular songs describe some guys she works with, Critic angrily responds once he appears: "Hey, she's my world!". YMMV, but still cute.
  • In his review of Milk Money, it meant a lot that he called the scene where Vee gets out out prostitution so insultingly and disgustingly easy.
  • After years of only referencing DuckTales with complaints about its theme song being the king of all Ear Worms, he finally rewatches the first five episodes and ends up gushing over how great they are. "Not only does it hold up, it really holds up!"
  • His review of James and the Giant Peach. He's trying his hardest to be kind to a movie he doesn't really enjoy because he wants his fans to like him again.
    • How even though it would be understandable if he trashed the movie after being held at gunpoint and trying to be good the whole review, he instead gives his usual final thoughts which basically amount to "it isn't my thing, but I can see why it's a cult classic". Of course, he still gets killed.
  • The Tommy Knockers: Even though the focus was obviously more on "crazy old guy = comedy", he likes his Grandpa and it's heartwarming to see him actually having a nice family memory for once.
  • His calling out of the Haunting remake and the 90s in general for their awful writing of gay and bisexual people was pretty amazing.
  • His mother (as she's the only confirmed woman who lives with him) showing at least some concern for him when he's drinking heavily and imitating the David Hasselhoff video.
  • He slams the Freudian Excuse of "child abuse makes you evil" in The Cell. Maybe our favorite brat is taking some responsibility.
  • His joy at the new theme song for Doug during the Disney years, which eradicates the tumor caused by the old nickelodeon theme song.
  • From Moulin Rouge, the song celebrating how everyone has movies or whatever else that are just guilty pleasures, and there's no reason to feel bad about it. Great to see this particular belief of Doug's (see the beginning of his "films I hate that everyone loves" video) seep into the Critic. It's also nice to see the Chick expressing this belief too, especially when you remember Accentuate the Negative is part of her character.
  • His final, conciliatory summation at the end of his review of the Live Action version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas: He may hate it, but he doesn't hate the fans at all. Of course, he still thinks he's right. And in a meta way, it's genuinely impressive how Doug still kept his usual aesop of "every movie means something to someone and that's perfectly alright".
  • Obviously he's getting manipulated, but he's clearly falling in hard for the flattery when That Sci-Fi Guy acts nice to him in the Star Trek III review.
  • In Insurrection, taking the time to do a Q&A with the fans and thank them before flail-running away from Linkara again.
    • Admitting to Linkara at the end that he did actually need him there to do the review with him. Of course Linkara sours it by his Small Name, Big Ego.
  • His sheer moral outrage at the awful Glurge that is Patch Adams, even to the point of defending the real guy from the implications in the movie. What makes it even better was that he just disliked it until he realized just how badly they mangled (as in "not even the correct gender") a real friend of Adams who was actually murdered.
    • Similarly, his acknowledgement and support of the real Patch Adams.
      • He doesn't just acknowledge and support Patch Adams; he urges viewers to look him up, supplies a link, and even suggests donating to his hospital. It's a downright beautiful moment.
  • The Critic and Spike Spencer completely fanboying over each other in the Ponyo review. Shame about the ending, but that was a really nice moment.
    • How desperately he avoids not mentioning Japan's tidal wave disaster, only letting it slip out when he finds it quite insulting that the movie people are so nonchalant about having lost everything.
    • Honestly, after the sickening Glurge-fest that was Patch Adams, both he and the audience probably needed something as sweet and innocent as Ponyo.
    • The Critic's interactions with the congoers. Sure, there's a montage of them attacking him, but every single one of their faces says what an absolute blast they're all having.
  • The Critic engaging in "Sparkle"-talk with the sparkle guy at the end of the Thomas and the Magic Railroad review.
  • The Critic and Douchey briefly getting along over their love of junk food.
    • And Critic sincerely offering him a job as a fact-checker.
    • After Critic completely breaks over three lists chronicling his fuck ups (starting off as a rant about Battlefield Earth but turning into that), Douchey finally decides to be decent and leave him alone.
    • Smaller, but when the audience laughs at “cabbage”, both times he looks like a little boy who's overjoyed he just got praise.
    • He might not like animal leads, but he sounds actually quite upset when he learns hitting a whale's glass hurts their ears and can even kill them.
  • He notes that Richie Rich had enough funny bits that it could have been a decent film if only the title character was better defined.
  • His review of the original Transformers cartoon and the sheer amount of love in it, especially at the end.

 Prime!Critic: Which is why I ask all of you gathered here this world of remakes, sequels, and emphasis on special effects...who the fuck just wants to watch some Transformers cartoons?

(Crowd goes absolutely wild; two people hug and jump up and down.)

Prime!Critic: Hell...fucking...yeah.

  • It was the epicest of hilariously embarrassing home videos and he was rightfully horrified by them getting shown in public, but there's got to be a little part of you that was charmed by wee!Critic's messing around and having fun.
    • In the same video, he makes it clear that he does think Martin Short is a talented comedian, despite his awful movie choices.
  • Putting "Bart Gets an F" in the number one spot in his "Top 11 Simpsons Episodes". I won't spoil much, but I'll just point out the obvious: he uses around 4 minutes to talk this episode. And he doesn't waste it. Could also double as a CMOA due to him defending his choice.
    • There's also him saying that he identifies with Bart in it as well.